WTT Epic WoW acct, 80 Tauren Warr 2/5 Tier 8 full epics for 80 on AoC *PICS

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    Hey all, well, I'm finally just getting bored of MMO's in General, and considering how AoC seems to have been kind of reinvented lately due to all the content updates, I figured I'd give it a try. Now I've done my homework, so don't try to lowball me on this one, I know what I can get for this account. [COLOR=#FFFF33Level 80 Tauren Warrior:</span> mywowarmory/profile.php?id=133868 -2/5 Tier 8 for Protection -Great 10/25 Naxx Arms DPS set -Awesome PvP set -1200g just on that character -2500g total on account -Regular flyer -Dual spec (Arms/Prot) -Can MT for everything 'cept 25 Ulduar -2 alts over 60, 62 Dwarf Hunter, and 71 Tauren DK <span style=]span> [COLOR=#33CC00 WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR:</span> I'm primarily after an 80 Conqueror, 80 Barbarian, or 80 Herald of Xotli. A large gold pool and at least one piece of Tier 2 is an absolute MUST for a trade to occur. Account must have time on it as well. There's a photo. I rotated him so you can view his gear better. <span style=]span> span>[/COLOR][/COLOR] Contact info is in sig. Won't be on AIM tonight so leave me your offers in detail on the thread when you post, in a PM, or in an offline IM. Gender: Class: Gold: Gear: Goodies: Good luck.
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