WTS: US: Multi Spec Druid with ilvl378's for all specs

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    It is a multi-spec druid with gears for all specs !!

    I consider Resto as main spec - Resto PVE is 3/5 T12 avg ilvl374
    Resto PVP is 5/5 Season 9 with a few ilvl384's
    Moonkin Spec is mostly of same gears with ilvl371avg 2/5 T12

    Feral Tank is main feral spec with ilvl363avg and weapons from Firelands ilvl378
    Feral Dps is mostly same with different trinkets and a few changes with ilvl361avg

    Enchanting and Jewelcrafting is both max lvl - 525

    I am the original owner of the account and i have been playing since 3years now .. Was core raider during Wrath so it has the Rusted Proto Drake 310% obtained on 2009 ...

    The account has many pets (about 20) and many mounts too ( about 15) and it is also max lvl in cooking -525lvl and also has many titles ..

    I also have the ID proof which matches the names on the account .... I am looking for anything around $300

    Here is the armory link .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-55721.html
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