WTS: UPDATED: 2 runescape accounts, 74 and 108. Looking for a WoW account.

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    I'm willing to hear all offers for the accounts, whether it be one or the other or both, but what I'm really looking for is to trade for a WoW account with high level characters. Both accounts are ex-members. They don't have much as for items, but the things they do have worth noting are as follows The first account is level 74. Female. Stats: - Full rune minus the helm - Maple shortbow, Mithril arrows x564, Rune scimmy - Full green d'hide - Adamant pickaxe and hacket - Full mime costume (from random events. Non-tradable) The second is level 108. Male. Stats: - Full rune armor - Rune scimmy, hachet and pickaxe - Abby whip (which can be used if you purchase membership. Worth about 2m I believe) - Every type of Defender (the off hand dagger looking thing. Yes, including dragon) I have a third account which may have gold on it, but I can not remember the pin to the bank on it. Once the pin is deleted, I will check. If you want any items transfered from one account to the other, so long as they're transferable, I'm willing to do it. None of these accounts have any gold, the gold was taking from the female account and put on the male account in order to make a trade for gold in WoW but I ended up getting scammed so these are strickly just accounts with a little helpful gear incase you don't have your own. I am willing to pay for a month of membership on either account as well. Please post your offers, email me at hello_there1232@hotmail, or text me at 1-780-246-2044. (I can not edit my old thread so I made this. Please delete the old one found here: Selling 2 accounts, one over lvl 100.) Thank you.
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