WTS: US: Max Lvl Warlock Ilvl 351-Resto Druid Ilvl348-Drake of the north Wind-40k Gold +More

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    My account is about to run out and i dont have the money nore the time to play anymore due to real
    life being so hectic,Game time runs out June 9-All characters are in a Level 25 guild that will
    allow you to stay and join them if that is what you choice to do
    Account has Winger Guardian for all characters!
    All Characters are on Stormrage with transfers avaible
    Between the characters thats about 40k Worth in gold and goods

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    ---Level 85 Destro Warlock ilvl 351---
    525 Mining
    510 Enchanting

    -Meny Mounts including-
    Brown Riding Camal
    Classic Warlock Mount
    Red proto Drake
    Grand Black war mammoth
    Old School Black War bear
    and meny others

    -Titltes Include-
    Champion of the frozen wastes
    CLASSIC Knight-Captain
    of the ashden verdic
    the patient

    -A few pets include-
    Vampiric batling (Obtained in kara for a short time no longer avaible)
    Winters little Helper
    onyxia Welping
    baby blizzard bear
    Sinster squachling
    and others

    ---Level 85 Resto Druid---
    475 Leatherworking
    530 Skinning
    2978 Justice points

    -Mounts Include-
    Drake of the north wind
    black drake mount
    brownz drake mount

    -Titles Include-
    of the nightfall
    the patient

    ---Level 71 Death Knight alt---
    ---Level 19 Twink---
    ---Bank alt with guild tab---

    Send me a MSG with your AIM and i will contact you ASAP
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