WTS: US: many max lvl horde toons for sale cheap!!!

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    This is a US account and I am using the middleman service because this is a valuable account with many hours put into it.

    This is a Horde account; all of these toons are ready for raiding or arena whichever you prefer I used to do it all...

    Class -Main spec/Off spec
    85 Priest -Discipline/Shadow Female blood elf
    85 Druid -Resto/Feral Female Troll
    85 Shaman -Enhance/Resto Female Ork
    85 Paladin -Ret/Prot Female Blood Elf
    85 Warlock -Affliction/Demo Female Forsaken
    85 Death Knight -Frost/Blood Female Blood Elf
    85 Warrior -Arms/Fury Male Ork

    all my alts have full bind on account gear (I have full BOA gear for any class/armor type on this account)

    70 Rogue Sub/Assaination Female Goblin
    56 Mage Arcane/Frost Female Blood Elf
    30 Hunter Beast Master/Marksman Female Ork

    this account also has more than 100,000g on it and all of my toons over lvl 80 have max flight speed. And 2 maxed out professions. My warlock has a glyph business that makes 3-5k a day if you want to make more money.

    I?m looking to sell this account for $650.00 OBO.
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