WTS: US: Main: Level 85 Elemental/Resto shaman, 365 PvE, 366 PvP + Four Geared 85 Alts!!!

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    Characters and Gear

    Level 85 Elemental / Restoration shaman (Dragonslayer): PvE: 365 ilevel (4 set), PvP: 366 ilevel (4 Set), Enhancement Set (Around 355 ilevel). Professions: 525 Enchanting, 525 Jewelcrafting, 525 Archaeology, 525 Fishing, 525 First aid, 525 Cooking, 310% flight speed. 1250 Valor Points.

    Level 85 Restoration / Feral Tank Druid (Defender of a Shattered World): Resto PvE: 359 ilevel (4 set), Resto PvP: 361 ilevel (4 set), Feral Tank PvE: 357 ilevel. Professions: 525 Herbalism, 525 Alchemy, 280% flight speed. 470 Valor Points.

    Level 85 Protection / Fury Warrior (Defender of a Shattered World): Protection PvE: 356 ilevel (4 set), Fury PvE: 355 ilevel. Professions: 525 Blacksmithing, 525 Inscription, 280% flight speed. 350 Valor Points.

    Level 85 Fire / Arcane Mage (Defender of a Shattered World): PvE: 356 ilevel. Professions: 525 Tailoring, 482 Enchanting, 280% flight speed. 420 Valor Points.

    Level 85 Assassination / Combat Rogue: PvE: 351 ilevel. 280% flight speed.

    Level 60 Paladin (full PvE heirloom set)
    Level 60 Hunter (full PvE heirloom set)
    Level 60 Warlock (full PvE heirloom set)
    Level 60 Priest (full PvE heirloom set)
    Level 19 Twink Rogue (BiS for level 19)

    Account Inventory

    4300 gold, 19 flask of the draconic mind, 175 severed sagefish head, 153 skewered eel, 89 lavascale minestrone, 57 potion of concentration, 277 volcanic potion, 41 maelstrom crystals, 18 hypnotic dust, 200 embersilk cloth, a few different cata gems, a few different volatiles, a few different herbs, several lifegiving seed, a few low level leatherworking mats, a few blacksmithing mats, a few inscription mats, several low level enchanting mats, several low level engineering mats, several low level alchemy potions, several low level scrolls.

    Unique Items: Kalytha's Haunted Locket, Orb of the Sin'dorei, Iron Boot Flask, Bones of Transformation, Miniature Voodoo Mask, Travelers Tundra Mammoth, Two X-53 Touring Rockets, Volcanic Stone Drake, Dark Phoenix, Rusted Proto Drake, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Fossilized Raptor, Cenarion War Hippogryph, Kor'kron Annihilator, White Hawkstrider, Albino Drake, Armored Brown Bear. 76 Mounts on my main.

    Note: I have OCD, so all level 85 characters have organized inventories with full bag slots, and organized banks with full bag slots. The lower level toons are just as organized but do not have bank slots.

    Account Information

    All characters are on US-Staghelm, Central Time Server. I will delete all friends off real ID prior to the sale. In addition, I have already falsified all of my contact information on the battle.net account except my email. When you buy the account, I will leave you with my email, password to the battle.net account, and the secret question/answer. Therefore, we will only have to change the email from mine, to yours. Not a scam, just a college kid doing some habit breaking and profit making. Asking Price: $300
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