WTS: US: Paladin eight-five, gametime card, fiveK gold + more!

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    Ill keep this short and sweet. Check out my masked armory at this link: .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-28179.html

    iLvL is 343. Paladin has 5k gold, 8 mounts including some epic riding and 1 epic flier.
    Prot MS, Ret OS. Have gear for both, Prot is better. Also have some holy gear in bank as well.
    Enchanting 512
    Jewelrycrafting 525

    Account also has a Hunter lvl 77 (450 Mining & Skinning) and a 70 DK (450 Alch/Herb)

    Looking to unload this account quickly. I also have an unused 60 day game time card to get you started. Asking 180 or best offer. Accepting Western Union or Paypal, Paypal depending on rating. I have the original CD key from vanilla (original wow) to use for account recovery, so you will know I am not spamming.

    Want to know why I am selling? I have been playing for 4+ years, have to young children and recently started earning my Masters, so I dont have time for this anymore.

    PM me or respond to post with offers or other questions.
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