WTS: Lvl 131 Account for RS GP

Discussion in 'Runescape Accounts for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by Runescape, 3/29/12.

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    Notable Stats: 99 Strength 99 Defence 99 Attack 99 Fishing 90 Slayer (147k till 91) 92 Range (50k till 93) 94 Magic 75 Prayer 5 Dung Has 276 Quest Points, with While Guthix Sleep finished. Have not done Temple of Sennisten or w/e it's called. Has Torso, Fire cape and (2) Dragon defender. I'm bored of playing this game. I just want to PvP, so I'm moving on to my Zerk account, but of course i need cash to pk on it, so I'm selling my main for some cash. I'm looking for around 80m RS GP, if you're willing to pay more, I won't deny you ha So send me a PM for details if you're interested.
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