WTS: US: PALADIN||Scarab Lord||Spectral Tiger||Ashes of Al'ar||Raven Lord||Invincible||Epic||

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    The Account Has Many Intersted and Rare Things

    Alt's :

    Warrior LvL 85
    Hunter LvL 85
    Rogue LvL 85
    Mage LvL 81
    Warlock LvL 80

    Paladin LvL 85 (Main Caracter)
    Gear 361 Holy PvE
    Gear 364 Prot PvE

    Gear 360 Retri PvP
    Gear 365 Holy PvP (Full Vicious Rater BG Gear)
    All Titles

    Over 100 Mounts : Most Rare Mounts in Game (Ashesh , Quiraji , Zulian Tiger & Raptor , Amani War Bear , Invincible , Mirm Head , Raven Lord , Deathcharger , Spectral Tiger + Others, Dark Pheonix , Gladiator Season1 Mount)
    310% Speed Fly Mount.
    Over 60 Titles (Many are First Server)
    100+ Companions
    3x Legendary Items :


    Professions 525 All + Secondary
    Jewelcrafting + Mining + First Aid + Archaeology + Fishing + Coking
    45 Exalted Factions ( Most Rare Like Zandalar Tribe + )
    3 Months of GameTime
    460k Amount of Gold

    Alot of Vanity Items from Tier 1 to Tier 11
    Skins (Transformations Items)
    Legendary Items
    Rare Titles and Uniques Like Scarab Lord , The Immortal , Undying and Many Others.

    Just Contact me at deleted for Details We Can Talk About Price , Caracter Deails and More .

    Have a Nice Day Guys.
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