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    So i've been playing wow since day 1 and have put so much time in my life into these characters. i've never sold, traded or bought this account it is my own and you have 100% guarentee it will never be recalled or anything like that. I am new to the forum but I have quit wow and i'm just looking to get rid of the account so i'm not tempted to play again.

    first off.. my main

    Nightelf Female Druid:

    has over 100 mount. 50 titles. 11k achievement points, 20k gold (i recently sold all my gold)
    Full tier 3, 2, 6, 7,8,9,10,11 (yes that's right i have tier 3 all pieces)
    ZA bears (both)
    swift zulian tiger(the orange one)
    ALL pve titles ingame except realm firsts
    Hand of rag
    herald of the titans
    both thunderfury bindings
    so many rare mounts you wont believe
    there is so much more I cant remember off the top of my head but you will be blown away
    4k resilience moonkin
    has all pve titles like hand of adal and champ of neruu
    374 ilvl moonkin pve set. 372 pve tank feral set (this character is gear capped up until 4.2

    Female Human Warrior

    this is my alt. it has immortal title
    363ilvl prot warrior
    full tier 2 and 2.5
    full vicious arms pvp

    Female Human Warlock

    this is my secondary alt...
    has 364ilvl pve gear. 4/5 vicious tier and some offpieces. SC drake

    Goblin shaman LEVEL 85 WITH 80 GEAR

    this was my main for icc so has a lot of gear and was loved like my druid

    85 paladin (bloodelf)
    this is freshly dinged 85 but has a lot of 277 heroic icc gear. has both za mounts

    80 rogue
    nothing worth mentioning really

    85 priest:
    leveled this after christmas as guild needed a priest. it has 4pc t11 disc ilvl is like 355

    my rogue and pally are on a different server to my druid war priest lock. and shaman is on its own.

    Really not sure how much my account is worth but for the time invested in it i'm not looking at little offers. if you'd like to contact me you can PM me on these forums and I will write back as soon as possible.

    if i've missed anything please post and let me know
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