WTS: US: Original Collector's Edition - Warlord Mage [PC]

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    Intend to keep this brief and vague as I am unsure of the market value of this account and have no intention of letting it go if I cannot get what I want out of it. Account is not active and has not been since months prior to Cata so no SS to post.

    Lv 80 [F] Blood Elf Mage
    Collector's Edition of Vanilla & BC - Normal WoTK

    Mount Collection:
    I believe 94 was my last total, only need to buy some Cata mounts to finish it off.

    Over 80 collected, DIABLO is still my favorite

    Over 6,000 points [very very few PvP and little raiding since pre-ulduar, easily able to break 8k if you have interest in such things].
    Less than 2,500 kills away from 100,000 HK title.
    20 or so Feats of Strength prior to Cata.

    Hand of A'dal
    The Exhalted
    All Event Titles [1 Year Drake Achieve complete]
    Some less important ones..

    Long time Enchanter [had 96% of ALL enchants just # Ulduar] all twink enchants collected.

    Obviously behind on gear, which means very little overall in 3 months i'll be right on par with everyone for the next update without doing a thing [hence why I quit playing..]. The wealth of this account is in it's age. Collected many things that are no longer obtainable, trinkets and toys sure - but what do you have after raid gear?

    Curious what you all think I might get offered for it..
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