WTS: US: Level 85 Troll Mage Illidan!

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    So ya, I'm done with wow so I decided to sell this account.On this account you will have a LOT of toons over 60... probably around 10-15, you also got all the boa gear pve/pvp except the one that requires guild level. As high levels you get 85 troll mage on Illidan, it's my main (us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...termoar/simple) You also get 85 tauren paladin on Illidan too(us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ankmoar/simple) and you get a level 85 druid from Alterac Mountains(us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ailcake/simple). You also get a level 80 dk but won't bother to link him since he's really undergeared.

    What are the advantages of buying this account?

    First of all you start withy around 15000gold. Also, over my whole account I got: 525 Cooking, 525 Fishing, 525 First Aid, 525 Jewelcrafting (twice), 525 Enchanting, 525 herbalism, 525 alchemy (flask master) and engi nd mining around 375. Due to all those profs, it's pretty easy to make quick money with the less effort involved ^^

    Second of all, both the mage and the paladin are ready to raid, mage has pretty nice pve gear so you'll be pulling really nice dps if you know how to play it, the paladin is a tank ( with ret and holy offset) he can raid with all of his 3 sets cuz they're all pretty much complete.

    Third of all, both of the most geared toons(Mage and Pally) are on a pretty high pop server. That helps for: finding arena teams,guild, raids,rated battlegrounds,wtver you want, WAY quicker due to the high amount of players online at the same time. You work during the day and can only plat at night ? Don't worry abt that I can recall at least 3 pretty good raiding guild that raid at night on Illidan and they all started hardmodes.

    Fourth of all, The mage has decent arena experience, 2k in 3s ,2k in 5s and 1,9k in 2s, It will be way easier for you to find a decent arena team

    Mage gear overview: Full Vicious, 2set pve with almost full epic( i think 1 blue)
    Paladin gear overview: Full pve gear for all 3 sets rdy for raiding, only a few pieces for pvp
    Druid gear overview: got few pieces for each set but there's stilll work to do on it

    To conclude, if you want to have fun in the game and play a sweet class, this account is the best for you, mages are a pretty fun class and they have a big influence on the play in PvP. Also with the paladin and druid you can dps, heal or tank if you prefer, which is pretty fun especially if you get bored easily. Contact me in PM for any offer or questions

    Also, I am the first and only owner of this account, I settled up the Secret question myself and I obviously know the answer.
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