WTS: US: Level 85, 1 month of gametime, 10 dollars.

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    10 paypal dollars for my WoW account. Reason the price is so cheap is because I need every bit of money I can get, as soon as possible. So yeah. The account basically pays for itself. A 1 month costs 15 bucks, and Im giving you my 85 account with 1 month on it for less. Anyways, PayPal will be the method of payment. Brief account information below.

    Levels & Classes: 85DK, 55WL, 35PR, 35PA, 27H, and 23H.
    Gold: About 2k with all of it combined.
    JP/HP/VP/CP: 560, 1259, 280, 250
    Professions: Jewelcrafting 525, Engineering 311, First Aid 525.
    Riding Skill: Artisian

    So yeah. Let me know if you are interested. And please don't waste my time if you aren't going to buy.
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