WTS: US: Perfect account for the PvPers out there 5 85s with epic flying

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    I have 5 85s geared for pvp. I'll link them in both their pvp and pve gear below and all these toons have epic flying.

    First up is my Paladin

    Second up is my druid the pve set can be reforged to Kitty without regemming pulling 26k dps

    Third is my rogue. has some pve gear but not much

    Fourth is my Hunter

    Fifth is my Deathknight. He's the least geared as i deleted him once because i really dont enjoy playing him but decided to have him restored but when i deleted him i vendored most of the gear he had and been trying to gear him back up.

    account also has a 83 Warlock, 83 mage and 37 warrior with full BoAs. Serious buyers only and i do have the CD key to Wrath and Cata but i can't seem to find my Vanilla and BC keys as i've moved several times since i bought those CD keys so many years ago. Account has an authenticator and i'd be willing to mail it to the buyer so you don't have to get one. Contact me only by sending me PMs through this site and i'll either give you my phone number, AIM, Skype or vent.
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