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    i currently have multiple accounts that i am trying to get rid of. i have all information for each account, including all original cd keys.

    i have 2 accounts that do not have cata on them but are geared out for lvl 80, this two accounts are an 80 druid, and the other account is 80 rogue. both have pvp sets and pve sets. both also have flying and druid has 450 inscription while rogue 450 jc

    i also have 2 other accounts that already have cata 81 hunter, and 82 (2 bars away from 83) pally. both also have epic flying with the new flying as well.

    if you would like more details on these account just pm me or leave a comment, will check daily. will sell for pretty F***ing cheap so just shout me an offer, will sell all together if you would like as well..

    also a few of the account have alts and alts typically have heirloom items. more than a couple of them have many peices of heirloom. thanks for your time.
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