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    Looking to sell my WoW (US) account. I am the original owner and have been playing the game since 06. I have 3 level 85 toons (pally, priest, hunter) and a level 80 DK.

    Pally - Protection spec. 348 ilvl. 149k hp unbuffed. Over 50 mounts, including Grand Black War Mammoth. 525 enchanting/jewelcrafting/archaeology/cooking. Has Precious' RIbbon from ICC 25. Lich King 10 man title. Dual Spec. 310% flying.

    Priest - PvP shadow spec. 352 ilvl. 3400 resil. 525 engineering (with helm)/tailoring. Has dual spec. Epic flying.

    Hunter - 347 ilvl for marksman pve. crafted epic belt/chest. last time i played him i was pulling 14k+ dps in heroics. 525 skinning/424 tailoring. Has epic flying.

    Looking to get around $300 (US) for the account. PM me for more information.
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