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    I am the original owner of this account. i do have all the information required, transfers are ready and the account has never been banned/gm called.
    Asking $200

    The main characters are as follows:

    Feral Druid on Korgoth - roughly 10k gold on hand ilvl 384~ with raid findered compeleted and 6 bosses in regular DS down. Also has close to 11k achievement points very good reputation on realm.

    Malorne Realm
    Warlock 85 - currently holds 30k+ gold
    Holy Paladin 85 - Geared for DS but has not done raid finder as I grew bored of healing.
    Combat/love you Rogue 85 - DS geared raid finder gear, has started legendary daggers but has not started obtaining the ore yet.
    Disc/Shadow Priest 85 - Geared for DS
    Blood/Frost Death Knight 85 - Geared for Firelands, has yet to participate in DS
    War 85 - geared for starting cata herois
    Mage 71
    Hunter 63
    Shaman 47

    Professions On malorne
    Tailoring 525
    Herbing 525
    Skinning 525
    Mining 525
    Alchemy 525
    Engineering 525
    Blacksmithing 525

    Professions on Korgoth
    Jewelcrafting 525 - has around 20 epic jewel cuts
    Leatherworking 525 - has several epic patterns

    Each toon has items that are for roleplaying and such, and many other items that could be sold to make more gold. The account is not currently active but can be made active. I am looking for a fast sell. Thanks!
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