WTS: US: Lvl 85 Dk Lvl 85 rogue 74 warrior $265-#

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    I am selling a level 85 death knight, pvp focused.

    - armorylite/us/Khaz%27goroth/thursdays

    artisan riding, cold weather flying, couple titles, a few mounts, nothing too special, only needs 3 more pieces until full viscous gladiator, orc male death knight in good raiding guild, almost raid ready. 525 skinning low JCing

    a level 85 rogue, pve focused.

    - armorylite/us/lightning%27s+blade/krackajack

    expert riding cold weather flying, many prestigious titles including kingslayer, many wotlk and bc pieces, many mounts, few exotic mounts including red proto-drake and rusted proto-drake, iLvl 338 heroic ready, many pets 525 skinning 485 LWing in a good raiding guild

    and a level 74 warrior


    level 74 prot warrior, greens and some blues, 3800 gold, 413 mining, 232 BSing, in same guild as rogue, female human warrior.

    asking 265, but willing to negotiate. I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER of the account.

    PM me for ANY additional info at all.
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