WTS: US: Pally, Warlock, Priest and SC2

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    Geared Warlock, and Paladin. Vanitiy priest. &SC2 WTT.
    When you trade/buy this account you will be buying.
    The Orginal accounts name.
    The Orginal Email name + password.
    First and last name.
    Secret Question.
    Sc2 Key
    World of warcraft orginal Key
    World of warcraft Burning Crusade Orginal Key
    World of warcraft Wrath of the lichking orginal key
    World of warcraft cataclysm online key.

    Warlock(85)(Il 358):
    Pve gear: Full 346 gear other then 7 epics
    Pvp gear: full BT gear other then 8 Vicious gear
    I'm in a guild that is 8/12 10% on Captain planet and 20% on Al kir
    540 Alch
    525 Herb
    280% flying mount

    Paladin(85)(Il 357):
    holy Pve gear: Full 346 gear other then 6 epics
    Holy pvp gear: 359 chest. Rest full BT gear other then 7 vicious gear
    Tank pve gear: Tank set other then 1 piece
    280% flying mount


    Priest(82) VAnitiy:
    8360 Achievement points
    Over 100 mounts like:
    Blue Dragonhawk, Argent Warhorse, Argent hippogryph, Grand ice Mammoth, all Argent tournament mounts, Headless horsement mount brewfest kodo and ram, Netherwing drakes, chopper, red protodrake, rusted proto drake, sea turtle, turbo charged flying machine, violet proto drake, and more.

    Over 100 companions

    The Loremaster.

    37 Exalted reps without any of the cata reps at exalted yet
    475 Engie
    485 Mining
    450 fishing
    450 cooking
    450 first aid
    310% flying mount


    Please message me on my aim. FlyingChiaPet1@aim or through PM here.
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