WTS: WTS/WTT 85 decked out PVP mage with 85 alts for RSGP/account

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    Whaddup bro's. I'm here to either sell or trade my WoW account towards a hefty amount of RSGP, or a very good pker/staker or main. I'm not into skilling, so don't get at me with that. I am all about pking/staking. My account has a level 85 human male mage, an 85 Male nightelf DK, a 85 male nightelf hunter, and a 75 male tauren druid. I am the OO of this account, and can provide every single piece of information you need. My mage is extremely geared for PvP, and has been 2200 in every bracket, and is approaching arena master very fast. The mage has 3/5 Vicious gladiator, and 2/5 bloodthirsty. Has 2 piece of vicious offset, and the rest is bloodthirsty. He has the vicious glad staff, and wand, and offhand. He also has a 2100 conquest point weekly cap, with a 1400 rated BG title. The other characters are minorly geared, but can be geared extremely easily. The hunter is basically freshly dinged, and the deathknight has a few pieces of gear, and the vicious gladiator 2h sword. My hunter has an extreme amount of vanity titles, mounts, and gear. It has been my main up until cata when I started my mage. The hunter has 60+ mounts, 25 exalted reps, and many many many more at revered. The account has a total of 5kg, and the mage has 525 fishing/mining/and herbalism. The hunter has 450 alchemy and JC. They all have epic flyer, and the mage has 310% mount. This account is extremely valuable, and I want something good in return. Post in this thread # you contact me. Cell 1-740-336-4100 AIM - Trav23cav@aol MSN - trav23cav@aol skype - alb1norh1no Scammers, good luck. I have been trading/buying/selling online goods for years now, probably longer than you have been playing video games. I've seen everything under the sun when it comes to scamming. All I have to say is, goodluck chuck. Thanks
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