WTT [H] 80 undead Rogue || Furious shoulders + weps || Full Pve/Pvp sets - SOLD

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    PVP gear: Furious helm relentless neck Furious shoulders Deadly chest Relentless bracers Deadly gloves Death-warmed belt OR furious belt(did not get relentless as the AP from death-warmed is crazy) Deadly l relentless boots relentless ring Furious ring titan forged AP trinket DMC: death battlemaster's conviction///battlemaster's rage(NEW trinket) DMC: greatness 84 resil trinket (many trinkets for u to choose from) for resil, depending on how u gear the trinkets/belt, u have anywhere between 750 and 1k resil PVE gear: 4/5 t7.5 1/5 t8 naxx 25 swords for combat furious dags for PVE mut(i prefer this over combat) this toon is pretty much t7.5 geared, didnt rly PVE much when ulduar came out, focused on pvp Other: gold: retardedly poor frown epic flying: yes Honor: 15k arena points: 600 93k HK's(7k away from of the Horde title) exalted with all Horde Forces -- conqueror title Blood guard title as well WHAT I WANT: AION US ACCOUNT DOESNT HAVE TO BE CE! MY ENTIRE GUILD IS GOING TO THAT GAME AND I WANT TO GO WITH THEM IM ALWAYS ON AIM: powaranger1991 POST HERE FIRST!
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