WTS: US: LVL 85 mage 356 pve ilvl, 85 resto shaman 352 pve ilvl CHEAP! comes with 90k gold!

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    Level 85 mage:
    Race: Gnome
    Gender: Male
    US server
    Gear: very good gear, 3 T11 pieces, all epics besides 3 items. overal 356ilvl. PVE mainly, but 3.2k resil with pvp gear on.
    Achievements: 7150 points
    Mounts: good amount of mounts, 1 achievement off getting the volcanic stone drake and 2 bosses of getting the dark pheonix.
    Professions: Max enchanting/tailoring
    Gold: 75k gold on this character

    Level 85 Shaman:
    Race: Draenei
    Gender: male
    US server
    Gear: easily raid ready, 352ilvl. mentioned gear is for restoration spec.
    Talents: Resotration MS, enhancement OS.
    Achievements: newish character so achievements only around 1500
    Mounts: once again, new character so not many mounts
    Professions: Max Jewelcrafting/Alchemy(elixer master)
    Gold: 15k gold on this character

    I'm looking for offers of around $300 AUD. # price.
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