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    ******READ****** (I put my playerup.com name in pics so you Know this IS ME) Hello, I read made a thread cause I wasn't happy with my title (upgraded Title+ Pics+ Some more Info) This has been my acc for 5yrs+ I am the original owner. No Black marks or banneds EVER. I Have all the information you'll need. if something goes wrong, I WILL help you out any way I can (nothing should go wrong) I WON'T go 1st (a guy just scammed 30m from me without paying) who hell runs off for only 30m. We'll use a MM Split 50/50 or I can take off price from the Account price. I prefer PayPal but if you have some Rsgp I'll accept and sell it later (or give to my favorite rs friends) I may swamp my account for a different Rs account, (a above good 1) Also I play Guildwars, so you could shoot me an offer for GW stuff. Or could Offer me Dragon Age 2 SIGNATURE EDITION X Box 360, + 250 usd or or, (I REALLY Want DA2 Sig Edt.) ----STATS---- 99-Hp 99-Atk 99-Str 99-Def 99-Range 99-Mage-(Vengeance/Ice Barrage) 99-Smithing 99-Fletching 95-Prayer-(Turm) 96-Slayer-(ALL Slay Monsters) 88-Herb -----Certain Interests----- All Quests up to date (from Feb 2011) 5 out of 7 Elite Diarys Finished (Varrock,Seers,Falador,Lum B,Ardy) Can Wipe the floor with any boss (excluding Nex ) (including Jad) -------Non Tradeable Items----- Holiday items from 2005-2011 Fire Cape Torso, Fighter Hat/Ranger Hat Penance Master Trident Korasi's Blade Elite Void- Top/Bottom Void Helms- Melee/Ranger & Mage Void Deflector 615+ Cws Tickets Dragon Defenders (x7) Abyssal Demon Heads (x6) King Black Dragon Head More Abbys inhouse Including Abby Demon Pet. --------------------- I KNOW THAT THERE's RECOVS I CANT FIND THE OPPTION TO DELETE THEM I'M SORRY. BUT EMAIL ISN'T REGISTERATED ANYMORE. YOU WILL GET ALL THE INFO YOU NEED That about wraps it up. Msg me if interested IF YOU NEED MORE PICS, MAKE A LIST OF WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE, Then I'll post them. Ty [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] 3356 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3173 3173 22 World of Warcraft 1333048914 I have never used this site #, but i plan on purchasing the middleman service. All 3 toons are on the best pvp server currently. The priest has a 2k rating achieve from cata, and the DK has a 1500 i believe, its been a bit. Both are well geared. The hunter was a newer 85, has decent gear, i believe has all his blue honor pvp gear. and had enough conquest points for the bow. I am about to attend college, and i just purchased a custom paint job for my car, so im looking to get a couple extra dollars back. Serious inquires only please. 3357 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3174 3174 20 Runescape 1333048925 This account is more then 5 years i have 350m worth in armor on it need cash heres pics of it pm me for more info ..can pay through paypal or western union i44.tinypic/2dtnjmp.png i44.tinypic/15hn61.png i43.tinypic/2lvxssi.png i42.tinypic/s3k45h.png i44.tinypic/2qsth6h.png i41.tinypic/35ksyt0.jpg 3358 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3175 3175 22 World of Warcraft 1333048983 I am done playing this game, Looking to sell my account with an 85 UD Disc / Rogue.

    .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=18005 -- priest

    Can not get the private profile of the rogue due to I recently xfered him. Can show in game.

    PST with offers will require a phone conversation or at least some kind of voice communication so I know you are not a scammer. 3359 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3176 3176 20 Runescape 1333049006 it is a really good acc and a reall good pker reach me at Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures 3360 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3177 3177 22 World of Warcraft 1333049053 85 Druid, Zuljin Server: Item level 372 Kitty druid! PVP This is a kitty beast! Has Knight Title and raven lord mount along with others including the rusted proto and IRON Bound proto 4/5 Conquers tier gear from Uld 25. Headless Horsemen Mount.. Drake of the west wind pvp mount And much much more!


    85 Warlock, Zuljin Server: ITem level 365 dps pve warlock with 8k Achviement points! 89 mounts and 20+ titles including the Light of Dawn title earned in Wrath! Not in cata! Has loads of mounts including: Rievenderes death charger, ironbound/rusted proto, Green/Red proto, Travlers trundra, GRAND war mammoth, Talbuks! Rams! chopper, Raven Lord, Mags terrace Chicken And much much more! Lots of Feats of strength, kodo and ram! Full CONQUERS Tier set from uld 25 to match the sexy ironbound ready for transmorgifaction TWINKED OUT!


    85 Death Knight, Barthilas Server: Up and coming Tank set with full tank trinkets and BWD clear achiement 4k+ acvhiements headless horsemens mount and kodo and much more!


    82 Rogue, Barthilas Server: Good Alt Kodo, Headless horsemens mount


    80 Pally, Barthilas Server Horde: Newest alt, Icc Gear great to start twinking or to level up.


    I am the orginal owner of this account and I can answer any question you may have. This is a great account dont miss out! Great Account for Twinking And PVPing!!!!
    ASKING $200 OBO!
    NO SCAMMERS NO BULLSHIT. 3361 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3178 3178 20 Runescape 1333049090 it is a really good acc and a reall good pker reach me at Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures 3362 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3179 3179 22 World of Warcraft 1333049122 PVP lock

    Top professions mining 525
    JC: 525

    85 lock
    pvp geared ilvl 385
    2000 conq points 4000 honor saved up

    txt me at 914 413 4618

    Will sell to whoever txts me faster.

    Also 3k gold on the acc with about 6 k + in bags of gems
    Epic gems patterns
    1 month left on account.

    Legit sell / traders only 3363 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3180 3180 20 Runescape 1333049172 i am selling this plain lvl 105 hi 99's are strength and magic good starter account i recommend you buy some gold cause this acc doesnt really have any. message me for more 3364 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3181 3181 22 World of Warcraft 1333049192 Pretty much the title, decked PvP mage.

    4/5 viscous (soon to be 5/5)
    vicious weapon (WITH POWER TORRENT ENCHANT)
    2 offpieces
    BiS darkmoon card trinket.
    5k gold.


    will go first if you have rep.!


    HAVE ALL INFO including scan of I.D and cdkeys!

    aim - godofholy11 3365 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3182 3182 20 Runescape 1333049253 Selling a level 106, great levels, including; 99 wcing and 99 fletching 83 range and other high levels. At the moment the account has 87M(EDIT: sorry 85Mil) CASH and lots of items ! Bonus: 2months and 20 days of membership left! You can contact me via email: A.krunescape@yahoo SCAMMERS PLEASE STAY AWAY BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST! ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY (maybe runescape gold) PICTURE BELOW OF BANK AND SKILL LEVELS: img153.imageshack.us/i/mybankandskills.jpg/ 3366 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3183 3183 22 World of Warcraft 1333049261 Well guys pretty much all on title first time selling a wow account i am the OO so dont even try to scam, Only accepting WU, MM at buyers expense.

    If you want some photos PM Me.

    Rogue is all decked out for pvp 4.5 Res. Both cata daggers, Is also geared for pve 385 ITL
    Hunter is all good for pvp haven't really played him this season but still geared 4.1 Res
    pally is All PvE for tank has some good healing gear aswell, Able to tank in DS.
    Priest is not all that geared.
    Druid is 82 ATM.

    Dont know how much the account is really worth Spent a lot of time and effort on it tho so accepting all offers. 3367 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3184 3184 22 World of Warcraft 1333049331 Horde Warrior has almost full vicious. I don't mind doing the middleman service. Contact me on aim/msn if you're interested. 3368 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3185 3185 20 Runescape 1333049335 I have a rune pure I started and decided not to keep training. Combat stats are 45 attack, 73 str, 40 defense 77 ranged, 73 magic, 43 prayer. Character has low non-combat skills but has 247 unused stealing creation points.Characters bank has full rune with guthix kite, full green dragon hide, basic f2p pking stuff. Also has a dwarf cannon and 2.5k balls. Willing to take a 3 mouth membership code or offers in runescape gold 3369 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3186 3186 22 World of Warcraft 1333049401 I am selling my main, one L85 alt, and a second L80 alt: three characters in all. I have almost every class at 80 and will throw in other alt classes upon request. These toons are all on my main account and I am the original owner of all toons and the account.

    My main is a Worgen Priest, L85, ilvl approx. 365. He has been part of US top 20 raiding guilds for over two years and has many Realm First raid achievements, titles, and mounts, including world-competitive dates for all of the following:

    The Immortal
    Celestial Defender
    Conquerer of Ulduar
    Alone in the Darkness
    Call of the Grand Crusade
    Tribute to Insanity (10)
    Bane of the Fallen King (world top 20)
    The Light of Dawn
    Defender of a Shattered World
    Blackwing's Bane

    He also has many rare mounts, including:

    Mimiron's Head
    Plagued Proto-Drake
    Black Proto-Drake
    Rusted Proto-Drake
    Ironbound Proto-Drake
    Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher
    Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher
    Crimson Deathcharger

    My main also has over 10,000 achievement points, a plethora of pets, current PvP gear, maxed raiding professions, every piece of vanity loot from the Shadowmourne rewards chest, and over 15,000 gold. The two alts included are a L85 dps, raid-ready, and a L80 paladin with Shadowmourne; both alts have 310% speed vanity mounts from WoLK.

    Masked Armory page: .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-29166.html

    Due to the extreme rarity of many of my main's achievements and the world-competitive dates on many of his raid kills and titles, I am asking $1200 American via PayPal. Please PM me here for any further details. 3370 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3187 3187 20 Runescape 1333049417 Lvl 74 All-Round Account with: 57 Mage for High alching Enough Logs to get to 99 FireMaking, 3854 Nature runes and fire staff for high alching, Rune Trimmed with Beserker shield, 2 brass keys for Hill Giants and 2.6MIL GP Chicken Costume, Grim Reaper Hood, Jack Lantern Mask, Skeleton Costume, Chocatrice Cape, Golden Hammer, Bone Brooch 109 Quest Points, All F2P Complete, All elemental workshops 1-3 Complete, Lost city Complete, Dig Site complete and lots more 0 Black Marks All this for 15GBP (normally 40GBP on other sites) I accept PayPal only. No Trades! I will not go first. And PM me if you want to buy the account. I will check everyday for replies. 3371 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3188 3188 22 World of Warcraft 1333049486 525 eng resto sham with both pvp and pve gear

    pst with best offer 3372 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3189 3189 20 Runescape 1333049499 trading a lvl 76 cb 57 attack 30 def 86 strength 75 consitution 31 prayer good pker 3373 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3190 3190 22 World of Warcraft 1333049539 s1107.photobucket/albums/...view=slideshow

    Level 85 Orc Warrior - Realm: Illidan
    MainSpec: Fury - Offspec: Protection
    94 Mounts - Master Flying - 25,000 Gold
    525 Jewelcrafting/Engineering/Archaeology
    Has own guild 5bank tabs with all alts

    Level 85 Tauren Shaman - Realm: Illidan
    MainSpec: Restoration - Offspec: Elemental
    Few Rare Mounts - Master Flying
    525 Alchemy/Herbalism/Archaeology

    Level 69 Troll Death Knight - Realm: Illidan
    150% Flying (Azeroth)

    Level 60 Blood Elf Mage - Realm: Illidan
    150% Flying

    Level 82 Blood Elf Paladin - Realm: Perenolde
    150% Flying (Azeroth)

    Level 80 Night Elf Hunter - Realm: Perenolde
    150% Flying (Azeroth)

    US Account

    ================================================== ========

    EMAIL: [email protected]

    ================================================== ======== 3374 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3191 3191 20 Runescape 1333049581 Selling lvl 78 main. 65 att 65 str 60 str 44pray 62 fish 73 wc. only $30.00 on paypal GOING FAST! 3375 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3192 3192 22 World of Warcraft 1333049610 Rift leveling 1-50 only $288
    Rift Honor and Planarite - 1000 Planarite only $73.99 3376 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3193 3193 20 Runescape 1333049663 a nice zerker pure: 62 att, 84 str, 45 def, 74 constitution, 50 range, 43 prayer, 36 mage. Quests points:41 Including quests: The Grand Tree, Monkey Madness, Lost City, Recipe For Disaster ( Not Complete ) im willing to trade him for a obby pure. if interested please post his stats here. 3377 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3194 3194 22 World of Warcraft 1333049679 Contact : a89_dr@yahoo

    Price : 400$ #

    Armory : .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-52759.html

    Rogue 85 Full ELITE PvP Gear

    Few Rare Mounts :
    Amani War Bear
    Vengeful Nether Drake
    Brutal Nether Drake
    Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm
    A Brew-FAST Mount
    Furious Gladiator's Frost Wyrm
    Relentless Gladiator's Frost Wyrm
    Swift Zulian Tiger
    Swift White Hawkstrider
    Wrathful Gladiator's Frost Wyrm
    Deathcharger's Reins
    X-53 Touring Rocket
    Reins of the Raven Lord

    6 Times Earned Gladiator 2700+ Arena Rating Everytime .

    Warglaives of Azzinoth

    Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

    Realm First! Celestial Defender

    72400 Gold
    You Want Find a Better Rogue?To Be Honest this is One of the Best
    Original Owner Account Details
    Change Name , Transfer Everything is Waiting you for Changes .

    Thanks and i Wait Serious Buyers . 3378 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3195 3195 20 Runescape 1333049744 Selling lvl 86 with the following stats... 95 Woodcutting 72 Attack 70 Strength 71 Constitution 70 Defence 77 Firemaking 50 Crafting 60 Mage 62 Range 45 Mining 43 Prayer Total lvl: 1070 In Game gp of: 15 to 20mil! Good Deal. Offer Ends Soon 3379 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3196 3196 22 World of Warcraft 1333049748 First off i would like to use Paypal and a middleman service. All characters are on horde side. The Rogue is my main(H)

    (85) Blood Elf Rogue 525 jewelcrafting / 525 enchanting has 119 mounts that ill go into more detail about below 10k achievement points, 32 feats of strength, 34 titles, 41 exalted reputations, 384 equip ilvl 387 bag ilvl and as far as pvp gear goes with my set ive got about 2.5k resil and a few ruthless pieces. He has started the rogue legendary dagger quest and has the tier one daggers.

    As for mounts heres a short list of what i feel should be highlighted if you'd like a full list pm me, i do have 310% flying.
    Swift Zulian Tiger(can not longer get)
    Raven Lord
    Phosphorescent Stone Drake (From Aeonaxx)
    Swift White Hawkstrider
    White Polar Bear
    Sea Turtle
    Amani Battle Bear
    Twilight Drake
    Blue Proto-Drake
    Grand Black War Mammoth
    Violet Proto-Drake
    Dark Phoenix
    -As well as various other achievement reputation and vendor mounts. Again pm me for a more complete list

    As for titles there's a lot ill list a few

    The Exalted
    The Undying (can no longer get)
    The Kingslayer
    The Diplomat
    The Astral Walker
    of the Shattered sun
    Twilight Vanquisher

    The rest are all alts and ill go into less detail with them.

    (85) Undead Male Priest 372 ilvl 3600 achieve points and is geared towards healing, has 280% flying, his rare mounts are as follows.
    Headless Horseman's Mount
    Drake of the North Wind
    Grand Black war mammoth(2 seater)
    Ironbound Proto-drake
    Along with a few other, is exalted with Netherwing

    (85) Troll Female Druid 376 equip ilvl 1600 achieve geared for Resto her only mount of note is a Blue Proto-drake (has 280% flying).

    (85) Orc Male Warrior 525 Herbalism/525 Alchemy 385 equip ilvl 387 bag ilvl, geared for fury dps, has a 380 ilvl tank set and 3400 achieve points, only mount to note is swift Brewfest Ram (has280% flying).

    That is all the characters on one of the servers, the other server is as follows both are US horde and same account.

    (85) Blood Elf Male Paladin 525 Herb/525 Alchemy Mostly firelands gear 379 equip / 382 bag ilvl 5500 achieve points along with Destroyer's end achieve and title, his mounts of note are.
    Blue Drake, Black Drake, Twilight drake, Red Proto-drake, and Dark phoenix(has 280% flying)

    (85) Blood Elf Female Hunter 525 Engineering/525 Minning 376 ilvl 2300 achieve points I mostly pvp'd with this hunter and has full pvp gear with 5/5 Ruthless set. As for mounts just Great Brewfest Kodo along with a few others.(has 280% flying)

    (85) Orc Male Deathknight What can i say this dk doesnt get much love, 367 ilvl geared towards dps, stopped playing him alot when firelands came out. 1200 Achieve points, has the mount Swift Brewfest Kodo(has 280% flying)

    (85) Blood Elf Male Warlock Last but not least, 556 ilvl warlock with 2600 achieve points and Headless Horseman's Mount.

    As for alts there are many which ill outline a couple here. Just to note i do have full boas weapons and armor for every class.

    (84) Tauren male Druid
    (82) Blood Elf Male Hunter
    (70) Blood Elf Male Paladin

    If you are interested in the account i am the original and only owner, if you want to meet up in game to check out some of the characters pm me and we can set it up.

    As far as price goes message me and we'll talk it out, im not looking to get low balled and am open to offers. 3380 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3197 3197 22 World of Warcraft 1333049817 Description :

    Rogue Has Just Earned Both Legendary Dagers from Quest (85)
    Also Got Dual Warglaives from Ilidan(Both)
    Thunderfury Legendary Sword
    Thoridal Legendary Bow .

    Full DS Gear
    Elite T2 Rutt Gear Combined with Cataclysm PvP Gear .

    Mounts Like :

    Ashes of Al'ar
    Amani Warbear
    Mimiron's Head
    Ragnaros Mount and Many Others .
    320k Gold in Bag .
    12800 Achievement Points

    Titles Like Scarab Lord , Grand Marshal , Hero of the Alliance Etc ...
    47 FoS
    6 First Realm .

    Price Will be Talked and Contact to : FirstBay_MMO@yahoo

    Thank you. 3381 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3198 3198 20 Runescape 1333049841 i have a great account for sale for 30 bucks or a world of warcraft cataclysm key paypal or key only no other account i quit playing has 13mil in items contact me for pictures 3382 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3199 3199 22 World of Warcraft 1333049887 Hi I have for sale my wow account Ive had for a while now it has 4 main toons:

    toon 1:ruthless geared Human frost mage with his ruthless fully enchanted/gemmed main pieces and weapons.He has epic flight,525/525 engineering,and is dual specced arcane.This toon is basically the accounts pvp main.If you want to completely dominate anything pvp wise this is the toon to do it with its just stupid OP.he also has a Vicious War Steed.


    toon 2: is a worgen druid this toon is my pve/pvp toon he has epic flight,525/525 herbalism and 525/525 inscriptions.this toon has vicious gear for feral pvp and full epic pve gear.his dual spec is balance,He has a full set of vicious with some ruthless and also comes with a full set of epic pve gear.mostly all items are gemmed and enchanted.basically you have epic pve and pvp gear for all druid specs.so whatever you're into you can do with this toon.


    toon 3: is a bloodelf paladin this toon is also similar to the druid gear wise.he has epic flight,525/525 alchemy and 525/525 herbalism.This toon has full ret vicious gear and a full set of epic pve gear.His off spec is protection he only has a full set of epic tanking gear.Just like my other toons all gear on this toon is almost fully gemmed and enchanted.


    toon 4: is a 75 human priest he's basically a twink right now.He is in full brutal gladiator gear and wrecks the 70 bracket.In case you decide to level this toon he has a full set of boa gear along with my other low level alts.


    all other toons on this account are under level 55 but all have boa gear.

    All toons are located on the pvp realm Stonemaul.I am only accepting Western Union ( be careful to use Western Union, you are not protected.) money order since scammers love trying to place disputes on paypal.I do require we speak by phone during the transaction to make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone is satisfied.Price is 200 OBO.If you have any questions please send a PM. 3383 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3200 3200 20 Runescape 1333049923 *Combat Level: 87 *Total Level: 1034 Gold: 831k Skill Information * Attack: 72 * Strength:72 * Defense: 65 * Range: 37 * Prayer: 49 * Magic: 53 * Runecraft: 1 * Construction: 1 * Hit Points:70 * Agility: 33 * Herblore: 10 * Thieving: 32 * Crafting: 41 * Fletching:31 * Slayer: 47 * Hunter: 40 * Mining70 * Smithing: 49 * Fishing: 83 * Cooking: 80 * Firemaking: 45 * Woodcutting: 46 *Farming: 2 Additional Information 108sharks, 66 swordfish, 22 lobsters,Dragon helm,dragon legs,whip, obby shield, dragon boots misc. rune armore, misc member armor Highest offer 3384 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3201 3201 22 World of Warcraft 1333049956 hey guys im lookin to trade my off hand wow acct for a couple battle.net favors
    i just need somebody to buy me time for my main acct and a race change and a server transfer that is 65 dollars prolly lil extra after tax
    the acct has time and im OO i have all info
    i will provide armories and more details on acct and we can talk more about that deal .....
    if you are intrested pm me here for aim
    or well talk here

    thank you :3 3385 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3202 3202 20 Runescape 1333050004 I admit this isn't the best rune pure, which is why I am selling it for a cheap price, but it has potential to become one of the best. Only has 80 qp, adamant gloves unlocked. The items in the picture are primarily its bank.. Everything else in the bank is mostly junk, worthless items. Post here for additional questions. Highest offer gets the account. Edit: Cash Only. I do not play this game anymore. I have no interest in other accounts, or RSGP. 3386 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3203 3203 22 World of Warcraft 1333050025 Hello,

    Caracters :

    Warr 85 , Rogue 85 , Hunter 85 , Warlock 80 , Mage 81 , Priest 63 , Paladin 60 .

    Warr , Rogue and Hunter Are Fully Epics + Some Heroic Items Geared .
    My Main is the Warrior With Title Scarab Lord and Many Vanity Items from All Contents , Many Rare Titles , First Server , Hight Achiv (10k+) , Ashes of Al'Ar Mount etc.
    I Have Legendary Items Like Sulfuros , Thunderfury and Rare Items Like Ashkandi from BWL (Nefarian) + Many More.

    im not the Original Owner , i Buyed this Account with 2 Years Ago and i Have Full Details (Keys + Photo ID + Secret Question)

    Starting Bid is 650-700 and is # Yes .
    Contact me at ikcatal@yahoo
    Nice Day Guys! 3387 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3204 3204 20 Runescape 1333050085 hey im trading a lvl 93 with a scyfe and about 6m the stats are almmost all even about 4o 50 and 60 except fot the combat skills those qre in the 70s it has recipie for disaster dione and many other quest the characters name is g r a w r it has 253 qp im looking for a alright account mainly combat skill wise. 3388 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3205 3205 22 World of Warcraft 1333050095 I want to sell the following 2 accounts:

    1)scarab lord rogue(warglaives, the cataclysmic legendary daggers, thunderfury, 14800Achievement points, 84 FoS)

    2)invincible mage(Dragowrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, 14750Achievement points, 59 FoS)
    .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-69545.html 3389 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3206 3206 22 World of Warcraft 1333050165 Alright everyone, I'm officially done with WoW. It consumes way to much of my life. Anyways (buzzkill, I know right) I have the SQA and all that good stuff for this account of course. It has an authenticator I would gladly send you if you purchased this account.
    The account -
    85 - Tauren druid. 3400 resil in resto and 3200 in feral. Maxed herbalism.
    85 - Orc death knight. 3300 resil in unholy. Maxed engineering/mining.
    85 - Goblin shaman. About 2200 resil in ele and 1k(ish) in enhance. 520 inscript, 455 LW.
    Misc alts (70 undead rogue).
    Heirlooms (Leather agility shoulders/chest, daggers w/ 15 agil enchant, cloth shoulders, staff, plate shoulders/chest, 2H sword).
    5k gold on that account.
    P.S. Don't try and scam me, I've been through that enough times to know if something is up.
    US, speak English please. 3390 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3207 3207 20 Runescape 1333050168 EVERY skill is over 40, lowest is 44-farming and highest is fletching 99. This account has been around since 07, come April you can get the vet cape (5 years), I have the classic cape, which can not be obtained again. Over 100 wins at the duel arena. Its a lvl 5 medic in barbarian assault. If your interested let me know! Email me at ps3rapage@yahoo if interested and tell me your offer, thanks for reading. 1.6m cash with bout another 1.1mil in member items as of today, checked the G.E prices on the items. 195 quest points! Legends, Heros, Monkey Madness, Lunar, are done! Overall Level- 1,760 XP- 42,607,744 Attack Level- 78 XP- 1,686,596 Defence Level- 78 XP- 1,689,497 Strength Level- 81 XP- 2,405,634 Constitution Level- 80 XP- 2,100,946 Ranged Level- 72 XP- 972,817 Prayer Level- 58 XP- 237,664 Magic Level- 75 XP- 1,302,674 Cooking Level- 86 XP- 3,671,061 Woodcutting Level- 88 XP- 4,449,367 Fletching Level- 99 XP- 13,432,234 Fishing Level- 79 XP- 1,825,120 Firemaking Level- 80 XP- 1,995,204 Crafting Level- 64 XP- 418,537 Smithing Level- 71 XP- 894,010 Mining Level- 76 XP- 1,336,581 Herblore Level- 67 XP- 559,273 Agility Level- 61 XP- 321,493 Thieving Level- 77 XP- 1,503,358 Slayer Level- 66 XP- 500,924 Farming Level- 44 XP- 61,068 Runecrafting Level- 56 XP- 192,824 Hunter Level- 68 XP- 616,455 Construction Level- 56 XP- 195,754 Summoning Level- 55 XP- 172,741 Dungeoneering Level- 45 XP- 65,912 I will accept paypal and/or PSN cards. 3391 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3208 3208 22 World of Warcraft 1333050234 Looking to get rid of my account, i've been playing since vanilla and i think its time i started playing something different... wouldn't mind getting a bit of cash for my hard work :P

    like i said, 7 85s, there's a lot of details i could go into so i'll let you msg me if interested. My characters include:

    85 Shaman
    85 Priest
    85 Paladin
    85 Warlock
    85 Mage
    85 Death Knight
    85 Warrior
    82 Hunter
    80 Rogue
    80 Druid
    80 DK

    and then a whole bunch around the level 70 region. My main was the shammy, has full herb and skinning, 57 mounts, 58 companions, a few hard to get titles. All of the 85s are geared and ready for heroic ZA/ZG and all have pvp sets. DK, Warrior and shammy are all ready for raiding.

    Asking price: $300AUD
    Paypal - verified

    yes its cheap, so go on, send me some mail with any questions, i'll be happy to help you out 3392 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3209 3209 20 Runescape 1333050249 Selling this nice account for the highest offer I will get using the MM service to guarantee safe trade. 197 Quest points with all the important quests, RFD, Fairy Tales 1-3, Lunar quests, The Void stares back etc. Over 50m fletching xp, over 20m cooking, nearly 20m runecrafting. Thousands of Extreme potions including 164 (4) overloads. Blackmarks are both on green, but there's a small infraction for using an autotyper (Minor macroing (ban) which is now expired). I am the original and only owner of this account. 3393 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3210 3210 22 World of Warcraft 1333050304 Hey guys looking to sell my shaman my friend was oo and i have his ID so you get that and piece of mind the shaman has some sweet rare mounts got the charger fom strat tcg raptor razzashi raptor and more has t6 transmogd as well as ornate set a green set that looks grey an a lil slutty lol she has 310 flying pvp wise some enhance peieces here and there message me if you have more questions she got maxx proffs eng/jc jc is 530/535 525 eng also has a 85 alt rogue with t1 legendary daggers hes max alch/chanting with some good chants rare as well there is a 77 mage 77 pally 61 warrior and more with high proffs[mostly just mage/pally] to keep you happy im signed up for annual pass and i have d3 beta And have about 8 months or so paid with about 90 days of gametime left has 20k mammoth mount as well and sand drake and tabard of the light bringer as well as dwarf orb from shadowmourne loot chest all considered one of the best account with ID you'll find for this price oh and shes 300 points from 9k chevs!!! also has a 76 dk max inscribe/mining money makes and a full bank or glyphs/inks worth upwards of 100k when sold right on this server

    maskedarmory/anonymous 3394 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3211 3211 20 Runescape 1333050331 Hey everyone. Possibly selling my level 112 Runescape account. It has - 99 fishing / cooking / fletching - 92 woodcutting / herblore - 91 herblore as its highest stats. All other stats are pretty much 70+ appart from the odd one like dungeoneering ( 52 ) summoning ( 69 ) runecrafting ( 65 ) Other than that they're slowly working their ways towards 80+ I am looking for only RSGP. Nothing else really since I am currently doing a skiller. If you are intrested, please inbox me. 3395 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3212 3212 22 World of Warcraft 1333050374 troll shaman resto OO

    pretty frsh 85 troll shaman resto.

    About 10 pieces of pvp gear and the rest dungeon blues.
    450 mining
    450 skinning

    500 honor
    1000 justice

    280% epic flying
    Chopper Bike

    About 1 weeks left on account.
    I am OO with all info and scanned ID, aswell as Cata CD keys for account.

    Looking for 55$ paypal!

    Pm on heree. 3396 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3213 3213 20 Runescape 1333050413 Title says all, 244 qp alot of the main quests done ( appart from things recently ) has barrow gloves etc. I don't mind putting some stuff on it to PvM with or so forth since it doesnt currently really have anything, Please feel free to offer away. If I see something I like I will pull you up on it. 3397 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3214 3214 22 World of Warcraft 1333050443 resto shaman in pvp resto gear,

    half ruthless, half viscous gear.

    horde troll

    full pve set of enhance gear ilvl378 from new heroics.

    few pieces of ele gear aswell.

    About 10 pieces of 378 resto gear also

    800 some gold.

    420 skinning
    410 mining

    280 epic flyer
    chopper bike

    OO with all info and ID scan.

    On battlenet with 2 other battlechests.

    Gametime until 12/28

    Looking to sell for around 50 western union obo
    since there will be a 15 dollar fee .

    I will go first with all info and ID scan if your repped.

    PM me on here or text me 4435526777 3398 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3215 3215 20 Runescape 1333050494 want to trade ranger tank for a pure with 60 attack and 60+str lvs or a 3 member lvs r 80 rang 40def 69 hp 3399 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3216 3216 22 World of Warcraft 1333050512 I want to sell my main account with:

    Shaman Enhance
    PVP: S9 with 2 piece S10
    Realm first Celestial Defender title
    Kingslayer title
    other titles
    Mech hog
    Red Proto Drake
    3 person Mammoth
    some pieces for restro set

    Night Elf
    Mage Arcane/Frost
    PVE: 353 item level.
    Realm first to get Explorer
    some BC Many Wrath and some Cata Achieves
    Mech hog
    other cool mounts

    Night elf
    Death knight


    And other alts ranging from Lvl 20-50

    Email me at Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures or PM me here. Will sell cheap. I'm the OO and have all security questions and full info. : ) I can give you armory links and everything. 3400 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3217 3217 20 Runescape 1333050575 im selling an lvl 103 zeker with 91 attk 99 str 50 def 94 magic 93 hp and almsot all quest u will ever need done. venge gloves etc. also i have an rs bots hunter and fighter for sale. i will trade all this for accs or runescape gp and items 3401 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3218 3218 22 World of Warcraft 1333050582 Hey guys

    I haven't played wow in months, and will never play again.
    I want to sell my Original account with 85 shammy and 85 mage, they have pvp gear (probably not the latest since I haven't played in months.

    Have several level 60 alts as well.

    I don't remember much about the account cause I haven't logged in in months but if you are interested Ill pay a month and show you all the details.

    I'm looking for 200 bux, via paypal, I will not go 1st. I am the OO owner and will give you scans of ID everything you want and need.

    Pm me and we can work something out. 3402 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3219 3219 22 World of Warcraft 1333050651 i Specialy Want to Trade TCG Loot Card '' Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger'' Unscratched Ofcourse / i Want to Trade it for Another's TCG's (Not Consumable) To Be Unused Ofcourse and Mounts/Pets/Rare Items .

    i Already Have Spectral Tiger / Amani Dragonhawk / Nightsaber Pet and Few Rare Items , So i Want Diferent TCG's

    Anyway Contact Me to DataMatii@hotmailand we can Talk About .

    Thanks in Advance,
    Cat. 3403 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3220 3220 20 Runescape 1333050657 I got a decent account, combat lvl 95, total level 1427 with 192 quest points (monkey madness done). Good stats include 82 mining, 83 strength, 82 cooking, 80 woodcutting, and 72 fishing. I am looking for a decent pure, preferably 1 def and maxed stats, for this account. 3404 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3221 3221 22 World of Warcraft 1333050721 Looking to sell my spriest ilvl356, has 352 for holy. lots of titles, of the shattered sun ect.
    32 mounts, max mining and herbalism. only using 4 blues (no DMC so thats easy to get) has enough for epic valor ring as well, so could be 2 blues and a ilvl of 358.

    pst me for more info or to see ingame. looking to get 2 server changes and 2 race changes, not actually looking for cash. the overall cost is 100$ for the two changes and transfers.
    get at me asap! will give all info and messenger out when i get your PM. 3405 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3222 3222 20 Runescape 1333050738 Hello! Selling my RS account since I don't play anymore, see pic for stats: Account has 29m in cash and another 37m in items, I didn't even count the herbs, potions and seeds on it, 292 quest points, ancient and lunar magicks available. I have all info for it, original owner Level 81 Slayer And the most amazing part...KQ Head in bank! (didn't had the construction level to mount it) Barrows Gloves! Fighter Torso! And many more! (see the pics below for a quick view of my bank) Only serious offers accepted, I have a reserve price. Payment method accepted: MoneyBookers, Bank Transfer and Western Union Thank you! 3406 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3223 3223 22 World of Warcraft 1333050791 Im selling my Warcraft account which currently has 6 lvl 85 Characters all geared. The standout though on this account is the Holy Paladin with almost full heroic fireland gear with a item level at 386.
    The pally also comes with the rare Flametalor of Alysrazor mount and over 30k gold
    the other characters are as followed:
    85 Hunter
    85 Deathknight
    85 Warrior
    85 Rogue
    85 Mage.
    All the characters have full epic flight.
    As a bonus you get a second account i just added for RAF with up to wotlk added on it with 2 months left so if there is not a character you like you can level it FAST.
    The pally is currently in best guild on realm and will get Firelord this week.
    Each charcter has a Armani War bear mount as well as the Winged Guardian mount which is a 25 dollar mount.
    With this pallys achievements alone you could get into any top raiding guild around.
    Some of the titles on the pally:
    Avenger of Hyjal
    Light of dawn
    The astral Walker
    The undying
    The hallowed
    Of the shattered sun
    Twilight Vanq.
    The argent Champion.
    As you can see i have put alot of time into this account and I want serious offers only do not even attempt to low ball me i wont even respond.
    I am the original owner and have all the secret answers and questions if needed.
    To contact me message me at 865-643-0678 3407 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3224 3224 20 Runescape 1333050822 2 accounts, 1 lvl 72, other level 42 pure account 1:boomcakes g[/IMG] 2nd account: strfoggy boomcakes=$25 strfoggy=$20 pm me if your interested i may be willing to lower prices 3408 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3225 3225 22 World of Warcraft 1333050860 Starcraft 2 - diamond league rank 34 atm, several portraits unlocked

    Wrath of the Lich King with lvl 80 warrior also included!!! 4kG 2k GS 3409 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3226 3226 20 Runescape 1333050904 i have a lvl 85 with 71 atk 71 str and 65 def, 81 wc, 43 pray and 8 summon(+1 p2p) have like 55 quest points most all important quest are done in mems and f2p, only asking for a membership pin or 10 dollars for this account will not use a middle man unless you pay account number 2 is a unfinished range pure lvl 58 with 61 range and 40 def (mage high enough to teleport) full rune with chainbody and sevreal adamant arrows make an offer for this account, or i will trade both together for an account of equal value 3410 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3227 3227 22 World of Warcraft 1333050930 Great starter account for someone to get into wow. need to get rid of it paypal preffered. regular and burning crusade expansions

    post offers here make offer 3411 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3228 3228 20 Runescape 1333050985 I'm trading the 131 Kush is Bamf For either - A very good runescape pure - An Aion Account - Or a WoW Account Private message for more info/offers (I also have other pures!) For sale 3412 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3229 3229 22 World of Warcraft 1333050999 Looking to sell my steam account stacked with 62 GAMES! message me to negotiate prices and what not. 3413 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3230 3230 20 Runescape 1333051066 it has 85 woodcutting and some other skills around 40-50 want rs gold for it 3414 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3231 3231 22 World of Warcraft 1333051068 I want to sell my SWToR account with CD keys and SQ&A for Realm transfer. has a lvl 14 Sith Warrior on it nothing special. game cost 60bucks to buy so its a good deal in my opinion 3415 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3232 3232 22 World of Warcraft 1333051138 That's right, you heard correct. No monthly fees until 5/5/2030. I am the original owner with all cd key's. I am starting a new career and will not have time for the game like I have in the past. Both are transferable, on the same server and with the accommodations of a bank toon and another low leveled character. They also have a combined amount of 15k gold. Links are below to see profile of characters. Please keep in mind that this account paid for until the year 2030, so I would like to get some descent and serious offers. PM me with contact details so that we may talk asap and I hope to hear from you soon.



    P.S. may have to refresh your page a few times to get links to work properly or just scroll down more to see the rest. 3416 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3233 3233 20 Runescape 1333051147 Got a runescape account for sale here, had it for ages but don't bother with it now! It has 1093 overall 1.4m in bank D boots, d plegs, zerker helm, obby cape, d scim, rune ks, torag or dharoks plate can't remember which and two obby mauls. Not really interested in trades but maybe a SWG account with some game time on or a decentish wow account has to be EU though. Otherwise give us some cash, not looking for much so make us an offer! 3417 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3234 3234 22 World of Warcraft 1333051207 Hi, I am looking to sell my lvl 80 Tauren Druid, it is completely ready to jump right in to Cataclysm with tons of ilvl 264 gear, cold weather and epic flying, 450 Jewelcrafting and 450 Enchanting, and much much more. I am trying to sell asap as I need funds to fly back to be with my daughter. Middle Man Service only! 3418 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3235 3235 20 Runescape 1333051232 Selling 3 accounts lvl 101 and 2 pures lvl 74 and 64 for a wow membership card. or wow account with decent toons pm if interested 3419 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3236 3236 22 World of Warcraft 1333051277 Paladin

    I haven't really had an interest in the game recently. Stopped playing for a while, and I am thinking of selling. I'd like to see what I can get.

    I'll list what I do have on each. The druid doesn't have much, and is a newer toon, so. The Paladin has some decent stuff, though.


    - Kingslayer title
    - Explorer title
    - Red Proto Drake
    - Grand Ice Mammoth
    - Both Brewfest mounts
    - Celestial Steed
    - 450 Herbalism/Alchemy
    - 280/310 Flying


    - 450 Mining/Engineering
    - 359 Engineering Goggles
    - Armored Brown Bear
    - Armored Blue Wind Rider
    - Mechanohog
    - 280/310 Flying
    - Celestial Steed

    I am looking to get $80. A good deal, in my opinion.

    I have AIM and will use it.
    AIM: SoundlessTriumph

    Thanks for your time. 3420 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3237 3237 20 Runescape 1333051310 Hey fellas, I'm here again to sell my RuneScape account. Quit gaming 2 months ago don't see the point in keeping this. Account has full dragon, total level is over 1200+ high fishing level with around 20k lobsters and few K sharks in it, account has around 30+ mil worth of stuff and cash. Want a quick sale will use middle man if buyer pays. Asking price is 50euro. Hit me up on the forums . edit: total level is over 1200 not nearly 1200. 3421 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3238 3238 22 World of Warcraft 1333051346 I am looking to sell my account via paypal. My account has characters as listed

    85 Human Mage- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...dethius/simple
    85 Dwarf Hunter- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...unkshot/simple
    85 Undead Priest- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...arnabla/simple
    85 NE Druid- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...alithun/simple
    83 Troll Shaman -us.battle.net/wow/en/character/maelstrom/zerkmode/simple
    84 Orc DK- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...amorous/simple
    84 Worgen DK- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ellbent/simple
    84 Tauren Warrior- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...wmakazi/simple
    81 BE Pally- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...veridon/simple
    85 NE Rogue- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../velken/simple

    If interested send me notifications or messages. 3422 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3239 3239 20 Runescape 1333051392 Lv 9x with about 50m in gold and 7-10m in armor (dragon set abby whip) total lvl is 1027 total exp is 7.3m fishing is 79 attack def and str are 73/73/70 im looking for UGC cards only 3423 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3240 3240 22 World of Warcraft 1333051416 Im just gonna link you all the armories cause I cant even list all these 85's off there's so many well geared one's well here it goes. Some Dude's Trying to buy atm for 250$ its been weeks though ill cut you a deal for 400$OBO if you want it that bad hit me up quick this will be gone soon also have 80 blood elf hunter 68 gnome warlock you most likely wanna do name changes and server xfer a few of em so thats why im selling cheaper then 500$ Hit me up alright peace shaman has 525 herb 525 mine and mage has 515 enchant 525 tailor and lock has alchemey 450 and j/c 450 rogues got high engineering thats about it mini diablo on account also and epic flyers included on most the chars.
    willing to drop price 350$ flat no lower though alright thanks peace.OO ID Scan Included Paypal Verified and 100% Non-Scam I hate scammers I know every trick in the book cause its been played on me trust me I know how that is it's life ruining im willing to do middle man service but, I dont have any money get back too me on this please im a good guy and all those scams that have been played on me are in a closed book in my thoughts never too be opened.
    .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-65211.html 3424 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3241 3241 20 Runescape 1333051473 selling comabat lvl 87 with 13mil in items and good skills like 72hp,72attk,72str,70def,81cooking,76fishing,67craf ting items include ss d legs and black cavalier and 118k trout and 3.8k raw sharks only wanting 30 bucks for it via paypal i must recieve money first # i will give info 3425 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3242 3242 22 World of Warcraft 1333051485 Hello! I want to sell my wow account, if your interested hit me at AIM: Skylar Gollum Email: Sith117@yahoo or PM me. Looking for a quick buyer! Id perfer you hit me on AIM though, makes describing the account and such a lot easier. I am the OO and all im missing is the Secret A, but a authenticator can fix that! 3426 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3243 3243 22 World of Warcraft 1333051555 Hey everyone, so toonstorm (one of the most reputable sites to buy accounts) has given me a store credit of 202$. I want to quit WoW and will sell this credit to someone for $100.

    Let me know if you're interested

    AIM is cole.murdoch@hotmail 3427 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3244 3244 20 Runescape 1333051555 i am tarding my runescape account for 1mil rs gold has many good member items and decent skill lvls does not have any gold on it but i need gold for my other account this account is a lvl 76 great account 3428 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3245 3245 22 World of Warcraft 1333051624 Up for BIDS is an 85 Undead rogue with many perks including a Mechano-Hog!

    Primarily played # Cataclysm came out and since have only leveled to 85 and then requit. As a college student I simply don't have time to commit anymore.

    Account is inactive since beginning of January.

    Blazeon 85 Undead Rogue, Mug'thol Horde, is main along with some 20's and 30's characters along with a 40+ something mage. ilevel for Blaze does allow entry into Heroics! Formerly have hit 2200 in Rated 3's arena. Jewelcrafting and Engineering are maxed out to the level pre Cataclysm release. I am looking for a simply easy, sell by Saturday and hope to get $200.00 if possible. Having positive reviews from site would be a plus for you. Please send offers or inquiries regarding further information via e-mail. Armory is unavailable as account is inactive.

    Good Luck! 3429 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3246 3246 20 Runescape 1333051637 im selling an runescape account level 107 with 99 fletching annd 70mill on it. 3430 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3247 3247 22 World of Warcraft 1333051695 85 Dranaei Hunter
    12k gold
    item level 359
    exaulted with 20+ factions
    525 mining/BS
    525 first aid
    25+ mounts
    twilight drake
    green proto drake
    drake of west wind
    brewfest ram
    golden king
    20+ vanity pets

    85 NE Druid
    6.5k gold
    item level 353
    525 LW/SKIN

    85 dranaei pally
    item level 351
    525 ENG/mining
    525 cooking
    x-53 rocket mount

    83 dranaei mage
    525 JC
    510 mining

    also on account is a 68 priest,70 DK,74 shaman and a 56 warrior

    i accept paypal please contact me if you have any interest in my account im looking to get in the 250-300 hundred dollar range but will listen to all offers 3431 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3248 3248 20 Runescape 1333051721 I can help you train the following: Attack Strength Defence Range (If you provide the needs) Mage (If you provide the needs) Mining Smithing Fishing Thieving Fletching Woodcut I can also make a melee pure. (40 Attack and whatever strength level you want) Time will vary according to level of skill and the level you want it to be. Post on thread or e-mail me (helpmelevelup@gmail) if you would like this service. PS - PayPal or RS GP Only PPS - If you want me to make a melee pure, you have to create the account for me to level it up. 3432 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3249 3249 22 World of Warcraft 1333051764 Hello potiental buyers,

    Back when I had time to play I played on two servers, Dragonblight and Kel'Thuzad. I have my main on Kel'Thuzad and many alts on Dragonblight.

    This account has play time until the 14th of may 2011. I am the orignal owner of this account. All of the characters on this account have their transfer available.

    My main paladin on Kel'Thuzad is a level 85 female dwarf and has many attractive titles, feats of strengths, and mounts. As well as over 10k achievements points. This paladin has many many titles but the ones worth noting are Death's Demise, Gladiator, and Grand Crusader. Also worth mentioning is that this paladin has every holiday title and the holiday mount. I also have many feats of strength on this pally but only some are extremely rare. Those are: Wrathful Gladiator's Frostwyrm, Server 1st fall of the Lich King, Server 1st Yogg+0, Invincible's Reins, Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings , Realm First! Grand Crusader , and Hand of A'dal. I have many mounts on this paladin but the ones worth mentioning are: Invincible, Raven Lord (Anzu), Death Charger, Swift White Hawkstrider, and Wrathful Gladiator's Frostwyrm. As the feat of strength probably told you, this paladin does have the legendary mace Val'aynr, Hammer of Ancient Kings. Aside from all of these fancy things, this paladin has full vicious holy gear (with t2 weapon) and well as full blood thristy ret gear with a few vicious pieces (including t1 mace so you can smash nerds as ret, while looking like a total baller with invincible). I also have over 2k conquest points you can spend. I do have some PvE gear on this paladin but the set only has ¾ 359 epics and the rest blues (for holy). However, I do have two impressive trinkets: 359 fall of mortallity and core of ripeness..This paladin's professions are maxed as Jewelcrafting and blacksmithing. The riding skill is 310%. The gold I have on this paladin is 11k. I played this character as my main for over 3 years so I have alot of other random cool stuff, and lots of reps at exalted.

    On Dragonblight I have two level 85's and 2 other level 80 characters. The level 85's consist of a priest and another paladin. The 80's are warlock and shaman.

    My alt paladin on Dragonblight is a level 85 human female with full vicious holy gear (with t2 weapon) and Tyrande's favorite doll. As far as professions go for this guy I have alchem at 430 and herbilism at 450. Mount training is at 280% (epic flying). Conviently, this paladin has the 2200 3v3 arena achievement so it would be easy for you to find teams. Also, I'm on a 2277 3's team if you want more conquest points.

    The level 85 dwarf female priest that I have on dragonblight has full bloodthristy gear with a few vicious pieces, as well as enough conquest points to buy a t1 weapon. As well as all of that pvp gear, this priest has a Darkmoon card: Tsunmai. The gear that this priest has obtained is all aimed to play disc but could be reforged to play shadow if desired. The mount speed that this character has is 150% flying. Professions for this character are 450 alchem and 450 jewelcrafting.

    As I'm selling this account I realize that the main attraction will be my main paladin on Dragonblight. So when factoring the price of this account (which is extremely flexible) I will not factor in what my alts are worth, they are simply a free bonus. If you have any questions about this account or if you are at all interested in buying this account please send me a private message on these forums. In selling this account I'm requiring that we use the middle-man service that this website provides. The only payment that I will be accepting is through paypal.

    I look forward to doing business with you soon. :3 3433 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3250 3250 20 Runescape 1333051800 Here's a link to a video of my account. It's legit. IGNORE THE BERSERKER VIDEO IN MY PROFILE, I'm not selling it anymore. I'm only taking RuneScape gold for this account, and I will not go first. No, this is not a scam. .youtube/watch?v=IRl5m-Ayq90 Still has about 27 days left of membership! To contact me, I'd prefer a message through youtube as I will respond a lot faster there. We will figure out a fair way to make the trade by talking through youtube or skype. Please no trolling or dumb offers. I already have an amount in mind of how much I want for the account, so make an offer and if any lower then the price I have in mind, you will be declined. Need further details? Read above on how to contact me. Have a good day! 3434 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3251 3251 22 World of Warcraft 1333051834 Hey!

    A 85 Hunter (Night Elf)
    iLvL 393 ( All PvP Gear )
    iLvL 382 PvE
    He has;

    4000 Honor Points.
    Tons of Gear for transmog!
    6/6 Of the Available Honor Mounts.
    LvL 49 Warrior, heirlooms
    Account Status:
    On StormReaver server!

    +++++ 6 months of Gametime = 90$, And I would atleast value the hunter 100+$ +++++++
    Now post me ur offers! 3435 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3252 3252 20 Runescape 1333051882 Selling this account, has memby, done DT post or message me with offers. Heres somes screenies of the account 3436 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3253 3253 22 World of Warcraft 1333051903 Hello there to all looking. I'm look to sell my World of Warcraft account. All characters on the account are on PvP servers. I will post the links for each of the individual characters so you can see there gear and get brief bios on them.

    85 NE Mage - .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=243910

    This character has epic flying up to 310% speed. It has 1.2k gold atm, but is easily able to make money with herbalism. Character also have a full PvE set that consists of mainly 333/346 blues, and a few greens (It is heroic enabled and more than enough to run heroics to gear up). Character has a great rep with the community and has had no negatice warnings or fights with any of the players.

    83 NE DK - .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=243911

    Not too much to note about this character. He has full rested xp up to level 85 for quick leveling. His mining is at 487 and can very easily be maxed to farm ore. He is on the same server as my mage.

    80 Orc Rogue - .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=212034

    This character mainly has level 80 epics, and I haven't touched him since Cata came out. It is on a different server than my mage and DK, but he is also on a PvP server. Not much else too point out.

    So those are the characters this account comes with. If you are interested in knowing more, or perhaps working out a deal either leave me a message here, or PM me. I may require that we use a middleman for the safety of us both if you have no reputation. I'm willing to negotiate prices but I'm looking for about $200 for the account. 3437 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3254 3254 20 Runescape 1333051963 Just scammed me out of paypal and 100m rs cash. DONTTRUSTHIM NEGATIVE FEEDBACKKK! 3438 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3255 3255 22 World of Warcraft 1333051973 Selling wow account, original owner. US account

    85 mage - .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25807.html
    85 pally - .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25810.html
    85 rogue - .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25808.html
    84 dk - .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25814.html
    80 shaman - .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25811.html
    67 priest - .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25812.html
    52 druid - .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25813.html

    also have other alts but all not over 50.

    as you can see i have most proffesions @ 525, with only the shaman at 450 inscription and pally at 522 blacksmithing.

    total account gold - 21446 / main toon is mage which has just over 12k gold on it, the rest of the gold is spread out amongst the alts in amanthul.

    battle.net merged, also has a legit copy of sc2 on it which is yours as well.
    cata enabled.

    as you can see from armory mage / pally is nearrly at t11 geard equiv. rogue is at raid entry lvl raiding. i dont pvp so their are little pvp gear for all toons. the mage has 2 piece from the Baron Hold instance pvp gear, with a few boe pvp tailor made items. mage also has ALOT of raiding consumables.

    account has celestial steed which means making new account will automatically get a mount when created. all 85 /84 toons have epic flying ( the 310% one )

    im not sure what else to put, any question feel free to ask via thread or email ( preffered )

    contact info
    email - th4n05@hotmail
    pm through site also is okay

    price - 1000usd or best offer. PAYPAL preffered. Will also use the middleman provided if you want. 3439 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3256 3256 22 World of Warcraft 1333052043 ilvl 391 Prot warrior horde side goblin.

    8115 achievement points
    Blacksmithing and JC
    Heroic fireland gear + some DS
    38 mounts

    Warlock alt

    ilvl 360 gear Orc warlock same realm
    5855 achievement points
    Invincible's Reins mount (From heroic LK 25man WotLK)
    Amani war bear (TBC ZA time run mount)

    100k gold total on both toons and multiple flask and food buff for raids.

    please post here and pm me for armory and more info thanks. 3440 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3257 3257 20 Runescape 1333052045 Skills Skills Rank Level XP Overall 742,753 1,354 13,655,628 Attack 536,732 80 1,996,360 Defence 742,802 73 1,055,525 Strength 733,033 81 2,220,505 Constitution 643,284 81 2,258,028 Ranged 623,709 75 1,303,547 Prayer 721,168 54 151,801 Magic 816,886 71 894,405 Cooking 753,605 71 833,448 Woodcutting Not Ranked Fletching 1,019,136 63 375,096 Fishing 1,005,549 67 568,450 Firemaking 1,699,055 52 133,914 Crafting 1,076,633 53 149,344 Smithing 846,452 55 181,238 Mining 1,771,893 58 243,553 Herblore 681,587 45 61,845 Agility 416,210 59 249,315 Thieving 467,708 57 213,081 Slayer 552,557 56 198,247 Farming 622,596 39 34,613 Runecrafting 182,411 62 366,211 Hunter Not Ranked Construction 877,633 36 26,577 No emails registered and recoveries set like 4 years ago and ive completely forgotten, no items/cash just bunny ears and playerup.com really :P:P 3441 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3258 3258 22 World of Warcraft 1333052111 My main is worgen fury warrior lvl 85, 29000 pure golds, 6500 achievement points, vendor mount, 2 sit rocket mount, mekgeener chopper.
    Heroic Lich King downed.

    lvl 81 DK

    lvl 20 druid 7 pcs heirlooms. 3442 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3259 3259 20 Runescape 1333052127 Selling runescape acc cb 102. name:rojco3 memberdays:28 price:40 dollar or good offer. payments:i accept paypal and paysafecard. contact:dansliy.v.w@hotmail For more information contact me.. 3443 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3260 3260 22 World of Warcraft 1333052180 Hey I have an account that doesn't have any game time on it, but it does have a level 80 druid or lock I believe and some other smaller alts on it. It has WotLK expansion on it and a bonus Starcraft II account on the battle.net account. There have been no issues on the account. I am looking for a verified paypal transaction. No strings attached. I am paypal verified as well, looking to sell quick. If you have any questions just post here or in my PM box.

    I am only looking for $30 paypal. That is it, cheap as hell for this package.

    You will get username/password/SQ and SA. 3444 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3261 3261 20 Runescape 1333052208 So stats Combat level 105, Att 86 , str 91 ,def 75 , hp 86 , range 50 , prayer 60, magic 56 , crafting 34 , minning 56 , fishing 66, cooking 68 , firemaking 47 , wc 57. All free quest completed. Offence is on the green. No botted .... Bank coins 0 . Price 30 dollars paypal . First money and second account. Cause i don't want any scams. So write me pm photo imageshack.us/photo/my-images/33/57523334.png/ 3445 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3262 3262 22 World of Warcraft 1333052250 WTS MY US WoW Account. The account has never been traded/sold/suspended/botted/banned etc. All characters are on Oceanic PVP server. Cenarian Hatchling/Lil'KT/Celestial Steed mount mailed instantly on creation of new characters. Ready for any changes (server/faction etc). Account includes:

    85 Blood Elf Holy Paladin
    i354 - decked in mainly Bloodthirsty gear however has Vicious Chest/Weapon/Relic.

    50+ Mounts including Blazing Hippogryph (super RARE TCG mount), Time-Lost Proto Drake (2 weeks of constant camping to obtain), Drake of the West Wind, Albino Drake, all Netherwing Drakes, all Nether Rays, White Polar Bear (rare daily quest reward), Grand Ice Mammoth, PVP mounts, etc.

    9k+ gold
    60+ Champion Seals
    525 Mining/Blacksmithing
    3 Titles

    85 Worgen Holy Priest
    Average gear i325

    380 Enchanting
    400 Tailoring
    450+ Archaeology (has fossilized hatchling companion pet)
    200+ Cooking
    1.8k gold
    Has Tabard of the Explorer and only needs to explore 3 more places to obtain title
    In lvl 25 Guild

    Lvl 80 Druid / 80 DK / 55 Hunter / 30 Mage
    Lvl 15 Lock with BOA items (Head/shoulders/chest/back/weapon/trickets x2) - other BOA items on account.


    If interested let me know - or want to know further details, pm. Will be using the Service. 3446 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3263 3263 20 Runescape 1333052290 selling this account due to my mate quitin and giving me his main level 137 so i play tht now. the acc has firecape 0 mebers cleaned bank but got barrows gloves korasi name si - 15081990 search it. 3447 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3264 3264 22 World of Warcraft 1333052320 Hello,

    Due to family's issue, I have to sell my WoW account.

    I'm the original owner of this account.

    Account has 4 x lvl 85's: Goblin Mage, Goblin Deathknight, Goblin Shamman, and Goblin Rogue.
    This account has every other professions (all at 525+) except Leathering, Skinning and Tailor. Ton of Cata's materials.
    Gold: around 50K
    Mount: Winged Guardian (this mount is account mount)
    BOA gears for cloth/plate/mail characters.

    Account still have 1 month of play time (up to Dec-19)

    Goblin Mage: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=17007
    ilvl 380. This mage is awesome in both PVE and PVP [have almost every pieces (armor and jewelry) of S10 Ruthless Gladiator]

    Goblin DeathKnight: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=17008
    ilvl 375. This DK is awesome in tanking for both PVP and PVE. If you are tired of mage for range dps then jump on DK's frost spec and beat the hell out of verything (DK is still OP class.)

    Goblin Shamman: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=17009
    ilvl 367. This Shammy is awesome as a healer. I build this toon for raid/group healing only.

    Goblin Rogue: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=17010
    ilvl 350.

    You will have all different specs in this account. Range DPS, melee DPS, healer, and tank. You will never be left out in any raid/group since you can fill out all necessary missing spot. You can make A LOT of gold through crafting. And better yet, an army of Goblin!!!

    Please send your offer to my email: dkn379@gmail
    Accept PayPal only.

    Z. 3448 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3265 3265 20 Runescape 1333052372 Hello, Im selling my main, because Im gonna play on my pure. I prefer to get RSGP for it, or paypal money. It has 299 qp, 1,5m in gold, full void, dragon defender, barrow gloves and a lot of charms. It has nice skills, 5 99's, 85 slayer, 93 fishing, 91 fletching and more. It has no email and recovery questions and it has 19 days of membership left. Here are some screenshots: i51.tinypic/2i0de8i.jpg Start bidding please. And you may add my msn: [email protected] Thanks! 3449 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3266 3266 22 World of Warcraft 1333052389 I am looking to sell my WoW account that is about six years old. My Main is a lvl 85 PvP holy Paladin with a raid ready tanking off spec. On the Account will also be: 82 warrior, 80 Death knight, 80 Druid, 83 hunter, 80 warlock, 80 shaman, 80 mage, and an 80 Rogue. All of these characters are horde.

    Below I will speak a little about each character and provide any special information I think you would like to know about each one along with the armory link to each.

    Kelvorñ (lvl 85 PvP Holy/PvE tanking)
    Server: Area 52
    Professions: Blacksmithing 522, Jewel Crafting 514, Fishing 465, Cooking 525, Archeology 525, First Aid 525
    Special Points:
    Has 9780 achievement points
    Has the Insane Title
    Has 28 Feats of Strength
    Has 310% flying
    Has 53 Exalted Reputaions (including both Shen'dralar and Zandalar Tribe)
    Has 80 mounts (including Grand Black War Mammoth, Ironbound Proto-Drake and X-53 Touring Rocket)
    Has 79 companions (including Deathy and Pandaren Monk)
    Has over 121 days played on him.
    Has Average 358 Item Level.

    And my other 8 Alts

    Meloveyou (Warrior 82, P: Mining 525, Alch 504) wife named him

    Saurfâng (Death Knight 80, P: Alch 525, Ench 475)

    Bigbøss (Druid 80, P: Alch 505, JC 475)

    Goramn (Hunter 83, P: 506, Herb 525)

    Corwell (Warlock 80, P: Skinning 450, Alch 505)

    Melvitar (Mage 80, P: Alch 525, JC 514)

    Mantal (Rogue 80, P Skinning 395, Alch 504)

    All of these characters are from the same Realm: Area 52 and all are able to be transferred and name changes. If you are looking to get back into World of Warcraft: Cataclysm what better way then to start out with 9 characters ready for you to pick up and start playing with wiether it is PvP, Raiding or leveling to see the new changes.

    The Buyer will get: Photo ID to prove he is the Original Owner. The Battle Net Account info, the full email that the account is linked to, The Secrete Question and its Answer.

    The Buyer will be expected to agree to have over the phone conversation and/or being willing to pay # all the information is released. Paypal will be the form of payment.

    Asking Price: $900.00 US Dollars

    You are encouraged to message or contact me melvitar.shaw@live

    I will keep this updated as I continue to improve the characters listed. 3450 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3267 3267 20 Runescape 1333052453 I'am selling a green halloween mask for $123, i accept only payments by paypal, and payment must be as a gift, # you send the payment i will show the mask on the game in trade when you send the payment as a gift, i will give you the mask, and the mask is raising now, so don't waste this chancel Mask Price:$123 Pictures: Pm me on Egaming if you are interested Mask Price:$123 3451 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3268 3268 22 World of Warcraft 1333052463 I am looking to sell my WoW account that is about six years old. My Main is a lvl 85 PvP holy Paladin with a raid ready tanking off spec. On the Account will also be: 82 warrior, 80 Death knight, 80 Druid, 83 hunter, 80 warlock, 80 shaman, 80 mage, and an 80 Rogue. All of these characters are horde.

    Below I will speak a little about each character and provide any special information I think you would like to know about each one along with the armory link to each.

    Kelvorñ (lvl 85 PvP Holy/PvE tanking)
    Server: Area 52
    Professions: Blacksmithing 522, Jewel Crafting 514, Fishing 465, Cooking 525, Archeology 525, First Aid 525
    Special Points:
    Has 9780 achievement points
    Has the Insane Title
    Has 28 Feats of Strength
    Has 310% flying
    Has 53 Exalted Reputaions (including both Shen'dralar and Zandalar Tribe)
    Has 80 mounts (including Grand Black War Mammoth, Ironbound Proto-Drake and X-53 Touring Rocket)
    Has 79 companions (including Deathy and Pandaren Monk)
    Has over 121 days played on him.
    Has Average 358 Item Level.

    And my other 8 Alts

    Meloveyou (Warrior 82, P: Mining 525, Alch 504) wife named him

    Saurfâng (Death Knight 80, P: Alch 525, Ench 475)

    Bigbøss (Druid 80, P: Alch 505, JC 475)

    Goramn (Hunter 83, P: 506, Herb 525)

    Corwell (Warlock 80, P: Skinning 450, Alch 505)

    Melvitar (Mage 80, P: Alch 525, JC 514)

    Mantal (Rogue 80, P Skinning 395, Alch 504)

    All of these characters are from the same Realm: Area 52 and all are able to be transferred and name changes. If you are looking to get back into World of Warcraft: Cataclysm what better way then to start out with 9 characters ready for you to pick up and start playing with wiether it is PvP, Raiding or leveling to see the new changes.

    The Buyer will get: Photo ID to prove he is the Original Owner. The Battle Net Account info, the full email that the account is linked to, The Secrete Question and its Answer.

    The Buyer will be expected to agree to have over the phone conversation and/or being willing to pay # all the information is released. Paypal will be the form of payment.

    Asking Price: $350.00 US Dollars or Best Offer

    You are encouraged to message or contact me melvitar.shaw@live

    I will keep this updated as I continue to improve the characters listed. 3452 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3269 3269 22 World of Warcraft 1333052529 Looking to retire and sell my druid finally after years of playing. This is a collectors account.

    Title List:

    Assistant Professor
    Associate Professor
    Bane of the Fallen King ( # Cata release )
    Champion of the Frozen Waste
    Defender of the Shattered World
    Twilight Vanquisher
    of the Ashen Verdict
    of the Nightfall
    the Astral Walker
    the Camel Hoarder
    the Hallowed
    the Immortal
    the Kingslayer
    the Love Fool
    the Patient
    the Pilgrim
    the Undying

    Mount List:

    Abyssal Seahorse
    Black War Mammoth
    Crimson Deathcharger
    Armani Battle Bear
    Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher
    Bronze Drake
    Dark Phoenix
    Black War Bear
    Blue Qiraj Battle Tank
    Celestial Steed
    Darkspear Raptor
    Emerald Raptor
    Frostwolf howler
    Grand Black War Mammoth
    Grey Riding Camel
    Flying Machine
    Goblin Trike
    Great Brewfest Kodo
    Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher
    Fossilized Raptor
    Goblin Turbo Trike
    Green Qiraji Battle Tank
    Ironbound Proto Drake
    Kor Kron Annihilator
    Red Qiraji Battle Tank
    Rusted Proto Drake
    Mimirons Head
    Red Skeletal Horse
    Spectral Tiger
    Swift Zhevra
    Red Proto Drake
    Rivendare's Deathcharger
    Swift Zilian Tiger
    Turbo FLying Machine
    Violet Raptor
    X53 Touring ROcket
    Turquoise Raptor
    Volcanic Stone Drake
    Yellow Qiraji Battle tank
    Twilight Drake
    X52 Nether Rocket


    ALbino Snake
    Armadillo pup
    Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling
    Bombay cat
    Ancona Chicken
    Black Kingsnake
    Blue Mini Jouster
    Brown Prairie Dog
    Argent Gruntling
    Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
    Blue Moth
    Brown Rabbit
    Brown Snake
    Curious Hatchling
    Disgusting Oozling
    CObra Hatchling
    Cornish Rex Cat
    Dark Phoenis Hatchling
    Dun Morogh Cub
    Crimson Snake
    Elementium Geode
    Elwynn Lamb
    Frigid Frostling
    Giant Sewer Rat
    Guild Herald
    Father Winters Helper
    Golden Dragonhawk AHAtchling
    Guild Page
    Fossilized Hatchling
    Ghostly Skull
    Great Horned Owl
    Hawk Owl
    Kirin Tor Familiar
    Mechanical Squirrel
    Obsidian Hatchling
    Panderen Monk
    Lil Deathwing
    Mini Thor
    Onyxian Whelpling
    Mana Wyrmling
    Mr Chilly
    Orange Tabby Cat
    Perky Pug
    Phoenix Hatchling
    Pterrordax Hatchling
    Silver Tabby Cat
    Pint sized Pachyderm
    Red Dragonhawk HAtchling
    Siamese Cat
    Sinister Squashling
    Plump Turkey
    Red Moth
    Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling
    Snowshoe Rabbit
    White Tickbird Hatchling
    Strand Crawler
    Winters Little Helper
    Yellow Moth
    White Moth
    Winderspring Cub

    Also Ready for firelands! Will post an armory link. Lost of toys also

    Foam Sword Rack
    Nearly all the Archaeology items. Minus the weapons.
    Vile Fumigators Mask ( Ingame gas Mask!! )
    Tabbard of the Lightbringer
    Rainbow Generator
    Path of Cenarius x49
    Hook of the master Angler ( Turns you into a fish )
    Super Simian Sphere ( Turns you into a gorilla inside a pinkball )
    Direbrew Remote
    Green Trophy Tabbard of the Illidari
    Winter Collection ( Including the Hat )
    Chefs Hat

    Also has 7950 Achievement points. Great vanity account that still has something left to do on it^^

    Looking for offers mainly for the time i spend on this account. Have been playing since Vanillla Wow.

    Will consider any offer. I am the OO of this account, have all info and CC numbers, secret question. This account has always been in my possession, never sold.

    Accepting Western Union or direct Deposit to my bank account. I will take paypal from members with good rep as wow makes it easy to recall accounts if i am scammed.

    option is up to the buyer, all fees are also up to the buyer to cover. If paying by western union, buyer must cover those fees also. 3453 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3270 3270 20 Runescape 1333052537 Hello I`m Ozan Bayrak I`m selling a knight online account Nickname : Glamour53 Beramus : Orc level : 80 me money stuff is like 500 gb ( Coins ) i got now premium ( member ) i got a multi account next to this account. a priest bper this account got np (national point ) 160k and me mage got np ( national point ) 600k wanna know more about this account please send a message 3454 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3271 3271 22 World of Warcraft 1333052598 I'm trying to sell a 80 Paladin, quest gear nothing special. ALL expansion on the account.

    Second account is a level 78 Death knight with level 70 epic pvp gear and weapon. ALL expansions are on the account. Also has level 60 Priest 51 Hunter 42 Paladin 48 Warrior and 31 Rogue.

    PM me here, or post in thread.

    paypal only if you would like MM you pay for it. 3455 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3272 3272 20 Runescape 1333052621 Selling level 3 fisher everything else is lvl 1 except 71 fishing make offer 3456 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3273 3273 22 World of Warcraft 1333052667 .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-42479.html

    I am the original owner of this level 85 male troll druid. Vicious Gladiator title (permanant rank 1 title also awards vicious gladiator's twilight drake) 310% speed. 2200 rated battle ground rating for season 10, this entitles the buyer to purchase tier 2 weapons and armor throughout the entire season and does not reset upon transferring like arena rating. Many titles including Loremaster, The Seeker, Professor, Warlord, Ambassador, The Diplomat and tons more! Various rare mounts such as Raven Lord, Fiery Warhorse, Green Proto-drake, Wrathful Gladiator's Frost Wyrm, and the Swift White Hawkstrider along with the discontinued original brewfest ram!

    Jewel Crafting and Engineering both maxed with several recipes and Jewel Crafting tokens. All secondary professions maxed (525).

    Legendary weapon Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros and tons of other vanity items. Over 9,000 achievement points!

    Many random level 19 twinks some with original PvP titles only available through rated battle grounds such as 'Corporal' and 'Grunt' along with scattered level 60s and another freshly dinged 85 druid. 3457 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3274 3274 20 Runescape 1333052703 Dear Buyers. I`m Ozan Bayrak I`m selling Runescape Account lvl 112 stats: Atack: 85 Strenght: 98 Defense:84 Hp: 91 Range:64 Prayer: 66 Mage: 71 If you wanna know more about this account please send me a message. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I`m selling a Knight online account too lvl 72 Beramus : Human priest - Bp - If you wanna know more about this account please send me a message 3458 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3275 3275 22 World of Warcraft 1333052737 I'm currently selling a US World of Warcraft account with two 85s(a Blood Elf Paladin and an Undead Warlock). I ended up quitting soon after Cataclysm was released because I started playing other games.

    The 85s are on two different servers and come with many mid to high level alts. All servers that I played on were PvP servers. The characters include:
    80 Undead Priest,
    82 Undead Death Knight,
    73 Human Priest,
    63 Undead Warrior,
    54 Blood Elf Warlock,
    49 Undead Mage.

    These are just a few of the characters inside the account the others include twinks of various classes and levels with the best gear and enchants available.

    My Paladin has 525 Alchemy/525 Engineering, the Warlock has 510 Enchanting/450 Jewelcrafting and my Death Knight has 525 Herbalism/ 525 Mining. The 80 priest has 450 Inscription/450 Engineering.


    You will have no issues buying whatever it is you would like in game with the amount of money you will get.

    All 80s and above have 280% or 310% flying training.

    My Warlock also has vanilla WoW gear that you can not get anymore from old 40 man raids such as Naxx etc. He also has over 50k honorable kills and the holiday Violet Proto Drake.
    Paladin has a full set on PvP season 9 gear.

    The Battlenet account also comes with starcraft 2 and wc3!

    Would like $250-$300 for the account. Paypal only. Reply to the thread or send me a private message with any questions or concerns you may have I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

    Thank you 3459 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3276 3276 20 Runescape 1333052784 Quest Point: 99 Total level : 1384 Attack Level: 71 Constitution Level: 66 Mining Level: 91 Strength Level: 74 Smithing Level: 47 Defense Level: 71 Fishing Level: 83 Range Level: 42 Cooking Level: 98 Prayer Level: 50 Crafting Level: 44 Firemaking Level: 71 Mage Level: 69 Wood Cutting Level: 90 Runecrafting Level: 38 Dungeoneering Level: 1 Agility / Mbr Skill Level: 33 Construction / Mbr Skill Level: 49 Farming / Mbr Skill Level: 48 Fletching / Mbr Skill Level: 55 Herblore / Mbr Skill Level: 52 Hunting / Mbr Skill Level: 39 Slayer / Mbr Skill Level: 37 Summoning / Mbr Skill Level: 17 Thieving / Mbr Skill Level: 48 Price: 150 USD 3460 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3277 3277 22 World of Warcraft 1333052812 Im willing to sell my lvl 85 PVP warlock, I dnt really have time to play it anymore.
    Its my first time selling a WOW account so Im gonna do my best
    If there is anything Im missing please ask me for it.
    Enchanting 495
    Tailoring 493
    about 4k G on all the toons
    Northen Cloth Scavenging
    Almost exalted on Dragonmaw Clan
    2138 resil
    818 conquers
    1428 Honor
    2850 Justice points
    I also have 2 heilroms. Mystical vest of elements and aged pauldrons of the five thunders
    ILVL is 350 with vicious Gladiator's trinkter, feet, legs, waist, body and shoulders

    Vicious Gladiator's Battle Staff
    * +512 Stamina
    * +341 Intellect
    * Item Level 359
    * Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 228.
    * Equip: Increases your resilience rating by 228.
    * Equip: Increases spell power by 1955.

    ALTS included
    65 Holy pally tauren
    62 Resto shaman tauren
    34 resto druid tauren
    58 survival hunter tauren

    Please pay attention to this, Im the original Owner of this account, created on Emerald dream (RPPVP) and the toon never moved from there.
    I only deal with paypal if you have more feedback then me, Otherwise payment will have to be done eighter cash in hand, moneygram or western union. No excuses I prefer to lose a really good offer then getting scammed, btw dont even try it wont happnd to me.
    can be use, I dont mind at all.
    Contact me here, dnt ask for AIM or MSN

    I will let it go for $140

    Thank you and hopefully my account falls in the right hands 3461 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3278 3278 20 Runescape 1333052867 Im wanting to sell my rs account for 1 $20 psn card, i checked the account on a site, and with just 1m and the cb lvl its $47.99. Thats not including EVERY skill is over 40, lowest is 44. You can search the HS, Skrillex-Gea , This account has been around since 07, bout 60 or 100 days from 5 year cape, it has just bout every holiday event done, alot of quest done like legends n ect. I have the classic cape, which can not be obtained again. Over 100 wins at the duel arena. Its a lvl 5 medic in barbarian assault. If your interested let me know! Overall Level- 1,760 XP- 42,607,744 Attack Level- 78 XP- 1,686,596 Defence Level- 78 XP- 1,689,497 Strength Level- 81 XP- 2,405,634 Constitution Level- 80 XP- 2,100,946 Ranged Level- 72 XP- 972,817 Prayer Level- 58 XP- 237,664 Magic Level- 75 XP- 1,302,674 Cooking Level- 86 XP- 3,671,061 Woodcutting Level- 88 XP- 4,449,367 Fletching Level- 99 XP- 13,432,234 Fishing Level- 79 XP- 1,825,120 Firemaking Level- 80 XP- 1,995,204 Crafting Level- 64 XP- 418,537 Smithing Level- 71 XP- 894,010 Mining Level- 76 XP- 1,336,581 Herblore Level- 67 XP- 559,273 Agility Level- 61 XP- 321,493 Thieving Level- 77 XP- 1,503,358 Slayer Level- 66 XP- 500,924 Farming Level- 44 XP- 61,068 Runecrafting Level- 56 XP- 192,824 Hunter Level- 68 XP- 616,455 Construction Level- 56 XP- 195,754 Summoning Level- 55 XP- 172,741 Dungeoneering Level- 45 XP- 65,912 3462 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3279 3279 22 World of Warcraft 1333052876 Tailor 500
    Enchanting 426

    Tittles: Elder

    Bronce draco


    Available for all 3463 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3280 3280 22 World of Warcraft 1333052945 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Male Gnome Warlock Tichondrius 3/5 Cataclysm with 2875 arena points you can litterally get full cataclysmic on this char in 2 weeks if you cap out arena points 10 games per week has ruthless pvp trinket! Atm itll have its cataclysmic staff this reset has arena points need for the season to get it. Also has exalted nether drake. Also He has a full 390 Ilvl PvE Set And PvP Set! it also has 2 other level 80's on account also night elf dk and gnome priest. ill provide masked armory of the charcter also here.with pve gear on so you can get a good look at what hes got pve wise.5k gold on account. .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-65919.html also has 1.5k valor and 1k justice 2875 arena 1.2k honor. Contact Me Via Skype Barrymayne666 Please Have A Reasonable Good Offer Okay Thanks Id Scan Provided Original Owner Of Account. 3464 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3281 3281 20 Runescape 1333052948 Welcome to my starter pure shop! I am offering to sell a starter f2p pure with 40 att 40 str 1 def and ~35 hp. As an additional service, I can transfer money onto the account at the rate of 1m/1.5 USD. The account has no bank pin, no recoveries and no registered email address. Its perfect if you want to start your f2p/p2p pure, but can't be bothered to train the low levels yourself. The current price is only 3$ Get yours while the offer stands Procedure: When you send the money on paypal, tell me what password you want and I will change it to that. Edit: Middleman can be used, but at your cost. Ask any questions you might have on here. 3465 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3282 3282 22 World of Warcraft 1333053014 I have a spare account with a warrior 359 ilvl. Contact me on aim or msn. Or even just leave an offer. Not expecting much. 3466 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3283 3283 20 Runescape 1333053030 I will accept a good pure (1 def, 84+ str, 82 mage, dt, mm) Or anything good please pm, I will go first. 3467 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3284 3284 22 World of Warcraft 1333053084 Selling my account that I haven't played in a long time, want to get rid of it - somebody must have use for an account with a 72 orc hunter / 62 orc shaman / 52 belf pally. nothing to brag about but a decent starter account with ease of upgrade to catacalysm.

    Yes, this account has WOTLK only
    I'm looking to sell using paypal, I've been verified since 06' I expect you to be verified as well. Open to using a middle man if one is available. I'm the original owner I have all the information!

    $60obo OBO!! <~

    [1] .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-27298.html
    [2] .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-27308.html
    [3] .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-27309.html 3468 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3285 3285 20 Runescape 1333053112 I am selling a messed up zerker pure turned into a barrows pure for rs gold. Stats are: 106 combat 82 atk 70 def 90 str 81hp 64 range 77 magic 55 pray 75 cooking 56 wc 78 fletch 74 fish 50 fm 50 craft 50 smith 52 mining 56 herb 51 agil 51 thieving 48 slay 55 farming 38 hunt 43 construction 46 summon 1 dung The account isn't awesome but I don't want a lot, make me an offer and I will probably sell. Currently f2p, no money, has dharok body, and lots of skilling items. contact: deleted 3469 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3286 3286 22 World of Warcraft 1333053154 Brigzi - MM Troll Hunter (H) - ilvl 379 *85*
    +280% Flying, 525 Herbalism, Skinning, Cooking, First Aid, All Cataclysm Factions Exalted, plenty of mounts and pets, 1k gold

    Iflash - Protection Blood Elf Paladin (H) - ilvl 380 (has holy spec ilvl 370 gear) *85*
    +280% Flying, 525 Mining, Blacksmithing, Archeology, 2.5k Gold.

    Repenance - Disc/Holy Goblin Priest (H) - ilvl 376 *85*
    +280% Flying, 505 Tailoring, 510 Enchanting (515 Agi Bracer enchant waiting to learn - 11k pattern) 2.5k gold.

    Darthhater - Frost Blood Elf Deathknight (H) - ilvl 365 *85*
    +280% Flying, 415 Herb, 375 Alchemy, 1k gold.

    Spyroh - Arcane/Frost Undead Mage (H) - lvl 72
    +280% Flying, full heirloom lvling gear

    Twinfury - Prot/Fury Orc Warrior (H) - lvl 70
    +full heirloom lvling gear

    Eyestabyou - Assassination Goblin Rogue (H) - lvl 25
    +full lvling heirloom gear

    email me at jcabell22@gmail or message me here. I have all original CD keys and i am the OO. Price should be negotiated under circumstances. 3470 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3287 3287 20 Runescape 1333053193 Hey guys, I'm looking to trade a Runescape account (see below for link to picture) for a Cataclysm key. The account's got about 10-12m worth of items on it, and a total level of 1429. I'm not looking to rip anyone off, just do the trade and move on. If you're interested, send me a PM (if you send me your AIM/MSN/YIM/etc. as well, we could do this a lot quicker and more fluidly!) Thanks! Stats: img18.imageshack.us/i/runescapev.jpg/ -I'm also looking to try and get some game time for WoW (I don't get paid for a week yet) so if you're interested in some gametime for RuneScape, we can talk! 3471 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3288 3288 22 World of Warcraft 1333053223 WTS my WoW account that has SCII so you get everything, access to all expansions and the Diablo 3 deal providing the buyer sticks with the 12 monthly payment required they will get a digital Download of Diablo 3 for free when it is released.

    Main characters: 85 undead Warrior and 85 nightelf Hunter

    Warrior is pvp/raid gear with titles 'Battlemaster' to name one
    Hunter is pvp honor geared with 'Of the Alliance' title
    one 84 DK.
    Max professions in mining/engineering for hunter
    Max Blacksmithing and Jewel crafting for Warrior
    Hunter rides the Mecano Hog for awesomness.
    Warrior rides the Swift Zulian tiger for awesomeness (mount is unobtainable now, so who ever rides this mount is awesome!)
    Plenty of other mounts but the above are the best imo.
    You would get the dvd for SCII and key, no cds with WoW just the account email, password etc.,

    To much to mention will reply to any questions anyone puts forth about my characters.

    Really want to sell the account to anyone from New Zealand as thats where i am from or Australia, would consider USA buyer.

    Name your price:

    Being playing WoW since 2007 time to let this game go and try another mmo. 3472 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3289 3289 20 Runescape 1333053275 AIM: lopo1337 im willing to sell a combat level 109 17 days of members credit left, has 262 QP, not too rich for 50 USD or 30mill rsgp, im not out to scam you as you can see i have rep, i will also meet in game to show that this isnt BS, his stats are as follows ATT- 86 STR- 83 DEF- 81 HP- 84 RANGE- 71 PRAY- 61 MAGE- 80 RC- 60 CONST-53 AGI- 62 HERB- 60 THIEV- 64 CRAFT- 66 FLETC- 83 SLAY- 64 HUNT- 53 MIN- 63 SMITH-69 FISH- 64 COOK- 71 FM- 60 WC- 73 FARM- 65 SUM- 49 Contact me on AIM: lopo1337 or skype: logan.powers1 3473 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3290 3290 22 World of Warcraft 1333053292 WTS Wow Cata account!
    * 85 Worgen DK:

    Profs: alch + alqu 525

    Gear 374 Tank + PVP full 4k Res

    *Dranei Mage 85

    Profs: inscripcion + tailoring 525

    Gear: 375 Arcane +20k DPS + 3500 Res

    Aditionals characters:

    -Rogue lvl 75 or adove
    -80 DK Nelf

    100$ or for a CD key of Swotor + 2 month play game.

    For more info mail me to gabriel.aboscanzamora@gmail (i will send armory then) 3474 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3291 3291 20 Runescape 1333053357 hello, this is a account that i have and would like to see it asap. i have a vouch and his # so you can call him and he can tell you i am not a scammer i bought my main account level 96 with 30mill for a very good price email me at mr.goldrunescape@hotmail my phone# -503-586-3673. call me and you can ask for my vouches number to talk to him. im sure he will be happy to for the price i gave him lol. Accounts name is - DJ T emp. you can look him up in highscores or ingame Simple Selling account with gold for $35 -account level 59 -11.6mill -With other member items such as herbs and seeds from theifing -has 99 theifing / 67 farming-money making skills 3475 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3292 3292 22 World of Warcraft 1333053361 Wts my wow account with 5 level 85s and a 72 all on nordrassil server I'm me at greiniboy thass my aim screen name and ill give you all the details 3476 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3293 3293 22 World of Warcraft 1333053431 Hi there,

    Im selling my WoW account because Im going off to college and no longer have the time to play. The account is:

    - in perfect standing, has never been played by anyone other than me
    - Treated like my baby for the almost 4 years of time played.
    - Account Has over 40 000g total and badges of each kind
    - a full current PvP set ( Full Vicious ) on rogue, and a PvP set on both 80's
    My characters are well known... I have been the guild leader of previous raiding guilds who were successful in their time.

    I am the original owner of this account.

    The account includes:

    Level 85 Worgen Rogue - us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rozerin/simple ( Was at one point in the top 1000 In the world, has over 8000 Achievement points .. check out the titles, mounts, reps etc. very very very progressed character.

    Level 80 Gnome Mage - us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...e/image/simple

    Level 80 Blood Elf Paladin - us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rhonnen/simple

    Level 60 Goblin Shaman - us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rozerin/simple ( Level 60 raiding, has almost best gear at his level. )

    other various characters ranging from level 12-72

    This account has been my baby since I started playing it, especially my rogue. Over the course of 4 or somewhat years I have taken over 10 000... yes TEN THOUSAND pictures and screenshots of my achievements in this game. If you wish to receive any of them to prove that I am infact the owner email me at deleted

    *** Please note my Rogue has been played for close to 4 years, and the things he has obtained and achieved can in some cases no longer be achieved. This account is very valuble ****

    I am asking people to offer me a price.. if it seems reasonable I will negotiate.

    Thanks for your time

    Mitch 3477 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3294 3294 20 Runescape 1333053439 121 is a 114+7 with 92 att 99 str 85 def 95 hp 82 mage 86 range pure is 61 range 63 mage 86 woodcutting 79 mining 69 fishing with 1,5mil wealth email me @ Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures email me with a offer of how much u will pay for one if its decent u get pure free ONLY SELLING FOR RS GOLD OR ITEMS AKA TASSETS BCP CLAWS etc.. 3478 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3295 3295 22 World of Warcraft 1333053500 I quit WoW and need some Extra money.

    I have a
    lvl 83 Rogue( Not geared) us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...v/zorzy/simple
    Lvl 70 Priest ( Arena Geared) us.battle.net/wow/en/character/maiev/zyn/simple
    lvl 70 Shaman us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...c3%aaar/simple
    lvl 47 Druid us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...0%c3%9f/simple
    lvl 54 Mage us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...edkilla/simple

    all on realm: Maiev( a really good and fun realm imo)

    Im the orignal owner.

    Im looking for $70 no lower then $55.

    Contact: Text me at : deleted 3479 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3296 3296 20 Runescape 1333053520 u can only pay in rs gold 121 stats 114+& ( 92 att 99 str 85 def 82 mage 86 range 95hp) 40 stats 64rng 63hp 74 mining 69 fshn 86 wc 35hp has1,5m on it pm me offers 3480 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3297 3297 22 World of Warcraft 1333053570 This account has World of Warcraft Cataclysm and Starcraft II. $250-obo

    I am selling my World of Warcraft account with two Level 85 characters. I am simply moving away from the game due to personal reasons, but I don't want my characters just sitting around after all the hours of work that went into them.

    Both account are US Server.

    A level 85 Draenei Death Knight(Alliance). His main spec is Blood tanking and he has all the gear he needs through heroics, so he is completely raid ready. (I know he doesn't have a Heroic trinket in the second slot, but he does in the bags, I just prefer to keep that one on for the massive stamina from it.) He also has a decent Frost DPS set with various, normal dungeon blues and heroic's. Mounts are a couple drakes (blue and bronze) and a couple others, nothing special. Mining is at 525 and Blacksmithing is at 515.

    A level 85 Blood Elf Mage(Horde). Fire is his main spec with Arcane off spec. He is pretty much raid ready, although you could still get a couple pieces from heroics. But when I raided last I was pulling about 13.5k DPS, which is good enough for most guilds to let you start raiding. Mounts are Headless Horseman mount, Magic Carpet, and a Bronze drake and a couple others. Tailoring is at 500 and Alchemy at 450.

    I will send armory links for both these characters via PM if you are interested.

    Both characters have about 1k gold (sorry, did a lot of spending my last days on wow, gems aren't cheap ) There are other various low level characters on this account as well.

    I have the original World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade boxes and cd's. After that I switched to the digital downloads, so if you want I can send those to you as well. If not I can just give you the information that you may need to recover the account if anything ever happens to it via email.

    I would prefer paypal as a payment method, if you cannot do either of those I may be able to work something else out. Please send me a PM if you are interested. If you have any questions, concerns, or want more information please feel free to ask. 3481 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3298 3298 20 Runescape 1333053602 img25.imageshack.us/i/chardo1.jpg/ img195.imageshack.us/i/chardo.png/ img831.imageshack.us/i/chardo2.png/ Ingore the 33mil in cash. I donated it to a friend. Make an offer I just want to sell the account ASAP. 3482 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3299 3299 22 World of Warcraft 1333053639 I am selling my World of Warcraft account, with two 85's.

    Paladin 85 Horde
    525 Mining, 210 Blacksmithing
    a bunch of BoA's
    Heroic Ready

    Death Knight 85 Horde
    Tanking Set
    Heroic Ready 347 Item level
    a couple epics

    I also have 2 70's

    and a 58 Priest

    Just PM me 3483 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3300 3300 20 Runescape 1333053684 Selling 135, With 4mill, Dragon defenders, full void, Ahrims, karils, Dharoks, Whip, Spirit shield, Tons of Pots / Runes. eh so so, A buncha stufff i really don't know what its for. it's still members as of today. has 27 days left, It's a good acount 313/315 Quest points 99attk 99str 99def 89 slayer 68 dung 99 pray. txt me if your interested i just want to get rid of it. deleted. Thanks. Or msn me deleted 3484 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3301 3301 22 World of Warcraft 1333053709 Ilvl 384 Mage with 4pc t13 Max alch/insc

    Ilvl 384+ Shaman max mine/herb

    Ilvl 375+ Paladin max jc/bs

    5k+ gold on the account i think 20k+ mats.

    I am the original owner

    Looking to get 135 via paypal. Accepting other offers as well.

    email me @ matthew.bell.jr@gmail or call/text 910 682 8316 (US) 3485 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3302 3302 20 Runescape 1333053767 selling runescape account with 999's 136 combat and more below. attack- 99. defense - 99. strength - 99. constitution - 99. ranging - 84. prayer - 91. magic - 88. cooking - 99. woodcutting - 82. fletching - 82. fishing - 86. firemaking - 99. crafting - 99. smithing - 80. mining - 77. herblore - 88. agility - 99. thieving - 79. slayer - 88. farming - 92. Runecrafting - 76. Hunter - 76. Construction - 99. Summoning - 88. Dungeoneering - 80. [/U] 312 Quest Points. maxed Includes a Player owned house with full size dungeon, worth over 100m. all easy medium and hard achievement tasks complete. and elites started. seers elite finished. 386/417 tasks complete. bonus items - inferno adze. Agile Top/Leggs. 102 combine firelighters of every color. many monkey gree gree's. Holiday items - Zonbie head. easter ring. All the holiday hats. 2005 marionette. Jack lantern mask. skeleton outfit. reindeer hat. wintumber tree. cocotrice cape. h'ween outfit. santa outfit. ice amulet. cornocopia easter carrot eek web cloak. candy cane xmas ghost outfit. squirrel ears. investigaters robes. salty claw hat heimland games snowman. golden cracker. hati paws. hati mask. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- looking for a minimum of $800. usd 3486 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3303 3303 22 World of Warcraft 1333053778 All Alliance characters ...most of the characters have maxed out riding + capped or almost capped main profession training .... List of characters> 85 human mage 341 GS....85 human rogue 328 GS....85 night elf druid 330 GS....85 night elf hunter 330 GS ....and i have a 70 priest .... + a guild bank with lots of stuff that can help lvl up almost any profession ....and there are alot of boes and epics in it ...im origional owner of account ..... how much is this account worth... offers?.... 3487 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3304 3304 20 Runescape 1333053848 tired of playing on my main, looking to make a zerker turmoil pure. I was wanting RSGP for it, but if someone offers me a zerker with a good amount of wealth then I'll consider. Email me at Will_feimster@yahoo for more details. 3488 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3305 3305 22 World of Warcraft 1333053851 I have a wow account with all expansions a month of time and a lvl 50 hunter.

    I am the OO hit me up on AIM lifter1991. 3489 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3306 3306 22 World of Warcraft 1333053917 Selling US wow account with seven 85 toons.

    Realm: US Smolderthorn - Horde


    85 troll druid
    525 alch 525 enchanting
    master flying
    item levels: feral 358, resto 350, also full feral pvp set 2100 resil.

    85 goblin priest
    525 tailor 525 engineer
    master flying
    358 disc/shadow

    85 blood elf paladin
    525 blacksmith 515 jewelcrafting
    epic flying
    356 protection, full ret set, and most of a holy set

    85 goblin hunter
    525 leatherworking 525 skinning
    epic flying
    355 item level

    85 goblin rogue
    525 engineering 525 enchanting
    epic flying
    356 item level

    85 goblin shaman
    515 inscription
    346 item level

    85 undead mage
    525 mining 525 herb
    epic flying
    339 item level

    Non-85 toons: 64 goblin death knight, 17 goblin warlock

    account has active playtime until 6/1/2011
    no recent transfers, so realm transfer is available for all toons
    About 3000 gold but many sellables including some epic BoE bracers that sell for 15k+
    Original owner, quitting wow

    Will only accept paypal payments, and with the middleman service

    price starting at 300.00 US o.b.o 3490 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3307 3307 20 Runescape 1333053929 the first account has combat level 109 and total level 1600 with 8573000 gold and a lots of great items and with three 90+ skills the second account has combat level 134 and total level 2011 with 586000 gold and 5 99 skills the third account has combat level 114 and total level 1932 with 2867000 gold and 4 99 skills I want only real cash..by paypal....the prices are #....first one is 100$, the second one is 180$ and the third one is 150$ for more information contact me on deleted 3491 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3308 3308 22 World of Warcraft 1333053987 My First Account: If your interested just ask me for armory links
    Dwarf Shaman 85 Darkspear 525 mine 525 herb 381Ilvl
    Worgen Mage 85 Darkspear 365Ilvl
    Undead Rogue 85 Darkspear 350Ilvl
    Blood Elf Priest 85 Anub'Arak 391Ilvl
    Blood Elf Hunter 80 Anub'Arak
    Worgen Dk 81 Darkspear
    Gnome warlock 68 Darkspear 450alchemy 450 J/c

    Skype:Barrymayne666 3492 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3309 3309 20 Runescape 1333054011 i am selling my 30mill and my account that is a good money maker and almost has 99 magic. text me and i can give you the name of char. i would like to sell both so i can get some cash saving for a new laptop, if you have a (asus g73jh) send me a text maybe we can work out a good deal Paypal only im selling the 30mill for $25 selling the account for $25 as well or you can buy both for $40 How i would like the deal to go.. From the past when i did wow trades and some rs trades i have found that many people can not be trusted i have been scammed # and dont plan on being scammed again. so the steps you can take are down below. i do not plan on going first, so only text me if you are ready to go first and email me if you have questions you would like to ask, and i do plan on trading more gold and maybe accounts if i get the time to later on. so if you are looking for a account i can maybe work on one for you. text me (503-586-3673)-talk vent-talk, give me info for vent email-mr.goldrunescape@hotmail 3493 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3310 3310 22 World of Warcraft 1333054056 My First Account: If your interested just ask me for armory links
    Dwarf Shaman 85 Darkspear 525 mine 525 herb 381Ilvl
    Worgen Mage 85 Darkspear 365Ilvl
    Undead Rogue 85 Darkspear 350Ilvl
    Blood Elf Priest 85 Anub'Arak 391Ilvl
    this account also has alts see here
    80 Blood Elf Hunter Anub'Arak
    81 Worgen Dk Darkspear
    68 Gnome warlock Darkspear 450alchemy 450 J/c

    And I also have my other account
    85 Gnome Warlock Darkspear the lock's got a 385 Ilvl
    80 Gnome Priest Darkspear
    80 Night Elf Dk Darkspear
    40 Dranei Paladin Darkspear

    We will do transaction via my house phone I dont want just a random skype invite and sell that way unless your going first I want this too be a legit deal and debunk out any scammer's by doing it this way Ill also provide you with my personal Id Scan I have recovery question's for account and my house phone number. Contact Me Via Skype Barrymayne666 Please be legit I would like a phone convo during the entire transaction has gone threw and everything is in good order alright get back to me thanks. 3494 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3311 3311 20 Runescape 1333054094 Hey guys, im new to this whole website so if i screw up let me know. Now for why you're here, let me say this first, if youre looking for a account with lots of money, turn back now. This account im selling has almost no money not including non-tradeble items. Ok so i was recently hackd for everything on this account, 160m and full elite void lots gone, so i decided to try to sell him for some gp to go torwards my pure. Ive been playing this account for a loooong time now so here are his stats att:88____str:96____def:81____hitpoints:93____rang e:86____pray:71____mage:99____cook:72___ woodcut:86____fletch/fish:67____fm:79____craft/smith:70____mine:73____herb:63____agility:71_|thei ve:62____slay:64____farm:65____runecraft:46____hun t:73____construction:70(maxed house 20m into it)____summoning:80____dungeoning:55____ phew thats it? 1847 total.....60m xp im rank 888 in conquest and i have 5k fog rating, also have ovr 3.3k bounty rouge kills. (p.s. epic pk Account) and i almost forgot, i still have a lot of brawlers from bounty hunter, 13 prayer brawlers. and many more! Last but not least i have 278 quest points, ye ive done alot, all grandmaster quests done and yes, that means korasi sword! i have all emotes unlocked except for taskmaster And the very best thing i can tell you about this account is that.....I......have.....a......rai......nbow..... AFRO!!!!!!!! yes! i have a rainbow afro! so guys the price range im looking for will have to be 75-100m, it may seem like alot, but over 300m has gone into the account and it stays there, something nobody can hack, if you are interested pm me in-game on my pure :::::::::..........Akrai.........:::::::::: Thanks for the time! 3495 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3312 3312 22 World of Warcraft 1333054126 85 - UNDEAD ROGUE 310% flying
    85 - BLOOD ELF PALADIN 280% flying
    85 - UNDEAD WARLOCK 280% flying
    85- ORC WARRIOR 310% flying
    85 - UNDEAD HUNTER 150% flying

    All with full ruthless pvp gear and 359 pve gear. The warrior and hunter are the most geared of all five because i actually did FL with them.

    I sold my first account here on this site about a year ago and here I am trying to sell my second one. The reason that I am selling this account is because my wife is having a baby in the next two weeks and I will have little to no time for gaming. I already had my share of wow for a bit so it is better that i sell it and let somebody else enjoy the account.

    I am the original owner of the account and I am a verified paypal member plus i have all the information for the account.

    I will be willing to use the middle man service if the buyer pays for it.

    There will be no problems on my end but i will not sell to shady people.

    send me a PM with the contact details and I will get back to you asap. 3496 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3313 3313 20 Runescape 1333054175 attack:71 strength:70 defence:70 range:47 prayer:45 magic:58 runecrafting:31 construction:23 dungeoneering:37 constitution:70 agility:27 herblore:30 thieving:58 crafting:73 fletching:25 slayer:31 hunter:1 mining:78 smithing:43 fishing:96 cooking:86 firemaking:44 woodcutting:99 farming:27 summoning:1 total level: 12 accepting rsgp only. post here please. i would prefer to use a mm. 3497 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3314 3314 22 World of Warcraft 1333054197 To expand on this trade title I am looking to finally put an end to my WoW gaming after 4+ years. I simply do not enjoy this game like I once had. If you purchase this account you will receive an original WoW account with all information provided such as Name/email/secret password/question etc. This account will also come with Starcraft 2.
    The WoW account itself comes with a 5/5 Vicious Gladiator Gears whom has both the fist weapons also and another epic offset piece + a Darkmoon Hurricane Card which alone sells for about 23k+ gold. The Gear iLVL is 358 I believe. This Hunter is pretty much way ahead of the game gear wise compared to most people on the battle group and has a current conquest cap of about 2900 points with TIER 2 weapons being picked up this coming week! If you enjoy arena and pvp this account is great for you, you will not find a better geared Enhance Hunter.

    With this account come many alts including a 85 undead priest, and 80 paladin which are all available for transfers.

    The account holds about 8.7k gold and the Hunter max Skinning and Mining. To end this post I would like to say that I am a serious seller and am looking for serious buyers only. I have been around long enough to not fall for any schemes and scams. Transaction will be done through paypal and I recommend that I speak to the interested buyer via Skype , Vent or Phone # any transactions are done.

    If you do want something you can actually contact me via AIM: ethndev , and feel free to post and PM me in this forums. 3498 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3315 3315 20 Runescape 1333054259 Just reply on this thread if you want it. I'll let you have the user and pass to check it out, or I'll let you see it on teamviewer. I want to see if you have 10M. PM this Runescape Account when you've replied on this. RS Account to PM: Sir Elliot 3499 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3316 3316 22 World of Warcraft 1333054267 Hello as you all read by the title of my forum im looking to sell my WoW account it is currently active and has 2 very geared level 85 toons on it.
    1st 85 - Night Elf Male Boomkin (balance Druid)-386 equiped Ilvl


    2 set Tier 13, 2 BiS trinkets (pre herioc t13 content)
    Druids Mounts:
    Vitreous Stone Drake (stonecore mount)
    Swift White Hawkstrider
    Amani Battle Bear

    Noteworthy titles:
    Destroyer's End (DW kill , non Raid finder)
    The Explorer

    2nd 85- Dranei Male Shaman


    Noteworthy mounts:
    Amani Battle Bear (new one)
    Amani War Bear (old one)(RARE!)
    Raven Lord
    Drake of the North Wind ( Vortex Pinacle mount)
    Dark Phoenix
    Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher (Icc achieve mount)
    Mekgineer's Chopper
    Swift Alliance Steed (RARE!)
    Twilight Drake
    Tyreal's Charger ( account has a active prepaid Debit Card , so time will run out begining of next month)

    Noteworthy Titles:
    The Immortal (RARE and no longer obtainable)
    Twlight Vanquisher
    The Light of Dawn

    Both characters are very geared and have some very good titles/mounts so as you can imagine i want alot for it.

    BUT.... i don't i really just want to get WoW out of my system as soon as i can. the faster i sell this the easier it will be.

    however i will not go below a certain price which you will find out if you private message me or email me at trenthaley19@yahoo..... simply message me with a reasonable offer and i will tell you if it is within the price range i am looking for .

    I AM ONLY ACCEPTING WESTERN UNION PAYMENTS, only considering paypal if you are a extremely rep'd.

    In other Words Scammer's your not winning this battle, so don't even bother messaging me.

    i can provide photo id scan for the account.

    This account has never had 1 ban on it , It is 100% safe and i am NOT a scammer i simply just don't enjoy World of Warcraft as much as i used to and the game is only getting worse within my mind, so i hope i can sell this account soon to someone who still enjoys the game as much as i used to. 3500 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3317 3317 22 World of Warcraft 1333054336 Been playing since 2005,I am the OO and i am selling the account because me and my girl friend will be playing Star Wars from now on.
    There is roughly 19,500gold spread across the toons...All my characters are on the Illidan Server Horde.
    My account is signed up for the annual pass which means after one year, the account will receive Diablo 3 for free, I am 5 months into the offer. All characters also come with the Tyrael's Charger mount.
    My druid(resto) and Hunter are geared up to start doing the new raid, Dragon Soul. And my Mage is iLvl374 so he is like 2-4 pieces away from being able to do Dragon Soul.
    The characters on the account are:

    85 Druid - .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-60553.html
    85 Mage - .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-60559.html
    85 Hunter - .maskedarmory/anonymou...ile-60560.html
    85 Death Knight Tank
    85 Warlock
    85 Priest
    82 Paladin
    66 Warrior

    My Druid/DK/Mage/Hunter/Warlock all come with epic flying.
    There are so many unique items/mounts on most of my characters that i simply cant name them all, please refer to my number for questions.

    My DK/Lock and priest are all geared enough for running heroics and i am currently leveling a paladin which should be level 85 soon.
    As stated above, i am the original owner and i know the answer to the secret questions.
    A LOT of time has been put into this account and i am looking to get 300$ for the account but i am willing to negotiate the cost.
    If you have any questions about the account please contact me at 810-471-0286 ...Call or Text.
    If you are interested in the account, i prefer Western Union as payment(Or middleman service.), we can work something out over the phone, just give me a call.
    You will certainly enjoy the account, i know i have for the past 6 years, any questions, please dont hesitate to ask. Thank you. 3501 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3318 3318 20 Runescape 1333054341 Hello, I am selling a cb level 118 with the following stats: Attack: 91 Strength: 93 Defence: 80 Hitpoints: 90 Magic: 99 Hunter: 74 Summoning: 60 With other good stats too ! Has done all the good quests such as: Recipe for Disaster Desert Treasure Lunar Diplomacy Devious Minds Lost City Monkey Madness etc. I'm accepting Runescape Gold ONLY for this Account, reply on here or add my other in-game accounts: 'I Maul Daily'. -Many thanks -Sam 3502 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3319 3319 22 World of Warcraft 1333054405 Ret/holy paladin- holy spec is geared pvp ret is semi geared. prot and holy pve sets really good. 392.. 280% flying 2 525 proffs

    druid- 3/5 cata boomkin- 310% flying- engineering 525 2000 rbg chievo also has feral set full ruthless. ALSO has full resto set ALMOST full ruthless. Also has decent tank pve set at like 384

    Priest- disc pvp some vicious some ruthless like 1/5 cata. 393 good pve healing set lotta BIS. 280% flying 525jcing/525enchanting

    All toons have Destroyers end besides druid. Also have 85 shaman lock/ a second druid at lvl 84 lvl 81 dk mage lvl 70 rogue 70- lock at 85 almost full ruthless
    thats basically my account. What im asking for is the keys for the battlechest wotlk cata and u too do raf with me til i get 3 lvl 80s. Im the OO have had it since beginning of wotlk. serious buyers only
    Skype: umademecomeonskypewow 3503 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3320 3320 20 Runescape 1333054422 His stats are: 61 attack 99 str 1 def 85 mage 87 range 91 hp 65 crafting every other stat is around or under 40ish he has done monkey madness and lost city and all of the pure quests has 30m cash on the account looking for irl money not rsgp for payment aim-openxhead pm me here, post here, or get at me on aim thanks 3504 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3321 3321 22 World of Warcraft 1333054474 Selling WoW account with 85 Blood Elf Pally, 85 Goblin Rogue and 85 Blood Elf DK.

    All on the Runetotem Server. I haven't played this account since early last summer and am now just playing SWTOR.

    **Be advised I bought this account off spamsite 2 years ago and haven't had one issue**

    I have all the secret question/email info etc. and can give you the Cata game key if needed that I loaded myself.

    50.00 via Paypal and it's all yours.

    Just tired of WoW and moving on.

    Thanks 3505 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3322 3322 20 Runescape 1333054504 Selling a level 64 pm me in game name is: Stan darsh No membership on him, original owner and i have good feedback 3506 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3323 3323 22 World of Warcraft 1333054544 Selling my WoW account with 8 lvl 85s (Orc Hunter,Troll Shaman,Human Priest,Orc Dk,Orc Rogue,Orc Warrior,Gob Mage,Troll Druid) Hunter shaman and priest all of 370+ ilvl pvp gear, Sham and priest are 360+ pve and Hunter is 381 ilvl pve. other chars are in s10 vicious or bloodthirsty. there is about 20k gold spread between alliance and horde chars. if interested send me a message and ill provide armory links. I will only take Paypal verified and buyer pays middleman fee. 3507 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3324 3324 20 Runescape 1333054586 One lvl 49 with 50 att 53 str 51 rng 25 pray 1 def & One lvl 48 with 40 att 66 str 1 rng 1 pray 1 def Rs gold is fine or if willing to trade any other kinda pure is fine too(I gotta zerker too if interested) 3508 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3325 3325 22 World of Warcraft 1333054614 Yes u read right, selling a wow account with 8 lvl 85 chars, not all of them have good gear but the ones that do have exceptional gear that will allow you to do anything that is out now raid wise. my 3 main chars ( the most geared) are a Hunter, Priest, and a Shaman. Hunter has a 381 PvE iLvL and a 369 PvP iLvL. My priest has a 379 PvP iLvL and a 363 PvE iLvL. My shaman has a 378 PvP iLvL (with t2 wep and shield) and a 360 PvE iLvL.

    I have about 20k gold on the account spread between alliance and horde chars. the other lvl 85 chars are Rogue, Deathknight, Druid, Mage, warrior.

    The one main issue with the account is that it was recently hacked(i got everything back) and my Hunter does not have a main hand equipped on the armory and the account is not active to equip it. but if u are interested i will activate it to equip it to update the armory.

    Im looking for $400 for the account but i will negotiate a price. I only accept verified PayPal. Buyer will be paying the middleman service. If interested send a private message and ill give u armories. 3509 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3326 3326 20 Runescape 1333054668 services.runescape/m=adve...Arl+Re&submit= PM me for details. 32m cash. Looking for at least $70 3510 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3327 3327 22 World of Warcraft 1333054683 Hey all selling my account that has several characters on it with several gold and catalysm expansion on it, also has starcraft 2 on the battle.net account.. there is plenty of things on this account just contact me at samcooper45@hotmail (msn) if you are interested in buying it, thanks all <3 3511 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3328 3328 20 Runescape 1333054750 hello everyone, I am selling a cb lvl 87. you can look him up for stats (evil pker 56) he is currently f2p. he has a number of members items that are notable. had a problem selling them due to problems with my internet b4 members expired :/ so this is my way to sell them with account...lol he currently has d claws 17.3m d bow 202k ranger boots 17.6m fury 8.7m 27 black dhide sets around 430k and a bunch of other stuff thats not so notable that are there bunch of herbs and misc stuff like that. this account is a nice pjer...lol most items are from pking on here i pked claws. pked fury. there is random rune stuff frm pking. all kind of things. but i looked the items up on current ge prices. bank is worth around 50m give or take. but thats not to my concern just the main items i need to charge for. but most items are members.i may strip the rune items off but mayb not... i aint sure. ive already stripped gp. also has a bunch of holiday items. pumpkin mask ect skelly costume all kinda crap. but lets talk buisness.. i am selling the account with all mem items for 40m items and account, only because the problem that its not a member and u will have to make to enjoy the accounts pluses. no email registerd. but doess have recoverys but will be given to you during purchasing process. well thanks alot and send me a message on here and we can add eachother in game and go from there. thank you, -savage- 3512 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3329 3329 22 World of Warcraft 1333054753 Tons of time and effort poured into this account. 85s include all classes but hunter and rogue, which are lvl 66 and 71 respectively. So 10 characters total, 8 being 85 and geared with new raid content. Over 100k gold on the account. Please contact me with any questions or comments. Looking for around 1k for the whole thing, but am open to offers. 3513 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3330 3330 22 World of Warcraft 1333054823 I'm looking to sell my world of warcraft account. It has a level 85 paladin. Full tank and heal sets. 310 flying. Also has 4000 justice points. Also have level 85 goblin mage. Mage has epic flying. Account also has level 83 hunter, 65 death knight, 64 warlock, and 53 shaman. I'm looking to get $330 for the account. Send a private message if interested and I will send the armory links. 3514 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3331 3331 20 Runescape 1333054831 Hey everyone I am selling a level 129 Runescape account. I am the original owner and have all info. The account has only 40k on it and some items such as charms and dragon defender and also has 181 quest points. It also has 28 days of membership from today. I am looking for RS gold for payment mabye cash but the point of me selling it is to get RS gold. If you have a good offer for cash feel free to post your offers for RS gold or cash thanks. I will have some pictures of the account. You can call or text me at (214) 706-0649 or email me at Mdmiddleton1@yahoo when we do the trade. 3515 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3332 3332 22 World of Warcraft 1333054891 Im looking to sell my world of warcraft account. It has an 85 blood elf pally. My pally also has 4000 justice points and epic flying.
    It also has an 85 goblin mage with epic flying.
    I'm looking to get $300 for it. 3516 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3333 3333 20 Runescape 1333054912 hello, just letting you guys know that i am selling a level 111main and a level 82turmoil pure(88with summon). the level for the main is 85 attack 99strength 80defence 71range 70pray 73mage 91hp and almost all req for turmoil. the turmoil pure has 60 attack 80strength 32defence(lol) 76range 85prayer(has curses) 75mage and 73hp. i will take runescape gold or paypal, or maybe another pure/main, please text/call me at 907-903-5943. 3517 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3334 3334 22 World of Warcraft 1333054960 Want to sell 3 different wow accounts (2) cata enabled (1) wotlk enabled. Only payment source i accept is RIFT Gold/Plat. I am OO and have all information needed for each account, since i have no iTrader rep i will go first (Secret Question Answer/CD Keys will not be given out until i am paid). Game time has run out on all 3 accounts, (85mage/83warrior-Cata CE enabled)=600 Rift Plat. (80Priest-Cata enabled)=400 Rift Plat. (80Druid-Wotlk enabled)=300 Rift Plat. Inquires via PM. 3518 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3335 3335 20 Runescape 1333054995 Selling my runescape acc, level 86 members (just purchased another month pin) Noticable skills : Woodcutting - 99 Cooking - 99 fletching -99 firemaking - 99 hunter - 87 fishing - 81 Has done lunar deplomacy and dream mentor so can get lunar magicks has about 4mil and whip on it I'm looking for RSGP i am not going first so don't bother trying to scam me for pixel items because it's just sad. - Looking for RS gold because i'm switching to my combat acc and need cash. pm for my msn or more info. 3519 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3336 3336 22 World of Warcraft 1333055030 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Level 85 (Rogue) Alliance - Skywall
    Level 85 (Death Knight) Horde - Dalvengyr
    70 (Priest) Twinked / Alliance - Skywall
    44 (Mage) Horde - Dalvengyr
    42 (Paladin) Boa set/ DPS&Tank Wep / Alliance - Skywall
    36 (Priest) Full Boa Set / Horde - Dalvengyr
    33 (Hunter) (Druid) Both Alliance - Skywall
    32 (hunter) BOA bow Horde - Dalvengyr
    29 (Warrior) BOA Set/weps / Alliance - Skywall
    25 (Mage) Full BOA Set / Alliance - Skywall 3520 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3337 3337 20 Runescape 1333055076 Sell acc with a playerup.com. Incredibly rare, dropped in 2003. Looking for runescape gold. Looking for offer 3521 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3338 3338 22 World of Warcraft 1333055099 Hello, Ive been playing wow for over 6 years and its time to quit, and Im looking to sell my account.

    85 Hunter Worgen
    85 Druid night Elf
    85 Priest undead
    85 Warrior Orc
    85 Shaman Tauren
    85 Paladin Blood Elf
    85 Paladin Human
    85 Mage Human
    85 Warlock Undead
    81 Death Knight Blood Elf

    Has around 25k gold spread out on the toons, and the warrior has the most of it.

    525 JC
    525 Mining
    525 alchemy
    525 Herb
    525 Blacksmithing
    515 Leatherworking
    525 Incription
    525 enchant
    525 tailoring

    Gear is ilevel 346-378, all is very well geared, and alot of mats for professions

    Has Vial of the sands mount, and mechinal hog mount for warrior.

    All Epic gear.

    bid start out at 700 and buyout 1000

    prefer paypal, at your cost. Payment first, and unprivated number must be without middleman. 3522 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3339 3339 20 Runescape 1333055158 selling lvl 51 account with incredibly rare halloween playerup.com. looking for runescape gold. post offers 3523 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3340 3340 22 World of Warcraft 1333055170 Hi, I'd like to sell my WoW account + Gold.
    Current amount of gold : 216K Gold (Illidan)

    Characters on the account

    Blood Elf Death knight - 85
    Blood Elf Rogue - 55
    Blood Elf paladin - 56

    I'm willing to sell the gold + account together, or seperatly. PM me if your interested

    Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures 3524 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3341 3341 22 World of Warcraft 1333055239 I'm selling my account with 2 85s - a 352ilvl pvp hpal/pve ret pal and a 346ilvl lock. Lock and pally are on separate servers. Lock has ~35k gold + other assets, probably 40k total, as well as 525 JC/alch, blue drake, brewfest kodo, talbuks. Pally has 525 mining/chanting and red proto, KS, etc. PM for more details.
    Thanks! 3525 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3342 3342 20 Runescape 1333055241 Howdy everyone. I'm selling my ex-Prayer pure here. Not really sure if we're allowed to post images or anything. Didn't see anyone else doing so... But yeah. These are her stats: img690.imageshack.us/i/sem1.png/ if you can't see it. She is level 69 with 99 Prayer and 99 Dungeoneering. She has both trimmed and untrimmed versions of her cape from an old glitch. She has 39 Defence, so she can become a zerker ( I think. D: ) She has 141 Quest Points and Dragon Slayer done. And this is basically the best of what she has left: (PS, she has 137k now because I decided to do some tasks.) img683.imageshack.us/i/sem2l.png/ I am looking for only Rs cash. If anyone wants more screen shots, let me know. (Ps, the account has a three letter name. And no, it's not complete gibberish such as a5p.) 3526 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3343 3343 22 World of Warcraft 1333055309 Thanosmage .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25807.html
    Level 85 - Troll - Mage
    Item Level 356
    Justice Points 964
    Valor Points 560
    Honor Points 2076
    Achieve Points 6140
    Gold 53605
    Mounts : Rusted Proto Drake, Celestial Steed
    Companions : Argent Gruntling, Magical Crawdad, Onyxian Whelping, Perky Pug, Frosty, Core Hound Pup
    Profession : Tailoring 525, Engineering 525, Cooking 525, Fishing 525, First Aid 450
    Materials in bags : 16x Brilliant Inferno Ruby, 15x Veiled Demonseye, 4x Reckless Ember Topaz, 520x Volcanic Potion (26stacks), 71x Flask of the Draconic Mind, 31x Volatile Fire, 34x Volatile Earth, 341x Volatile Life, 3x Chaos Orb, 20x Hypnotic Dust, 4x Maelstrom Cyrstal, 8x Heavenly Shard
    PvP Gear : Vicious Gladiator's Silk Trousers, Vicious Gladiator's Silk Handguards
    Bind On Account Gear : Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak

    Thanostanker .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25810.html
    Level 85 - Human - Paladin
    Item Level 357
    Justice Points 1000
    Valor Points 120
    Honor Points 2048
    Achieve Points 4505
    Gold 5610
    Mounts : Black War Mammoth, Silver Riding Nether Drake, Sea Turtle, Celestial Steed
    Companions : Frosty, Baby Blizzard Bear, Core Hound Pup, Onyxian Whelping, Perky Pug
    Profession : Alchemy 525, Blacksmithing 522, Firstaid 525, Fishing 475, Cooking 459
    Materials in bags : 63x Azahara's Veil, 34x Whiptail, 17x Stormvine, 57x Heartblossom, 56x Twilight Jasmine, 3x Solid Ocean Sapphire, 6x Pyrium Bar, 1x Truegold, 7x Volatile Life, 14x Chaos Orb
    PvP Gear : Vicious Gladiator's Ornamented Gloves
    Other Gear : Soul Blade, Shroud of Cooperation

    Thanostaken .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25808.html
    Level 85 - Worgen - Rogue
    Item Level 340
    Justice Points 566
    Valor Points 770
    Honor Points 1525
    Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token 7
    Achieve Points 2830
    Gold 511
    Mounts : Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Celestial Steed
    Companions : Core Hound Pup, Frosty, Perky Pug
    Profession : Jewelcrafting 525 - Special Recipes : Elementium Guardian, Elementium Moebius Band, Ring of Warring Elements. Enchanting 525 - Special Recipes : Bracers - Mighty Intellect, Boots - Assassin's Step, Boots - Lavawalker, Bracers - Greater Critical Strike, Weapon - Landslide
    Materials in bags : 259* Hypnotic Dust (12stacks + 19individual), 26x Greater Celestial Essence, 1x Lesser Celestial Essence, 32x Heavenly Shard, 19x Jasper, 22x Zephyrite, 1x Hessonite, 19x Nightstone, 6x Skyflare Diamond
    Bind On Account Gear : Balanced Heartseeker, Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge, Charmed Ancient Bone Bow, Discerning Eye of the Beast

    Rowlfthedog .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25814.html
    Level 84 - Human - Deathknight
    Item Level 253
    Justice Points 173
    Honor Points 1341
    Achieve Points 2525
    Illustrious Jewelcrafter's Token 1
    Gold 1964
    Mounts : Grand Black War Mammoth, Celestial Steed
    Companions : Frosty, Perky Pug, Onyxian Whelping
    Profession : Herbalism 525, Mning 525
    Materials in bags : 405x Cinderbloom (20stacks + 5individual), 134x Volatile Life, 25x Pyrite Ore, 2x Chimera's Eye

    Kermitdafrog .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25811.html
    Level 80 - Dranei - Shaman
    Gold 253
    Bind On Account Gear : Polished Breastplate of Valor, Polished Spaulders of Valor, Bloodied Aracnite Reaper, Repurposed Lava Dredger, Charmed Ancient Bone Bow, 2x Swift Hand Of Justice

    Hotblonde .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25812.html
    Level 67 - Human - Priest
    Bind On Account Gear : Dignified Headmaster's Charge, Tattered Dreadmist Robes, Tattered Dreadmist Mantle

    Thanosherber .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-25813.html
    Level 52 - Worgen - Druid
    Gold 489
    Bind On Account Gear : Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders, Inherited Cape of the Black Baron, Stained Shadowcraft Tunic, Repurposed Lava Dredger, 2x Swift Hand of Justice

    Battle.net Account, Cataclysm Enabled, also have a Starcraft 2 account enabled which is linked to the Battle.net account. US account

    Contact info - PM me - i will then pass email info so we can speak further , please post here first so i know your for real and not some lame scammer. i have AIM / MSN / happy to talk over phone. 3527 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3344 3344 20 Runescape 1333055322 Selling this for 8M gp which I can use for my pure. The account status is green, and I'm willing to go first if you simply show the money here are the skills: PM me on here to buy, I will give all account details along with recovery answers 3528 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3345 3345 22 World of Warcraft 1333055377 Horde 85 pally and hunter and alliance 85 mage. Account is still active, looking for serious buyer via paypal.

    All 3 characters have 300 riding skill as well as a bunch of random profession materials in their bags worth several hundred gold at least. They also have a bunch of random crap in their banks that could be vendored for a decent amount.

    Male Hunter:
    Max skinning / 521 leatherworking
    Many mounts, talbuks, hippogryph, mammoth.
    900+ gold
    334 ilvl
    Dual spec
    Rak'shiri tamed (le white tiger)

    Male Pally:
    Max herbalism / 512 alchemy
    50+ mounts including green proto-drake, hippogryph, brewfest ram, mammoth, albino drake, bear, dalaran windrider
    Full holy, ret and prot sets (some gear better than others, ret set being the best).
    325 ilvl
    Dual spec

    Male Mage:
    490 tailoring / 466 enchanting
    Many mounts, talbuks, hippogryph, mammoth, bear, armored snowy gryphon, flying carpets
    550 gold
    322 ilvl
    Was working on getting green proto-drake, no luck but there are 8 companions that could be sold in his bags
    Dual spec

    53 Male druid (Horde)
    68 Male Hunter (Alliance)

    If interested PM me for more info or any questions, will take best reasonable offer. Thanks. 3529 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3346 3346 20 Runescape 1333055404 Hey everyone! I have this Runescape game account for sale . I worked at it a lot of time, i put some print screens with all the account items, it has more than 7bilion but there on picture the maximum is 2bilion it's best for both of us if i could sell the account by meeting in REAL LIFE if not , on-line payments are accepted , besides those pictures i have almost all the quests done, all quest items, no bank pin and i am the only owner of it,i deleted the recoveries and the e-mail so the trade can work fast , it is on green zone so you don't have to worry for that! For more details add me. It?s more safe if you can MEET ME REAL LIFE! Contact :claudiugeorge47@yahoo I DO NOT GO FIRST! Payments accepted by Paypal , Moneybookers or Western Union Print screens: imageshack.us/photo/my-images/43/thewealth.png/ imageshack.us/photo/my-images/851/prodi.png/ imageshack.us/photo/my-images/228/nooffen.png/ 3530 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3347 3347 22 World of Warcraft 1333055447 WTS US Wow Cata account!

    *85 Worgen DK:

    Profs: alch + alqu 525

    Gear 374 Tank + PVP full 4k Res

    *Dranei Mage 85

    Profs: inscripcion + tailoring 525

    Gear: 375 Arcane +20k DPS + 3500 Res

    Aditionals characters:

    -Rogue lvl 75 or adove
    -80 DK Nelf

    got mats + gold value on 20k

    Im leaving the game because i play wow for 6 years and its time to give up !!
    Also im taking CD-Key from Swtor + monts!!

    NOTE: im the only owner of this account, and i got all info: Secret Question, etc!
    Skype: nirgabrielbz
    Here the armory of both characters: 3531 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3348 3348 20 Runescape 1333055486 im selling 1 month account upgrades for 9m rsgp each msg me back or reply to purchase 3532 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3349 3349 22 World of Warcraft 1333055517 WTS US Wow Cata account!

    *85 Worgen DK:

    Profs: alch + alqu 525

    Gear 374 Tank + PVP full 4k Res

    *Dranei Mage 85

    Profs: inscripcion + tailoring 525

    Gear: 375 Arcane +20k DPS + 3500 Res

    Aditionals characters:

    -Rogue lvl 75 or adove
    -80 DK Nelf

    got mats + gold value on 20k

    Im leaving the game because i play wow for 6 years and its time to give up and start another one, i want to start Old republic, actually im taking offers or a CD key from Swotor! 3533 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3350 3350 20 Runescape 1333055567 Im selling 5 RS accounts through Ebay/Paypal. If you want to buy them, then you must bid/buy them of Ebay ONLY! This is becuase it is safe and no one can scam. This method I am doing is much safe then just sending money as a gift through paypal. When it is done through Ebay, you have a order number which you can use to dispute a payment if it goes wrong. You would have to be quite stupid to send a payment to some one out of randm and then they say they will send you the details. Here are the links to the accounts I am selling: cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...STRK:MESELX:IT cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...STRK:MESELX:IT cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...STRK:MESELX:IT cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...STRK:MESELX:IT cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...STRK:MESELX:IT cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...STRK:MESELX:IT If you have any questions then either: MSN ME: [email protected] Email me: [email protected] 3534 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3351 3351 22 World of Warcraft 1333055586 WTS WoW WOTLK Account

    Main: 73 undead Warrior
    Gear: Full merc glad pvp gear either all on toon or some in bank
    Spec: Currently prot for the wotlk dungeon content
    Flying mount: Yes
    Account status: No game time
    alts: A few (lowbies)

    Asking price range: 80 bucks or best offer (wont take less than 60)

    Contact me via pm if interested and if needed you can give me a call. Offer is 100% legit 3535 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3352 3352 20 Runescape 1333055650 Hey there, Up for sale is my runescape account. I recently made it a member to see what had changed and what it was like as i was a bit bored. I have now come to the conclusion that i have come to the end of my runescape days and no longer wish to play. I would like to give someone the opportunity to buy my account for a reasonable price. It has many items on it, with a total worth of 100m in assests and part cash. Account has Membership until 22 December 2011 15:42 UTC (whatever that is) Notable Items & Armour: Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Bandos Boots Fire Cape Dragon Platebody (sp) Dragon Platelegs (sp) Dragon Boots Beserker Ring Barrows Gloves (Recipe for Disaster) Legends Cape Amulet of Fury Veterans Cloak & Hood (account 5 years or older) Dragonfire Sheild 21M Cash 16064 Tokkul (fight pits) Crystal Sheild Rune Defender x3 Full Zamorak Book (Worth around 15M) Stats: Attack: 80 Stregnth: 75 Defence: 75 Range: 70 Prayer: 70 Magic: 74 Runecrafting: 40 Construction: 41 Constitution (hp): 78 Agility: 56 Herblore: 52 Theiving: 54 Crafting: 66 Fletching: 80 Slayer: 51 Hunter: 56 Mining: 55 Smithing: 57 Fishing: 64 Cooking: 80 Firemaking: 72 Woodcutting: 71 Farming: 42 Summoning: 37 Dung: 1 (lol) Total Level: 1497 Combat Level: 101 Quest Points: 185 No black marks on account. Clean as a whistle. Note: Desert Treasure has been completed Random Pictures of Account: s895.photobucket/albums/a...nt=rsstats.jpg s895.photobucket/albums/ac152/elliot_teh_emo/?action=view&current=rsstats.jpg#!oZZ2QQcurrentZZh ttp%3A%2F%2Fs895.photobucket%2Falbums%2Fac152% 2Felliot_teh_emo%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3Drs skillcape.jpg s895.photobucket/albums/ac152/elliot_teh_emo/?action=view&current=rsstats.jpg#!oZZ3QQcurrentZZh ttp%3A%2F%2Fs895.photobucket%2Falbums%2Fac152% 2Felliot_teh_emo%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3Drs quest.jpg s895.photobucket/albums/ac152/elliot_teh_emo/?action=view&current=rsstats.jpg#!oZZ4QQcurrentZZh ttp%3A%2F%2Fs895.photobucket%2Falbums%2Fac152% 2Felliot_teh_emo%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3Drs pic.jpg Any further questions please P.M Thanks 3536 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3353 3353 22 World of Warcraft 1333055656 .maskedarmory/wow-armo...ile-31266.html

    This shaman was a Wrathful Gladiator, and still has the drake to prove it!

    Also Arena Master!

    Geared for PVP now with a Tsunami Deck!

    Game time for another Month!

    Very good PVP account with gear and a Wrathful Drake! Can't beat it!


    Level 80 Ret Paladin (FULL WRATHFUL)

    Please PM me with Contact information/Offers. Willing to negotiate.

    I have access to the ID on the account, but it cannot be given out. If in the future you need an ID sent in just contact me and i'll handle it for you. 3537 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3354 3354 22 World of Warcraft 1333055726 The account has 3 Level 85's, all MAX flying %, etc. Mini Tyrael is Account-Bound so all toons have.

    Account Bound Pets:

    Level 85 Disc Priest - SPECTRAL TIGER, Enchanter/JC for min/max purposes. Only 356 ilvl but can be be raised with ease. This was my main toon for years so most of the titles/mounts are on this toon. 73 Mounts, 93 Companion
    Hand of A'dal, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Swift Zhevra, Volcanic Stone Drake, etc.
    Still has T6 for Transmog purposes.
    7640 achieve points

    Level 85 Mut Rogue - Inscription - ilvl 362 (Heroic T11) Rerolled this toon but lost interest in the game after a few weeks of getting back into raiding.

    Level 85 Hunter - Engineering/Mining - Has Lava Crossbow!

    Starting at $350USD Buyout $500. 3538 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3355 3355 20 Runescape 1333055731 Hey guys. I just started a Summoning Tank and am pouring all my money into him. Unforunately this means I need to sell my pure for RSGP in order to continue funding my tank. He's fully quested, all prayer books, formerly in Notorious PKers. No wealth really though as I took his money in order to fund my Sum Tank. My MSN is: Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures Hope you guys buy!! 3539 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3356 3356 22 World of Warcraft 1333055795 im willing to sell or trade my 85 hunter and 83 deathknight. either for a mage or for 150 paypal. send me a message on here for links. there not the best but they are still good.
    i will reply within minutes. 3540 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3357 3357 20 Runescape 1333055812 My accounts notable stats 88hunter 81fishing 91strength 75attack 45defence 52prayer 50runecrafting Most quests done has mith gloves aswell I am willing to trade this account for Runescape gold not real cash or an Intiate pure Proselyte pure Turmoil pure Rune pure regular pure or an account with alot of quests done and has Barrow Gloves. Email all offers at Red.j.ajayi@gmail 3541 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3358 3358 22 World of Warcraft 1333055864 Good day. Here are the deets:

    This character have 177 days played, and a lot of titles. Memorable titles are: Defender of a Shattered World, Kingslayer, Starcaller, Astral Walker, Bane of the Fallen King, Brewmaster, event titles and other cool titles you may or may not find interesting.

    Mounts: RaF rocket, Ironbound and Rusted Protodrake, Vitreous Stone Drake (Stonecore drop), Drake of the North Wind (Vortex Pinnacle drop), Rivendare's Deathcharger, Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher, Dark Phoenix, Grand Black War Mammoth, Sea Turtle, Turbo-Charged Flying Machine and other not so important mounts.

    This character has an equipped ilvl of 359 in Holy, which is top of the line gear to enter any guild you may want. If you can wield this paladin effectively, it will be a very viable tool in any raid team.

    This character has offspecs of Ret and Prot. Prot was always a WiP but Ret pulls about 20k dps sustained often.

    A lot more stuff too, vanity and more: Contact me on Scywar on aim for some more deets and pricing negotiation.

    A picture: img15.imageshack.us/img15/495...1211153158.jpg
    Paypal only. 3542 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3359 3359 20 Runescape 1333055894 Hey Guys, So I'm selling my almost finished turmoil pure. I've honestly given up. 95 pray is a lot slower than i thought. The acc has all the required skills for the turmoil quests, as well as a lot of them done. Has about 10 quests left, including temple at senntinet or w/e. The account has all the d bones (about 28k left). 28,000 * 6,400 = so about 180m in d bones. Acc stats: 96 Combat 75 atk 92 str 20 defence (will be 32 with turmoil) 83 hp 75 prayer (in process of 95) 71 range 92 magic 54 Summoning Has rune gloves, dt, mm, initiate quests done. Has full unholy book. The offers I'm looking for: If you want me to leave the bones on the account I'm looking for about 210m rsgp (aka 30m for the account). If you want me to take the bones off, ill sell it for 30m Also, the username is 3 letters which is pretty sick. Inbox me your offers and we can meet in game if im interested 3543 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3360 3360 22 World of Warcraft 1333055934 With work and school I just don't have time to play anymore. The account is active and in good standing. Collector's edition of Cataclysm and WoLK. The account will come with an authenticator and the (pristine condition) collector's boxes.

    Several level 85 characters and a host of 80s:

    Level 85 Warlock

    Level 85 Shaman

    Level 85 Death Knight

    Level 85 Priest

    Warlock is alliance side on Doomhammer. Shaman and Death Knight are Horde side on Turalyon and the priest is Horde side on Bladefist. All characters are available to transfer.

    Doomhammer also features level 80s of the following classes: Warrior, rogue, priest, and death knight. ALL professions are covered on Doomhammer to level 80 as well.

    All of the 85s have 310 (maximum) flying skill.

    The warlock has been my main character forever and has some quite nice (and rare) items:

    - Several trading card (TCG) items:
    Little white stallion bridle
    Party GRENADE
    Path of Cenarius
    Ogre Pinata
    Paper Flying Machine Kite

    - 135 pets. Many rare, trading card game, and now-unavailable pets including:
    Lil' Deathwing
    Lil' KT
    Pandaren Monk
    Spectral Tiger Cub (TCG)
    Tuskarr Kite (TCG)
    Rocket Chicken (TCG)
    Vampiric Batling (no-longer available)
    Spirit of Competition (no-longer available)

    - 108 mounts
    Mimiron's Head (super rare. great mount)
    Magic Rooster (TCG)
    X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME (TCG)
    X-51 Nether Rocket (TCG)
    Crimson Deathcharger
    Great Brewfest Kodo
    Swift Brewfest Ram
    Headless Horseman's Mount
    Grand Black War Mammoth
    Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
    Mekgineer's Chopper
    Rusted Proto-Drake
    Rivendare's Deathcharger
    Swift Zhevra (no-longer available)
    X-53 Touring Rocket

    - Thunderfury sword (very cool for a caster)
    - All shadowmourn vanity items
    - Bank full of vanity and sentimental items
    - 400k gold
    - Some rare recipes including Dirge's Kickin' Chimera Chops
    - A great many heirloom items, both alliance and horde side. This includes all cloaks and helms (helms only on doomhammer)

    Please contact me with any questions or if you'd like to negotiate a price. Thank you for taking a look. 3544 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3362 3362 22 World of Warcraft 1333056004 I'm just selling my WoW accounts because I got bored with it. It doesn't have anytime left of it or anything but you guys are welcomed to look at it on the armory. But there is a 76 mage and a level 60 something pally and a few level 40s. My mage has all the gear for level 80 so that won't be a problem. I have about 3k gold on there. They are all horde characters. And also it doesn't have Cata on the account.

    PM me for more information! 3546 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3363 3363 20 Runescape 1333056060 Selling all of my botting Authenticator Codes, as i have no use for them anymore. This Includes: AutoChopper NX 8 Dollars or 8mil AutoCooker NX 8 Dollars or 8Mil AutoFighter NX 12 Dollars or 12mil AutoBurner CS 8 Dollars or 8mil AutoThiever NX 12 dollars or 12mil kMINER 12 Dollars or 12mil All of these bots work very very well, Let me know which one(s) you want to buy, so i can sell them to you, after selling you these codes, i will delete it off my computer so that the code will never be able to be used by me again, and you will be the on in control. I am will to sell these for Runescape Gold Or cash. 3547 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3364 3364 22 World of Warcraft 1333056073 Great character. Great titles, Awesome mount!

    Non-scammer. I have a verified premier paypal account, ebay account, TrustWho Verified (if they still do Trustwho), and can be contacted over the phone or facebook. And of course all these methods of verification all match my name on the account.


    Price - $45
    Comes with 57 Priest + 66 Paladin

    Get in touch with me via email. deleted
    Or via text/call - deleted
    or simply send me a PM here! 3548 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3365 3365 20 Runescape 1333056143 I'm off to study abroad and can no longer play runescape so while in need of cash, I must sell my beloved account. My account has a combat level 136 and 2000+ total level. Notable stats include: 99 att 99 str 99 def 99 mage 99 pray 99 smith 99 fletchin 99 cooking 95 range 90 mining 89 herblore 88 slayer 85 summoning 84 crafting etc... Many random items collected throughout the few years I've played. Fire cape, Full elite void, 1000's of potions + extremes, hundreds of each charms, 5m+ Gp, gear to accommodate any style of fighting or skilling. 287/326 QP so you can still have some fun doing some quests. Great account to solo Tormented Demons, Barrows, God Wars, Corp beast. Very easy to make money fast. I'm looking for ~200$ payable through Paypal if possible. For more information, pictures, proof etc... PM me. Thank you. 3549 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3366 3366 22 World of Warcraft 1333056143 Up for sale today ive got a sick wow account. Its a Dwarf Female Pally with good gear.

    22k Gold
    Maxed bank slots with tons of encahnting stuff
    510 BS
    525 Mine
    525 Cooking
    525 First Aid
    9 Piece Vicious
    361 iLevel
    2 PC t10 Ret
    Almost All Epic Holy
    6+ Prot Epics
    19002's 19003's
    Exalted 22 Fractions
    10+ Ground Moutns
    5+ flying mounts
    Chogal Kill
    12/12 1/12h Raiding Guild

    30 Priest with every heirloom
    10 Hutner every heirloom and 5k G
    50 Shammy

    Has Starcraft 2 with TONS of achives
    Battle.net OO In my name

    $300 Western Union ( be careful to use Western Union, you are not protected.) or Money Gram
    Wouldnt leave my cell number if I was a scammer I had 25+ trades on . all legit

    Wilson.Bauer@gmail 3550 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3367 3367 22 World of Warcraft 1333056213 Hunter



    -I am the original owner of the account.

    -The Battle.net account also has a legitimate copy of SC2 on it.

    -The account was made around 6 years ago and has been in my sole possession ever since.

    -If you would like to buy this account I require that you use a Postal Money Order to pay me and that we are able to talk to each other on the phone.

    -Message me on here if you're interested and we'll take it from there. 3551 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3368 3368 20 Runescape 1333056224 getting rid of account tired of runescape looking for about 150$+ all items are worth a little something hit me up on aim:Cununuxd looking for serious buyers can pay me threw paypal 3552 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3369 3369 22 World of Warcraft 1333056281 Hey guys, Glad i found this website finally can sell my account due to life problems.

    Jobs: 85: Priest hunter
    80: Druid rogue

    Gear: Hunter's ILVL: 337
    Priest's ILVL: 326

    Rogue was all pvp, Was really kickass back when 80 was capped.
    Druid i just used for the professions

    Professions: Hunter Eng. Min.
    Priest Tail. ench.
    Rogue Alch. Herb
    Druid skinn. min.
    Not able to check out what level they are atm im sort of in a rush posting this.

    Not sure what the prices are going for nowa days so im accepting all offers.
    Accepting Western Union only not looking to get scammed.
    Any addition info needed/pics Just PM Me thanks! 3553 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3370 3370 20 Runescape 1333056306 Hello everyone, I am putting up for sale a Runescape account which I no longer use. The account is level 97 combat level and stats can be seen in the link below. i44.tinypic/2rrxcig.png There are close to no items on the account as I had given them away prior to this. However there is a fighter torso, fletching cape and assorted runes on the account + runecrafting sets and rune armors. The account was once a member but no longer has membership. Please feel free to contact me through PM or a reply to this thread to discuss anything and from there I will give you msn info. I am asking for $25 for the account but feel free to offer. *payment first* as I don't want to deal with people trying to scam or accusing me of scamming. Once payment is sent, email to the account and account info will be given. Thanks for your time. 3554 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3371 3371 22 World of Warcraft 1333056351 85 Worgen Male Warrior

    Professions : Mining Is 300ish, BlackSmithing is very low.

    Mounts : Epic Flying, Normal Epic ground mount.

    Titles : Twlight Vanquisher

    Gear : Full Tank Set.. 350ilvl (141k HP unbuffed) RAID READY!

    Currency : 500ish Valor, 700 Justice, 2k Gold.

    Factions : Exaulted with Windhammer, Revered with the rest.

    -= LOW LEVELS=-

    67 Human Male Paladin.
    40 Gnome Male Priest.
    16 Gnome Male Rogue.


    I am the original owner to this account. I can provide ID scan.. You buying this account is 100% Worry free from getting ninjad back.. Will not happen here.. Only reason I'm selling it is becasue i finnaly got my job back and no longer have time to play wow.

    So I'm asking $125.00.. Payment methods -WESTERN UNION- or Paypal Only if you are well repped.. Bottom Line!!

    This account is well worth the money, Never have to worry about it getting ninjad back, and you have a good place to start.. AKA RAID READY! I have already main tanked bosses in T11 content easily.

    So if you would like to know more about the account please PM me I will reply asap thanks for reading!!! 3555 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3372 3372 20 Runescape 1333056387 Selling a runescape lvl 82 account it has whip, some of the dragon armor and other cool things only 25$ paypal 3556 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3373 3373 22 World of Warcraft 1333056422 Hey guy's thanks for taking the time to read this... I'm selling the account just for the simple fact that I started up work again and no longer have any time to play.. When buying this account you can be confident in knowing It will not get ninja'd back.. I can provide ID scan, and whatever else you would need... Here is more info on this account...


    The account is in good standing with blizzard it has no infractions and never had any penalty's... Now moving on..

    85 Male Worgen Warrior (Raid Ready 354ilvl)
    -Professions- Mining 325, Blacksmithing 1.
    -Factions- Exaulted with everyone but Earthern Ring
    -Gear- Full Tank Set 149k Unbuffed
    -Currency- 4000/4000 Justice, 740 Valor, 1900 Gold
    -Epic Flying
    -Faction Mounts
    41 Male Gnome Priest
    17 Male Gnome Rogue

    Well with all that being said asking 185.00 For the account... Western Union, Or if you are repped I will accept Paypal.. PM me if you would like anymore info!!! 3557 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3374 3374 20 Runescape 1333056469 Hey, I'm looking to get rid of an old RuneScape account. It's nothing special, so I'm just trying to get it off my hands. It has about 6m worth of items, cash included. Paypal is accepted, please PM if you are interested in working out a deal! 3558 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3375 3375 22 World of Warcraft 1333056490 Original and only owner. I will provide a scan of my ID, secret question, and whatever other relevant account info is required. I will only accept Paypal (gift), Western Union or other safe transaction. is fine.

    Sale price is $700

    85 Blood Elf DK, 357 iLevel with Ashes of Alar. 525 engineer/mining.
    Level 85 Blood Elf Death Knight | WoW Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

    81 Blood Elf Paladin with The Big Love Rocket and Magic Rooster. Also has Thunderfury and Sulfuras. T1 set.
    Level 81 Blood Elf Paladin | WoW Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

    81 Gnome Mage with Magic Rooster.
    Level 81 Gnome Mage | WoW Armory Profiles | Masked Armory

    Lots of alts in the lvl 70 range.

    To Sum up Rare Mounts:

    - Ashes of Alar
    - The Big Love Rocket
    - Magic Rooster x2


    - Sulfuras

    PM me for my contact info if you have any questions. Thanks 3559 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3376 3376 20 Runescape 1333056552 hey i am selling a defence pure skiller 742 total 48 def 40 prayer 25 cb great starter pure with some great stats. 60 herb 43 mining 60 craft 50 smith 75 wc 50 fm 55 fish 50 cook 45 con 30 farm IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ADD ME IN GAME MY RSN IS -- Shroomz dub 3560 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3377 3377 22 World of Warcraft 1333056558 ***Asking price $500.00.***
    ***I am the OO of the account and well provide all necessary information along with ID scan.***
    ***Post here # contacting please.***
    ***Account is currently still active.***
    85 (h) Priest:
    Gold: 2446g
    Mounts: [Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher] [Black Drake] [Black War Bear] [Red Proto-Drake] [X-53 Touring Rocket] [Traveler's Tundra Mammoth] [Mechano-Hog] [All 6 Netherwing Drakes].... total of 47 mounts total, 375 riding skill.
    Titles: Arena Master,Blood Guard,Centurion,Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Defender of a Shattered World, First Sergeant,Grunt,Jenkins,Legionnaire,Scout,Senior Sergeant,Starcaller,Stone Guard,Twilight Vanquisher,of the Ashen Verdict,of the Nightfall,of the Shattered Sun,the Argent Champion,the Explorer,the Kingslayer,the Patient,the Undying
    Transmoger gear: Fully t6 with [Crystal Spire of Karabor] and full t5 with [Staff of Immaculate Recovery].
    PvP gear: Full Season 10 and 9 Elite (including t2 weapons)

    85 (h) Shaman
    85 (a) Death Knight
    71 (a) Druid
    70 (a) Warlock
    (Please keep in mind all characters are on the same server.)
    ***Contact email: bryan.alvarez3366@yahoo***
    ***AIM:shadowb1bryan@aim*** 3561 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3378 3378 22 World of Warcraft 1333056629 85 BE Male Disc Priest:
    - Fully Gemed/enchanted
    - X-53 Rocket Mount
    - Dual spec
    - Epic flying
    - Almost FULL RUTHLES! (Every main piece is ruthles, just rings or so are vicious but every week im getting conquest)
    - 2k Honor
    - 3.5k Justice
    - 4k gold

    85 Tauren Male Druid:
    - X-53 Rocket Mount
    - Azeroth Flying
    - Full vicious gear with some Ruthles
    - Dual spec

    Alts - 80 be male lock, 80 orc male hunter (full pvp gear), 80 undead female deathknight.

    I Am the Original Owner of account, all names match and can provide id scans. Please contact me if interested with price. Thanks 3562 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3379 3379 20 Runescape 1333056633 name: Jesus wz blk Att:88 str:99 range:87 mage:99 pray:70 def:75 hp:93 slay:75 Fishing:90 Wc:80 Summ:70 Quest:187 qp, b gloves, ancients, lunar. Key items: 25 brawling gloves; range, fishing, wc prayer, mage, cooking, smithing. WARNING!! NO money =/ Im not sure how much money, but offer and we can agree on something.(rsgp or USD) Prefered---->Im also looking for a pure, all pure quest done(addy gloves, dt, mm, and so on..) *** Skills*** Att:60 Str:80+ Range:90+ Mage:94+ Pray:52 *********Def:1 3563 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3380 3380 22 World of Warcraft 1333056698 Hey, i just bought this game last december to try it out, dont feel like playing it anymore tho. The account has Original world of warcraft, Burning Crusade's, Wrath of the Lich King and Catalysm.

    Not much for character's on it tho, level 48 Paladin horde, 20 something Warrior horde, 20 Something Warlock horde and some other low level characters. Has about a bit under 5k gold on server Bloodscalp US horde side.

    Im the original owned of this account and would like to sell it to someone who is trustworthy here. Taking paypal payment. Private message me and we can work out a price, i'll sell it abit cheaper then what i paid for the game's.

    I forgot to mention, The subscription for this account end's March 16 2011, so in about a week and a half. I'd like to try and sell it # then, i used a time card for the subscription. Anyway's i think this would be a good deal for someone who doesnt want to buy an expensive high leveled character but want's wow an all expansion's. Since i'll be selling it cheaper then what you would pay retail. PM me if intrested and we can talk. 3564 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3381 3381 20 Runescape 1333056715 Hi guys, I been playing for about 6-7 years on runescape and due to the fact that I already kind of maxed and gotten bored of this main, I'm going to sell my lvl 138 account. Although, I would love to trade for some other impressive account that I can continue playing. Like maybe a good lvl 3 skiller with a lot of skill capes. Now, I have been officially scammed 3 times, and it scares me deeply that this world is full or corrupted selfish people. I have gotten traumatized because I buy accounts, and all. So one, I accept paypal and when sending me money you will NOT have to send it to me in a gift. I made my mistake when I did that and couldn't dispute an transaction This account has 11 maxed skills. The account also has lots and lots of potions. And has 296 quest points, VERY close. The account's email is no longer registered so that I have no way to reach this account or try to hack it back. Thank you. You can contact me by emailing .bhxetard@aim or aiming me. 3565 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3382 3382 22 World of Warcraft 1333056768 Awesome WoW Account (Through Cata Expansion!)
    I am the original owner, will provide all CD Keys/Secret question answers upon sale.
    60k Gold
    8 85's (6 Raid Ready, 2 i395+, 1 Dragonwrath Wielder)
    All Toons are currently on a HIGH Pop. server Horde side (Unless otherwise stated)
    Account also includes many Archaeology BoA items and many pieces of BoA Leveling Gear.
    The priest has ONE WEEK of soul collecting to finish the legendary. AS A BONUS: I will leave the RP for you to watch.

    Please reply via PM.

    1) i395 (i392 Holy/Disc) Shadow Priest (Dragonwrath wielder)
    -BiS Heroic Firelands Gear, Some Heroic and Normal Dragonsoul Pieces (inc. 2pc 397 T13)
    *including: Tabard of the Lightbringer (200k value!)
    -Has the T12 Legendary (Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Wrath)
    -Almost fully Epic Gemmed, Fully BiS Enchanted Gear.
    -1/8H and 8/8N (T13) Dragonsoul Kills, 7/7H and 7/7N (T12) Firelands Kills (Including a Top10 World kill of Ragnaros HEROIC), 13/13H (T11) BoT/BWD/ToT4W, Light of Dawn, Bane of the Fallen King, Glory of the Cataclysm Raider, Glory of the Firelands Raider
    -Has 310 Flying
    -Many Achievements and titles including THE INSANE (Insane rep grinds, no pun intended! And FirelordVery rare!
    - Many Rare Mounts including:
    EPIC TCG MOUNT: SWIFT SPECTRAL TIGER (Worth 500k+ ), Corrupted Firehawk Mount (Firelands #), Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher (ICC10 #), Blue Drake (Malygos LOW Drop Rate), Drake of the East Wind (Glory of the Cata Raider), Headless Horseman's Mount (LOW Drop Rate from Halloween Event), Swift Brewfest Ram (LOW Drop rate from Brewfest event), Ultramarine Quiraji Battletank (RARE Archaeology Mount), Volcanic Stone Drake (Glory of The Cata Hero), Sea Turtle (VERY RARE Fishing catch!)
    -Many Rare Pets Including:
    Fossilized Hatchling (Rare Archaeology Drop), Frigid Frostling (RARE Ahune Drop, 1% Drop available one week a year), Mojo, Mr Chilly (NO LONGER AVAILABLE), Sinister Squashling (Rare Halloween Event Drop), Father Winter's Helper, Tiny Shale Spider (RARE PET, ONLY ONE PER REALM PER THREE DAYS)
    -Maxed Enchanting (With all Cata Recipes), Maxed Tailoring (With all Cata Recipes EXCEPT Dragonsoul Drops, but including Firelands Drops), Maxed Cooking, Maxed Archaeology
    -1900 Experienced in RBG's / ~i390 PvP Gear enchanted and gemmed!

    2) i395 Holy (i391 Ret) Paladin
    - Multiple HEROIC Dragonsoul Pieces, BiS HEROIC Firelands pieces.
    - Almost fully Epic Gemmed, Fully BiS Enchanted Gear
    - 5/8H (T13) Dragonsoul Kills, 7/7H (T12) Firelands Kills
    Including: Firelord, Destroyers End, Glory of the Firelands Raider, ULTRA RARE SINESTRA ACHIEVEMENT: I can't Hear You Over The Sound Of How Awesome I Am, Light of Dawn(T10), Bane of the Fallen King (T10)
    -Has 310 Flying
    -Corrupted Firehawk Mount
    - Sinister Squashling Pet, Mr. Chilly (NO LONGER IN GAME) pet
    -JewelCrating and Enchanting Proffession Bonuses , Maxed Cooking
    -Partially done with the Shadowmourne Quests and Valny'r Legendary Quests
    -~i390 PvP Gear enchanted and Gemmed.

    3) i387 Protection Warrior
    -Fully Gemmed and Enchanted
    - 12/12 (T11) BWD/BoT/ToT4W, 7/7N and 6/7H (T12) Firelands, 8/8N (T13) Dragonsoul
    -Includes Of the Four Winds title and Destroyer's End title.
    - Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting Proffession Bonuses, Maxed Cooking

    4) i382 Disc/Holy Priest
    -Multiple Heroic Firelands + Reg. Dragonsoul Pieces.
    - Fully Gemmed and Enchanted Gear
    - Enchanting and Jewelcrafting Proffession Bonuses
    - 7/7N and 5/7H (T12) Firelands, 4/8N (T13) Dragonsoul
    -Rare Pets/Mounts Include:
    Mr. Chilly (No longer in Game), Sinister Squashling, and The Amani Battle Bear mount

    5) i380 Warlock
    - Fully Gemmed and Enchanted
    - 7/7N and 3/7H (T12) Firelands
    -Enchanting and Tailoring Proffession Bonuses

    6) i374 Alliance Warlock
    - Fully Gemmed and Enchanted
    - Full ICC25H (T10) Transmog Set
    - 12/12 (T11) BWD/BoT/ToT4W, 6/7N (T12) Firelands
    Also Has WOTLK Achievements for ToGC10/25 Insanity, Yogg-0 (Alone in the Darkness), OS10/25 3 Drake, Heroic Ruby Sanctum (10 and 25m), the Kingslayer, and Algalon.
    - Includes RARE Raiding titles - the Light of Dawn, Bane of the Fallen King, The Astral Walker, The Kingslayer, Twilight Vanquisher, Of the Nightfall all completed at Level 80 during current content.
    -Rare Pets including:
    Mr. Chilly (No longer in Game), Sinister Squashling (Rare Halloween Pet), Toxic Wasteling (SUPER SUPER RARE V-Day Pet), Singing Sunflower
    -Has 310 Flying
    -Rare Mounts including:
    Black Drake (OS10 3 Drake), Black War Bear (For the alliance!), Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher (ICC10 #), Blue Drake Mount (Malygos), Headless Horseman's Mount, Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher (ICC25 #), Red Proto Drake (Glory of the Hero), SWIFT ALLIANCE STEED (ToGC10 Insanity, NO LONGER IN THE GAME), Twilight Drake (OS25 3 Drake), Sea Turtle (RARE fishing mount)

    7) Level 85 Alliance Mage

    8) Level 85 Alliance Druid
    -Has 310 Flying
    -Maxed Herbing and Mining (GREAT for farming)

    9) Level ~65 Horde Rogue

    10) Level ~65 Horde Druid 3566 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3383 3383 20 Runescape 1333056796 Selling my old runescape account from a few years back. I'd also be willing to trade for a another MMO account. PM for skills. I've got a bit of quests done, but this was years ago. I don't really know whats valuable these days. The account is combat lvl 86. Contact me for more info 3567 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3384 3384 22 World of Warcraft 1333056837 Hello,

    I'm interested in selling my world of warcraft account I've had for 6 years. I no longer have a desire to play the game and I would like to give my account a good home. I am the original owner of the account, so scammers, don't even try it.


    Level 85 Female Blood Elf Paladin on a High populated pvp server.
    310% epic flying
    Not much gold (sold all the gold, but gold is easy to farm now. I can average 1k-2k gold an hour)
    Professions: 525 mining/108 jewelcrafting
    Both ret and holy pvp sets.
    Currently in a level 16 guild.
    2437 Justice Points
    770 Valor Points
    2k conquest points (Enough to buy another epic pvp piece of your choice)
    1217 honor points



    Head - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Ornamented Headcover
    Neck - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Pendant of Meditation
    Shoulder - Vicious Gladiator's Ornamented Spaulders
    Cloak - Vicious Gladiator's Drape of Meditation
    Chest - Vicious Gladiator's Ornamented Chestguard
    Bracers - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Bracers of Meditation
    Gloves - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Scaled Gauntlets
    Belt - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Clasp of Meditation
    Legs - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Ornamented Legplates
    Feet - Vicious Gladiator's Greaves of Meditation
    Ring 1 - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Band of Cruelty
    Ring 2 - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Band of Dominance
    Trinket 1 - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity
    Trinket 2 - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Badge of Dominance
    Weapon - Vicious Gladiator's Gavel
    Shield - Vicious Gladiator's Barrier
    Relic - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Relic of Salvation


    Health - 117,925
    Mana - 77,592
    Spell power - 5574
    MP5 - 3328 out of combat / 2249 in combat
    Resilience - 3274
    All gear is enchanted and gemmed.
    Also have tier 11 gloves and some heroic pve gear.
    Also have 2 other spirit pvp trinkets for major mana regen.


    Head - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Scaled Helm
    Neck - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Choker of Accuracy
    Shoulder - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders
    Cloak - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Cloak of Prowess
    Chest - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Scaled Chestpiece
    Bracers - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Armplates of Proficiency
    Gloves - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Scaled Gauntlets
    Belt - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Girdle of Cruelty
    Legs - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Scaled Legguards
    Feet - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Warboots of Cruelty
    Ring 1 - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Signet of Accuracy
    Ring 2 - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Signet of Cruelty
    Trinket 1 - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity
    Trinket 2 - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Badge of Dominance
    Weapon - Vicious Gladiator's Decapitator
    Relic - Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Relic of Conquest


    Health - 116,357
    Mana - 25,002
    Strength - 4062
    Attack power - 8469
    Crit - +5.03%
    Hit - +5.00%
    Expertise - 19 (592 rating)
    Mastery - 9.67 (299 rating)
    Resilience - 3213
    All gear is enchanted and gemmed.
    Also have some heroic pve gear.


    $400 USD or best offer. I just added 30 days of play time to the account, so it's ready to go.

    Send me a PM if interested or leave your contact information here and I will contact you as soon as possible.


    Mastazion 3568 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3385 3385 20 Runescape 1333056878 Hey i am selling my level 25 defence pure / skiller account the account has no mony but afew items for skilling like hatchets logs ect ect. I dont know all the accounts skills off by hart but it has. 65 herb 65 fletch 75 wc 74 crafting 36 farming 48 def 31 hp 40 pray 42 mining 50 smith 50 fm 50 cook 55 fish 30 thieving. If you wont to find out more about the account please look it up the name is - shroomz dub. I am looking for runescape gold offers only as i am using my more now and i need the cash for 99 mage if you would like to make an offer add me in game - shrooms dub. 3569 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3386 3386 22 World of Warcraft 1333056909 Hey, im looking to get rid of my account since i dont care to play this game anymore.

    It has all the expansions: Regular wow, burning crusades, wrath of the lich king & cataclysm.

    My characters, all low levels since i hardly played this game:

    Characters: Realm Bloodscalp PVP US.
    34 warrior
    23 warlock
    55 paladin
    3 hunter
    13 druid
    22 mage
    1 rogue
    58 death knight
    1 shaman
    10 priest

    The horde characters have around 5k gold on them.

    Im the original owner of the account, also the account is still active on b.net.
    I bought a 60 day pre-paid gamecard a couple days ago. So its still active til
    Jan.03 2012.

    Have the cd-keys, account name an password ready for the buyer.
    Also if you want i can even give you the email account i used for this wow account since i only used it for this wow account and wont need it anymore.

    Im looking for a serious buyer only, im not here to scam or rip people off.
    I only have i think +1 or +2 feedback here, but you can check out my ebay accounts feedback where i have 100% positive feedback there.
    Looking for paypal payment only.

    And im thinking of $60.00 U.S. for it? i think thats a good cheap deal since it still has a couple months gametime on it. Well, if your intrested pm me and we can work out a deal. 3570 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3387 3387 22 World of Warcraft 1333056976 I have an 85 BE hunter for trade or sale (CHEAP FOR WHAT IS WORTH).

    titles: ambassador, cotfw, chef, jenkins, starcaller, twilight vanquisher, of senjin, of silveroon, of the ashen verdict, of the nightfall, the stral walker, explorer, kingslayer, patient and ALL seasonal titles, so violet proto drake.

    mounts: it has a LOT of mounts! ask on aim for more info.

    vanity: whratfull set, darkspear pride (transform you into a troll warrior), iron boot flask (transform you into a iron dwarf), orb of deception (transform you into a alliance player) and lots more ****!!

    525 JC, Engineering, fishing, cooking, first aid.

    8550 achievement points, dual speced and 310% speed.

    30 exalted reputations and 2300/3000 quests for the seeker title!!


    I AM LOOKING FOR MAINLY MAGES, ROGUES, PALADINS (PROT PREF), DRUIDS. you MUST have rare mounts and titles to contact me, maybe not as much as i do if you compence it with gear. i dont give a crap about achievement points, just mounts and titles and World PVP!!!!! If you have the rarest mounts its an instant trade if u have the classes above. (horde please) US.


    aim: deleted OR PM ME HERE!! OR POST AND I WILL CONTACT YA. 3571 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3388 3388 20 Runescape 1333056977 Most Important stats Total level:1255 Attack: 80 Strength: 94 Defence: 45 Hunter: 93 Hp: 86 This account has all zerker quests done. And all that good stuff. I am selling for Cash through paypal mainly unless u find a way to come up with some really good offer. I only reply to Email so Email me at red.j.ajayi@gmail 3572 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3389 3389 22 World of Warcraft 1333057045 Hey guys im selling or trading my account i have a 377 prot pally gs 9800+
    full amazing tank pve armor.

    Looking for priest if trading. Payment through paypal

    add me on skype. Simplydevin 3573 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3390 3390 20 Runescape 1333057058 HELLO!! Selling my level 108 account. Shes pretty beast, in my opinion :P. Attack: 80 Strength: 83 Defence: 85 Range: 80 Magic: 85 Prayer: 50 Constitution: 84 Summoning: 55 If you want to know other stats look her up on high scores. 99def 99 Yes i know why have that name when i dont have 99 defence? Well it was my goal lol. Theres not much in the bank, I do having Torso, Slayer helm, All defenders including dragon, Full RANGER Void, Book of Balance, Unholy Book, Holy Book. (all filled with pages) CHARMS Gold: 1890 Green: 316 Crimson: 163 Blue: 146 Abbysal: 14 Obsidian: 8 If your interested in buying this account please PM my pure SkippieDeath Thanks! 3574 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3391 3391 22 World of Warcraft 1333057120 Trading my OO account for 6 months gametime codes for swtor.

    Account has 4k mount speed, full fury set dps almost 11k gearscore, full 378-384 tank set and several 390-397 items.

    Simply looking for 6 months gametime codes for swtor, OR a equiv. swtor active account.

    Account is active atm.

    I have 100% feedback here and have been here for 3 yrs.

    GL and TY! 3575 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3392 3392 20 Runescape 1333057140 Selling a 109, 1876 Total level, Very high skills, two 99 skills ( woodcutting, coooking). Message me at Princejordan21@aol if interested. 13m Runescape Gold and it is yours! 3576 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3393 3393 22 World of Warcraft 1333057184 title says it all or ill sell the goblin at 200 with 2 alts 64 dk 56 warlock . all horde , he is decently geared and all things you want will be given over AIM or MSN or PM 3577 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3394 3394 20 Runescape 1333057222 I have played for a long time and its time to quit. I am not looking for much. I dont use it so i am looking to sell it. Its name is: Daddy Kushh Look it up. I dont know how to post picture of stats. it doesnt have any money but its stats are more than good enough to get you money quick and easy. It has Dragon Scimmy and Dragon Defender though. I dont have much time to stay and talk so your gana have to text me or message me on this site for more info. The payment will be done through paypal. and i will make sure the payment has gone through # i will give account. I have been scammed too many times #. Cell: 423-366-5388 3578 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3395 3395 22 World of Warcraft 1333057254 wts/t, pretty much full vicious pvp male orc rogue ona pvp server 200usd
    or will considor trading for an account of = gear just no healers!!
    will provide e-mail change, full name on account, password, secret Q and A , and cd key
    hit me up on msn..

    sitonit___@hotmail 3579 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3396 3396 20 Runescape 1333057304 hey, i'am selling my level 110 for rsgp, my account has 92 str 90 hp 88 att 86 def, and he has a tonn of charms but i havnt worked on summoning.. its a lvl 110, im taking rsgp offers but might settle for another account. message me with offers please, thanks. 3580 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3397 3397 22 World of Warcraft 1333057325 wanting to sell or trade this account, it is a special edition cata account has 3 level 85 toons

    heres armory :

    us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...perporn/simple + 10k gold

    i want eitha a nice geard elem shammy or rogue
    or offers 3581 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3398 3398 20 Runescape 1333057385 Hello I am selling/trading my level 110 combat main account. i am looking to get around 7mill for the account, but i am willing to nagotiate. I will use this money to start up my own pure. I think this is a fair price for a level 110 combat i willl give email reg and recoveryqeustions for another mill and if not then just canel the recoveries and ill help you with email cuz u need my help lol=) that account has no money on him but every single custume from the events and like frog suit all of them to lol looks pretty cool. Alirght i will also take a (F2P!) range 2h or pure strength atleast 40 att 75 str or above. you can take everything off the account if you would like. Just text me at 419-584-8073(Verizon) i dont care if u call me either just a reasoable time please. the stats to 110- Att- 89 Str-92 Def-87 Rng-82 Pra-55 Mag-77 Rc-66 Const-26 Dung-16 Hp-92 Ag-58 Herb-48 Thiev-60 Craft-67 Fletching-92 (400k/Hour) Slayer-72 Hunt-34 Mining-77 Smith-64 Fish-78 Cook-74 Fm-66 Wc-97 (200k/Hour) Farm-44 Summ-16 3582 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3399 3399 22 World of Warcraft 1333057394 Yola, looking to sell(preferably trade) my WoW account.
    I don't have any screenshots of the game, and wont have any.
    There are 3, 85's. and a few lower alts.
    85-Worgen Hunter, great gear 370ilvl ready for firelands.(no longer current since new patch)
    85-Dwarf Shaman, Decent gear, ready to heal/ele dps. 354 ilvl
    85-dranei Warrior, 350 ilvl(some 358pvp gear) Great tank, no problems with aggro.
    about 10k gold over-all, alt is a bank toon, not sure what's on her. All three 85's have epic flyer and drake mounts, hunter has 50+ mounts.
    Are on Dunemaul-US Realm.

    Looking to get 300-500$ USD, or will trade for a 95+ PWI account on Heaven's Tear
    Must have gear(TT or similar) with some cash.
    Pm me offers, we can talk more.
    Don't be shy, I'm reasonable. 3583 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3400 3400 22 World of Warcraft 1333057464 |MY dk is full ruthless and full firelands geared is perfect for any type of player i have all info cdkeys ect| |My LOCK IS ILEVEL 375 PVE with full firelands NO SHOULDERS| S/B is 200 O/W is 210. IL show pics show ingame show armories ect. 3584 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3401 3401 20 Runescape 1333057466 Ey Guys, Selling a lvl 111+9 Stats: Attack: 88 Strength: 99 Defence: 75 Range: 87 Magic: 99 Prayer: 70 Hitpoints: 93 Summoning: 70 Quest Points: 187 The acc has Barrow gloves and about 3m in items. PM if you're interested, looking for Rs Gold. 3585 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3402 3402 22 World of Warcraft 1333057533 Hello all, currently trying to sell my 85 blue machine Goblin Shaman. I am the OO of the account and there is about a half a month of gametime left on it.

    I'm asking for either $50 on paypal or a DCUO cd key(unused).

    PM me offers or AIM details.

    Thank you! 3586 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3403 3403 20 Runescape 1333057548 asking $120 I will somewhat negotiate on the price. Level 113 Runescape account. Total Gold on account: 21.3 Mil with an abyssal whip, dragon and rune defenders, helm on neitznot etc.. Stats: 90 attack 95 strength 83 defence 92 HP 83 ranged 92 mage 70 prayer 71 fletch total: 1437 i42.tinypic/2cyimfn.jpg i43.tinypic/20px83b.jpg i44.tinypic/2h34k7b.jpg i43.tinypic/2myb0qb.jpg Quest points: 144 (Desert treasure, roving elves, majority of recipe for disaster, monkey madness, legends, underground pass etc..) 3587 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3404 3404 22 World of Warcraft 1333057602 Selling or renting out my Diablo 3 beta, also has Star Craft 2 and basic Wow account. I can provide 100% proof, live chat, you can log in and check it out etc.

    PM for info and offers, looking for $200 for sale including CD keys and secret answer. If you just want to rent then we can discuss that.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I don't see a place to post other game accounts? 3588 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3405 3405 20 Runescape 1333057629 selling level 105+9 stats are ... 96 nerly 97 str 87 att 69 def 52 pray 99 mage 87 range 75 slayer 67 summon 91 hp 75 herby and alot of 60+ stats i am selling for runescape gold i am bored of being a main and i am starting up a level 3 skiller so i need the mony let me know i have no price in mind just offer runescape gold 3589 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3406 3406 22 World of Warcraft 1333057673 I am looking to sell or to trade my wow account.
    1st WoW account:
    85 BEAST geared holy/disc priest. (377 pve itemlvl)
    85 BEAST geared ele shaman (372 pve itemlvl)
    85 Warrior
    85 full ruthless lock (only pvp geared character
    85 Death Knight
    85 Druid
    85 Paladin
    (Pally has alot of rare mounts)
    (over 11k gold on this account)
    Second WoW account:
    85 full S10 mage

    1st WoW account has time, 2nd one doesn't

    I am looking for either a PVP account with more than 1 great PVP geared 85 character and time.

    Or, you can buy this account for $600 via paypal.
    PM me offers please 3590 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3407 3407 20 Runescape 1333057712 I'm currently selling a level 114 RS account. It was created around 03/04ish so it's a pretty old account. It is a veteran RSC account with full access to the veteran RSC worlds. This account doesn't, however, have all of the holiday rewards due to periods of inactivity. Everything in the bank picture below comes with the account and there is also 4 or 5 mil in the kingdom coffers. This account has never botted nor received any black marks or warnings. I am also the original owner of the account and it has 302 QPs. I'm asking for 150$. Bank: img705.imageshack.us/img705/51/accountbank.png Stats: Attack 85 Defence 86 Strength 86 Constitution 87 Ranged 75 Prayer 71 Magic 86 Cooking 99 Woodcutting 82 Fletching 79 Fishing 87 Firemaking 81 Crafting 71 Smithing 71 Mining 68 Herblore 70 Agility 64 Thieving 71 Slayer 72 Farming 63 Runecrafting 53 Hunter 61 Construction 73 Summoning 58 Dungeoneering 47 3591 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3408 3408 22 World of Warcraft 1333057741 have an 85 prot pally on draka server, he has very good gear and a few flying mounts. Search Fooba on battle.net to see his armor if this link doesnt work hes on draka server

    Also Open to EQ1 Trades. PM me or repley here 3592 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3409 3409 20 Runescape 1333057794 pm me here title says it all $100 3593 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3410 3410 22 World of Warcraft 1333057811 I've got a Cata account with a 74 and 63 priest. It also has starcraft 2. Contact me on aim if you're interested. 3594 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3411 3411 20 Runescape 1333057874 the Account has about 35m on it, 99 attack 99 strength 99 magic and 99 cooking. Not many quest points reqs done for lunar, not for dt. 88 woodcutting. Make an offer I'll see if i like it. look it up for further information--Scarzofw36 3595 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3412 3412 22 World of Warcraft 1333057881 Hi I have for sale my wow account that Ive been playing for a few years now.My first toon in a human mage,She is dual specced frost and arcane,comes with full pvp gear(3300 resilience)with t1 weapons.she comes with a whole bunch of pve titles including kingslayer,twilight vanquisher,and of the nightfall.The toon also has the 16k multi passenger mammoth mount,the multipassenger rocket mount,and turtle mount from fishing.she also has master riding making all your mounts 310% speed.her professions are 525/525 engineering and 525/525 enchanting.and last she has the 2.2k rating achieve from 5's.here is the toons armory:

    My second toon is an 85 dwarf priest.He is dual specced shadow and disc.He also comes in full pvp gear(3500 resilience) with his t1 weapons.and 310% mount speed.His professions are 525/525 herbalism and 525/525 inscription.he has the title champion of the frozen waste.Here is his armory: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=254603

    My final toon is an 85 Tauren holy pally he also comes in full pvp gear(3600 resilience) with his t1 weapons and 310% mount speed.His professions are 525/525 mining and 540/540 herbalism.here is his armory:.mywowarmory/profile.php?id=254606

    the account also has a 67 warrior,69 druid,and 64 shaman.

    this account is active till 6/29/2011

    I am only accepting personal payments, money orders,or paypal but If its through paypal you are not getting any vital account information till the money is in my bank account,you have to be verified,and we have to talk by phone.Price is $350 OBO or ill trade for a star wars galaxies elder jedi account+$250 obo.If you have any questions please send a PM. 3596 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3413 3413 22 World of Warcraft 1333057950 Hello i am trying to sale my lvl 80 ret pally has game time and cata expansion. The pally is on frostwolf has like no gold but has decent gear for you to start doing cata dungeons. I will give more details if needed just pm me or add me on my msn @ kidcudi-420@hotmail I am only asking for 50$ or any aion account with game time on it. Please no scammers or attempts to steal my account as i am OO and you would just be wasting your time. Here is the armory link us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...aptkush/simple 3597 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3414 3414 20 Runescape 1333057956 Hey there! After playing runescape for over 6 years, I have finally become bored of the game. Any ways, down to business I have a combat level of 120 with 153M, full void, and 150 quest points. Below are screenshots of all the stats, money, quest points, and gear. imageshack.us/photo/my-images/819/statskb.png/ imageshack.us/photo/my-images/233/gearb.png/ If you are interested in buying my account, have any questions, or simply require more information, please send me an e-mail via markwitecki@gmail I check my e-mail frequently. 3598 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3415 3415 22 World of Warcraft 1333058020 Druid

    account also has alot of BOA gear too
    can also give a list of mounts or meet in game
    MM is a Must so please no scammers also willing to look at ffxi or ffxiv trades 3599 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3416 3416 20 Runescape 1333058037 Been playing since 2001, just got bored with Runescape, any details send me a PM. 3600 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3417 3417 22 World of Warcraft 1333058090 Hi I have for sale my wow account that Ive been playing for a few years now.My first toon in a human mage,She is dual specced frost and arcane,comes with full pvp gear(3300 resilience)with t1 weapons.she comes with a whole bunch of pve titles including kingslayer,twilight vanquisher,and of the nightfall.The toon also has the 16k multi passenger mammoth mount,the multipassenger rocket mount,and turtle mount from fishing.she also has master riding making all your mounts 310% speed.her professions are 525/525 engineering and 525/525 enchanting.and last she has the 2.2k rating achieve from 5's.here is the toons armory:

    My second toon is an 85 dwarf priest.He is dual specced shadow and disc.He also comes in full pvp gear(3500 resilience) with his t1 weapons.and 310% mount speed.His professions are 525/525 herbalism and 525/525 inscription.he has the title champion of the frozen waste.Here is his armory: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=254603

    My final toon is an 85 Tauren holy pally he also comes in full pvp gear(3600 resilience) with his t1 weapons and 310% mount speed.His professions are 525/525 mining and 540/540 herbalism.here is his armory:.mywowarmory/profile.php?id=254606

    the account also has a 67 warrior,69 druid,and 64 shaman.

    this account is active till 6/29/2011

    I am only accepting personal payments, money orders,or paypal but If its through paypal you are not getting any vital account information till the money is in my bank account,you have to be verified,and we have to talk by phone.Price is $380 OBO or ill trade for a star wars galaxies elder jedi+cash.If you have any questions please send a PM 3601 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3418 3418 20 Runescape 1333058119 Selling For runescape cash or Runescape items only, no real money. that account has awesome stats and barrows gloves. has torso and fighter helm dragon defender aswell. i am currently lookiing for 40-60m cash or 80 items, if interested join clan chat dark bow i will show you account and stats etc. thanks. 3602 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3419 3419 22 World of Warcraft 1333058160 Looking to get into SW:ToR so I am looking to sell my WoW account or trade it for some SW:ToR goodness, meaning I will trade it for a registration code for SW:ToR

    Drenden - Lv 85 Goblin Shaman, Enchancement / Resto, Goblin Engineer, 310% Flight

    Drenden - Lv 85 Tauren Paladin, Max Jewelcrafting, Holy/Protection, lots of titles and mounts, including Loremaster.

    Hydraxis - Lv 80 Night Elf Druid, max Leatherworking for lv 80, 280% Flight

    Hydraxis - Lv 80 Night Elf Death Knight, Max Inscription for lv 80, lots of titles and Headless horemans mount.

    Asking $100, or will trade for a reg code for SW:ToR and maybe some credits to get started, please feel free to PM me for more details, suck as armory links and whatnot, thanks for looking. would prefer trade. 3603 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3420 3420 20 Runescape 1333058200 Selling my 130 rs acc/ 45m+ 99 attack 99 strength 99 constituition 95 deffence 95 cooking text me for info 561-370-5838 3604 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3421 3421 22 World of Warcraft 1333058228 I would like to sell my WoW-US account. I am the original owner of the account created 09/09/2006 and can provide any and all account information. These information was gathered on 10/22 2011 and my warlocks/ DKs ach pts and gear will probably go up in the next few weeks.

    My account info:
    On my account is 3 85s and 3 70 tiwnks as well as a 25_ mage and approx. 18k gold

    85 female undead warlock avg IL 378 FL ready, 6/7 FL Normal s10 Full Ruthless, PvP Set.

    85 Male Blood - Elf Rogue

    and 85 Female Orc Death Knight 373 Avg IL with 370 IL Blood/Tanking Gear Titles 10 Rare titles.

    All other information will be given if you send me an email stevenrickards@hotmail or add me up in live messenger so we can chat about the account and the price.

    again the email add is stevenrickards@hotmail

    This is an awesome account and I assure you that your money will be worthy for this account.

    Thanks for letting me use this forum. 3605 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3422 3422 20 Runescape 1333058281 Hello, im selling a runescape account with 99 attack and strength. I will accept payment via paypal only i will be selling it for $200 dollars but i will accept negioations. The only reason im selling this account is because i will be having a baby soon and would love some extra money to spend on my new child. 3606 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3423 3423 22 World of Warcraft 1333058299 I'm selling my best account:
    an 85 Kingslayer Shaman, 85 Paladin, 85 Druid, 40 Rogue and 27,000 gold.
    I am the original owner of the account and no one but me has logged into this account.

    Shaman Account Info: Shaman (Kingslayer) has a 6050 pve gearscore and she has a pvp set with 715 resillience.

    Sanctified Frost Witch's Faceguard 264
    Wodin's Lucky Necklace 264
    Sanctified Frost Witch's Shoulderguards 264
    Sanctified Frost Witch's Chestguard 277
    Blood-Drinker's Girdle 251
    Sanctified Frost Witch's War-Kilt 264
    Treads of the Wasteland 264
    Icecrown Rampart Bracers 264
    Sanctified Frost Witch's Grips 264
    Seal of Many Mouths 264
    Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance 277
    Herkuml War Token 264
    Shawl of Nerubian Silk 264
    Black Bruise 264
    Keleseth's Seducer 264
    Totem of the Avalanche 264

    *505 Jewelcrafting, 435 Known Recipes
    *488 Mining
    *450 Cooking, First Aid, and Fishing

    *54 Unique Mounts, including:
    Albino Drake, Travelor's Tundra Mammoth, Red/Bronze Drakes, AQ mounts, Sabers, Rams, Mechanostriders, Steeds, Elekks, Ice Mammoth, and more.

    *28 Pets, including:
    Argent Squire (with mount/bank/repair), Father Winter's Helper, Magical Crawdad, Mr. Chilly, Onyxian Whelpling, Peddlefeet, Plumb Turkey, Sinister Squashling, Tiny snowman, Winter Reindeer, Wolpertinger, and more.

    Other Items: Epic Fish pole, Black Love Dress, Romantic Picnic Basket, and more.


    Paladin has a 5350 pve gearscore and she has a tank set
    Full dps offset, and a full healing offset.
    Mining 518
    Blacksmithing 521
    Mounts: Black War Mammoth, Bronze Drake, Elekks, Gryphons, and more.
    Pets: Mr. Chilly, Onyxian Whelpling, Peddlefeet, Perky Pug, Spring Rabbit and more.


    Druid has a 4850 gearscore and she also has a pvp set with 430 resil.
    Resto main spec, and has full feral dps set and boomkin set.
    Enchanting 507
    Leatherworking 483
    Mounts: Great Brewfest Kodo, Swift Zhevra, Albino Drake, Epic bird flight form, Sabers and more.
    Pets: Baby Blizzard Bear, Curious Wolvar Pup, Onyxian Whelpling, Pint-sized Pink Pachyderm, Plump Turkey, Sinister Squashling, Wolpertinger, and more.


    There's 27,000g on the account, and several items to sell. They know a lot of ways to make gold with all the rare craftables they can do - in 7 days I made 27,000g EASY.

    If you are interested, please post or send me a PM and I will be happy to provide an armory and answer any questions. 3607 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3424 3424 20 Runescape 1333058365 This account has an arcane stream, various void items, many quest items and such. Korasi, red soul wars cape, and a few other nik-naks. Please Post offers of RSGP, and i'm looking for a good solid offer worthy of a level 131 account. The Account Name is Gannikex3 3608 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3425 3425 22 World of Warcraft 1333058367 Selling an account with alot of 80++ with good gears, with cool titles and achievements.
    I have level 85 druid, DK , warlock , warrior and paladin plus the alts are level 81 priest and level 83 rogue. Feel free to ask questions and I'll be glad to answer it via PMs or you can send me an email. 3609 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3426 3426 22 World of Warcraft 1333058437 Hey Guys,
    Here is what i have:

    85 Troll Resto Druid:

    360 ilvl, full PvP gear.
    Weekly conquest cap of 2k.
    Mech-Hog, Black Drake, RAF Rocket.
    525 Skinning.
    Starcaller, Explorer, and other random titles.

    85 Undead Warlock:

    35something ilvl, its over 350.
    Weekly conquest cap of 1.7k.
    Raf Rocket, 25 man OS Drake.
    525 Engineering with goggles.
    Has 2/5 vicious, with weps/wand, and more. Epic boe belt.
    Full relentless vanity set.
    Twilight Vanquisher title.

    70 Death Knight

    Full brutal gear with some guardian offpieces.
    Rest is all black temple/sunwell gear.
    Best in slot wep, (Apy the soul render).

    70 Resto/Ele Shammy (On a different account, same b.net, can double log)

    Full brutal/guardian offpieces.

    Im the original owner, have id scans/keys, all that stuff.

    Hit me up via PM,
    I will reply and we can exchange AIM/MSN/emails, etc.

    Cheers 3610 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3427 3427 20 Runescape 1333058444 account now has an extra 37M worth of items and GP. 7 x 99s. Ancient prayers. Quest points. Good gear. Charms. Runes. Most holiday items. LOOKING FOR QUICK SALE--PRICES AROUND $120-$150. PAYPAL ONLY. SCAMMERS, PLEASE LEAVE AS I WILL NOT *WILL NOT* BE GOING FIRST, AS THERE WILL BE NO WAY OF RECOVERING MY ACCOUNT AFTER TRANSFER. 3611 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3428 3428 22 World of Warcraft 1333058506 Hey, I'm wishing to sell another one of my old wow accounts that is basically just a nightelf resto druid in ilevel 358 restoration pvp gear. For more information please pm as well as for armory links pm me.

    I am only selling this wow account for $150

    Don't miss this steal! NO scammers welcome

    Thank you. Goodluck 3612 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3429 3429 20 Runescape 1333058526 Selling My level 135 account. Recently got hacked and only got a few mil on it. 99 PRAY RANGE MAGE STR ATT HP AND DEF worked hard on this account and working on my other account atm. 1920 TOTAL LEVEL AND 211 QUEST POINTS. GOT ANCIENT CURSES (turmoil etc) I am looking for around 300m cash or good items to put onto my other account. Screenies: img9.imageshack.us/img9/6591/110311204713m.png img9.imageshack.us/img9/3286/110311204925.png Thank you for viewing my thread. 3613 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3430 3430 22 World of Warcraft 1333058576 WoW Cata Account 2wks left on Time (Original Owner, Secret Code Etc)
    LvL 85 Paladin + 85 Death Knight x2 + 80 Priest

    Will take ANY Rift Account with at least 1 Month Gametime 3614 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3431 3431 20 Runescape 1333058607 im selling my level 135 for 50$ my paypal email is Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures after u pay youll get the account right away 3615 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3432 3432 22 World of Warcraft 1333058646 hey guys i havfe a lvl 85 pally and a lvl 85 druid with alts that i dont play im trying to get cata on my off acct
    so im looking to trade this one for somebody to buy me cata and a recusomization
    if intrested
    hit me up for aim

    thank you 3616 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3433 3433 20 Runescape 1333058690 Hello , I'm selling a lvl 138 account with total level 2411 , 105 dungeoneering .also got 300m +....has no bank pin , email or recovery`s . The rest you can see in pictures . Pictures : img37.imageshack.us/img37/9453/statsss.png img508.imageshack.us/img508/2...talvalueaa.png img845.imageshack.us/img845/1411/138ss.png img130.imageshack.us/img130/5816/nopinset.png Contact Y!M : merlinrere@yahoo Paypal : merlinrere@yahoo Price : 500 $ (USD) If you have any questions please contact me at email address, or we can chat on yahoo messenger when i`m online 3617 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3434 3434 22 World of Warcraft 1333058716 I want Collectors edition, or standard.

    I'd rather collectors.

    You can buy it with credit card if you don't have a card with you.

    Contact me for armory and information.

    Contact information is in my profile...

    PM me for what you want.

    I'll respond very quickly. 3618 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3435 3435 20 Runescape 1333058770 Have been playing Runescape over the past 8 years on and off, and the game has changed far to much for me, and i no longer take any joy from it, this coupled with my constantly decreasing spare time, means i rarely play at all, so decided to throw the towel in for good, i desperately need the extra cash. All i ask is you take good care of the account as i have. Anyway, no need for a life story: Original owner of the account, 0 blackmarks, never been muted or banned. combat level: 138 Total level: 2200+ Cash: 54mil+ Bank Worth: roughly 50mil on top of cash pile All skills 75+ All quests done as of Feburary 2011- 313QP's Chaotic Rapier AND Chaotic Kiteshield Completed ALL diaries up until Hard, also completed Falador, Varrock, Ardougne and Seers village Elite diaries completely. Has Turmoil&Overloads(around 1k doses in bank of overloads) around 5.5-6k extreme potions- mixture of all types 94 construction(can boost to 99) and a very nice house- roughly 60mil worth Like 600 crimson charms off off 99summoning 90+ Dungoeneering- 2 chaotic weapons, blast necklace, and all skill scrolls. Account is excellent for pk, pvm or boss hunting, and has no problem dispatching anything. Skills can be seen in attached picture, a few end numbers have been blocked out- security reasons for the account. My personal favorite- 99 Slayer. If you want to contact me, Please use my email: [email protected] for fastest replies- i do have MSN-same name, but if you add me make sure you let me know it's for the account, as i have a habit of ignoring random adds. Asking price is 250$, This may be #. I'm in GMT time zone, so i may be a bit late in replying to Americans, if i happen to be asleep at the time. As of this post, it comes with 10days membership left. 3619 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3436 3436 22 World of Warcraft 1333058785 Want to trade a lvl 76 rogue (whole account) for a 60 day game time card! pst for more info on account or if interested! 3620 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3437 3437 20 Runescape 1333058851 d b o w e d1 have a dbow and 50k stats: 32 att 36 str 5 deff 61 range 25 parayer 30 mage 50 hp 41 minning 38 wc 6 summoning. only 25 dollers for someone who dosnt want to start new. only accepting paypal. NOT GOING FIRST! 3621 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3438 3438 22 World of Warcraft 1333058855 Hello all!
    Well, i am fairly new to this website and hope to gain reputation quick.
    Right now i am trading my WoW account for a good Runescape account with high stats AND gold. It can also be a really good pure with gold.

    WoW account:My WoW account has an 85 priest and Warlock with IL 356+ pvp gear. It also has a lvl 81 mage 2 lvl 70 maxed out twinks (warrior and Feral) and a lvl 72 dk and lvl 72 pally.

    As for the RS account i would like either a really good main or a really good pure. I am not accepting skillers even if they are rich!

    As to who's going first in the trade... I might go first depending on your offer, we will decide this as we're talking.

    Note: If i feel like you are a scammer i will just simply report you on forums and move on.

    Contact details: Text or call (786) 271-6590. Or Pm me here with an offer and a skype name or Aim name.

    Thank you,
    Richard 3622 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3439 3439 22 World of Warcraft 1333058924 Trading my 85 worgen mage 370 ilvl pve arcane has epic flight with black drake has ambassador title. 85 belf pally 363 ret pve has epic flight with black drake and ironbound proto drake and some nice titles. the last 85 druid 330 pve feral needs work has epic flight form no titles. has alots with boa for plate tanks clothie boa and hunter/ehn shaman boa gear. all on same server.

    org owner of acct have all info needed for safe trade.

    im trading for the new skyrim for computer for my steam acct its 60 dollars for it also just put time on acct so looking for the mw3 on steam 60 dollars so 120 fair trade for acct if interested pm or aim me kingkracker666. no scammers plz and only want serious offers plz thanks 3623 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3440 3440 20 Runescape 1333058933 I have a video on youtube that covers everything here: .youtube/user/andyator55?feature=mhum Could I please ask you PM ON YOUTUBE please because Im new to this forum thing. Thankyou for looking 3624 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3441 3441 22 World of Warcraft 1333058993 hey guys i have a off acct that i dont play that often it is a 85 blood elf paladin and a 85 tauren druid both haave epic flight and duel spec with gold
    the paladin is 352 gear score has 7 purples rare trink drop and rare heroic purple neck drop
    druid isnt that geared but is heroic ready
    i also have a 75 worgen mage full brutal pvp has boa gear and flying mount
    i also have a 60 warrior fulll pvp
    and a 40 shadow priest that ive been lvling

    im looking to trade the acct for a large amount of gold for my main acct that i play on
    if you are intrested pm here and ill give you an aim or text me at 7026831910 3625 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3442 3442 20 Runescape 1333059014 nothing on it got scammed lost full dragon quiting has 2 mil on it here some pics 3626 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3443 3443 22 World of Warcraft 1333059063 Hello I am selling my lvl 85 hunter. He is a horde and on the server destromath. Also have a lvl 80 deathknight. The account has almost 2months of time on it and there is a total of 4550 gold between the characters. both have epic flying mounts. will provide armory links to serious buyers. PM me if interested. 3627 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3444 3444 20 Runescape 1333059096 he has 1.3b worth in items ever since free trade came back i got stuff from friends offer i want a maplestory account and a good one he also has 47.2m cash 3628 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3445 3445 22 World of Warcraft 1333059134 Tittle says it all guys! im trading my WoW account with 3 level 85s a Warrior main(357 iLevel), Warlock (357 iLevel) and a Hunter (345 iLevel).

    All 3 toons have maxed professions, with the Warlock 525 maxed skills in Skinning, Tailoring, Archeology, Fishing, First Aid, and Cooking. Warrior with only maxed Enchanting, and Inscription, and finaly the Hunter has maxed Mining, Engineering, and First-Aid.

    All 3 toons have epic flying, with some rare mounts and the Warlock and Warrior have master riding (410% mount speed).

    I'm lookinf for any level 50 rift account with decent gear. If you think you have what I'm looking for, just, post, shoot me a private message, send me an e-mail or nsm me at Jaketomlin@live

    thanks. 3629 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3446 3446 20 Runescape 1333059177 Selling a level 82 runescape account with 3 99s, Woodcutting,cooking and fletching. I no longer play runescape because i quit for wow /message me for pics and stuff 3630 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3447 3447 22 World of Warcraft 1333059205 he is around 340 ilvl mostly pvp gear with some other random blues thrown in
    has epic flyer
    a few months game time still on him

    im really looking for either selling it via paypal or trade for a decent rogue 85

    post here and pm me 3631 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3448 3448 20 Runescape 1333059259 Hey, I just want to get rid of him. Hes level 84, a F2P. His range is 78, his defence is 70, is HP is 74, his attack is 68, and his strength is 66. I would like to trade him for some Dead Frontier stuff, but I will also sell him, just make an offer. I dont know if its not allowed for my email adress to be here, but you can email me with offers at xXMoDDeRXx@gmail or just post. 3632 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3449 3449 22 World of Warcraft 1333059272 The only website to TRADE WoW accounts.

    If you are looking to trade your account for another account try AvatarTrader 3633 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3450 3450 20 Runescape 1333059341 Hey guys, new to this site so ill make this pretty short and quick got an ex member runescape account for sale, has 95 fletching which is the highest stat with a lot of other high level ones as well, if you want to know anything specific you can send me a PM so I dont have to go to personal on the thread, taking bids at the moment so throw me your best offer and we can see if we can make a deal, seeling it for super cheap. I've had it since 2006. 3634 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3451 3451 22 World of Warcraft 1333059344 Hey i have a WoW account that i dont use anymore and im trying to get rid of it for a Guild wars account.

    The account has 16k gold on it aswell so you can do w/e you want with it
    all i want is a Paid for guild wars account , Lvl and items dont matter ill probally end up making my own char. but its better chance ill take deal 3635 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3452 3452 22 World of Warcraft 1333059411 Hi I have a Wow account that comes with Starcraft 2. All the characters that I list are transferable. Also the account has about 3 weeks of game time left. I have a 85 worgen druid with 310% flying 525 mining/herbalism. A 85 blood elf warrior with 310% flying 525 herbalism/inscription. A 80 Human Paladin with reg flying and a 80 troll rogue with reg flying. I'm the original owner have the secret password and you can even have the email that goes with the account if you want or I can transfer it to yours. Like I said I will only be taking FULL TILT or POKERSTARS MONEY. $150.00 is what I'm looking for firm on the price but might budge a little if its on full tilt. If your interested shoot me message thanks. Also would be willing to do local cash trades if you live in the Northern Virginia area. 3636 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3453 3453 20 Runescape 1333059425 Sellng my lvl 91 account. 75 attack, 76 strength, 68 defense, 75 range, 44 pray, 56 mage, 76hp 99woodcutting, 91fletching, 80mining Selling for runescape gold. Clean bank. 3637 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3454 3454 22 World of Warcraft 1333059481 trading level 30 league of legends account for a wow account with atleast cata on it no levels required 3638 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3455 3455 20 Runescape 1333059507 Watch the video and make me an offer, Either message me on Youtube or my email only. .youtube/watch?v=n_mqUdxg1a0 ------------ Youtube/MrzerksHD Email: Zerks_at_war@yahoo Skype: MrZerks [Will not respond to replies or messages on this site] [Because im posting this on every selling RS Site] [Do not have time to check every single 1.] 3639 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3456 3456 22 World of Warcraft 1333059551 i have an 85 priest decent gear just dinged couple epic mounts looking for mage if trading. must be OO and will respond to message within 5 mins, thanks for looking 3640 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3457 3457 20 Runescape 1333059589 Name is Mattcandy3 12mil gold on it good for boxing and mage boxing I will sell it for Rs Gold only the amount of 20mil and i will not go first from past experience Kind regards and i wish to see it sold, if u want it pm me in game and ill show u the acc, also has 70 def for barrows if u do pm me take it into consideration that i i WILL NOT go first 3641 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3458 3458 22 World of Warcraft 1333059620 msg me here


    email: zollars412@gmail 3642 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3459 3459 20 Runescape 1333059670 im looking to get rid of my level 95 account, as i dont play on it as much, i am willing to sell the account for 15m runescape cash! account has done quests like: recipe for disaster, monkey madness, legends quest, has 72 mining! quality account tbh!75 attack, 80 strength, 70 defence, makes a good barrow pure! 3643 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3460 3460 22 World of Warcraft 1333059692 Trading this WoW account with WOTLK with 6 months playtime and a 73 tauren druid for a standard edition SWTOR CD key. PM or reply here. 3644 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3461 3461 20 Runescape 1333059752 As the title says, I am selling my staker that I no longer use for real money or runescape gold. If paying by money, I accept paypal only. 82 Attack 73 Strength 80 Defence 70 Range 80 Constitution 80 Dungeoneering (with rapier) 43 Prayer 1 Summoning 95 Combat level. I am looking for about $30 or 50M, although I can negotiate a fair price for this amazing staker. If you are interested, please e-mail me at markwitecki@gmail Here are some pictures of the account: imageshack.us/f/401/stakerstats.png/ imageshack.us/f/36/stakerlevel.png/ imageshack.us/f/11/stakerbank.png/ The account currently has 3 weeks of membership left. It expires: Jan 15th. 3645 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3462 3462 22 World of Warcraft 1333059759 Just as title says looking for gold on stormrage or 150 USD,

    DK is 384 Blood spec, 379 Frost. BS/Mining max

    Druid is 373 resto. LWing/Skinning max

    Mage is 384 Fire mage. Enchanting/Tailor max.

    I dont not have CD keys but i am the owner of the account, i have decent feed back on this site and i do not tend to mess that up. Pst with any questions or concerns and ill get back to you asap.

    Thanks Atechi 3646 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3463 3463 22 World of Warcraft 1333059828 I'm looking to sell or trade my male worgen rogue or/and my male gnome priest.

    ROGUE account:
    Single male worgen rogue on the server blackrock, he has 3/5 vicious with the vicious weapons and bloodthirsty offpieces and 2/5 of the set. He has 2k conquest points and isn't capped for this week. He has DMC Trinket the 321+ agility one. He also has a pve 359 dagger from bot.

    E-flying etc. Around 3k gold.
    No alts.

    PRIEST account:
    The priest is gnome male on the server zangamarsh and geared in shadow pvp gear with 5/5 vicious and bloodthirsty offpieces, he has epic flying also and around 2k gold on the account.
    It has 68 goblin dk (same server) and worgen warrior 75 in full brutal and he has the axe heirloom. This account has no gametime.

    For more info please message me on here for my email and aim etc.

    I am interested in trading for anything at the moment. And selling each account for 200$ usd. But we can negotiate the price.

    I'll be online all day for a few days. And I'll like to do the transaction through PAYPAL. 3647 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3464 3464 20 Runescape 1333059833 Hey Guys, I'm selling my level 95+6 Turm Pure. Stats are: Atk 76 Str 92 Def 32 Range 71 Mage 92 Prayer 95 Hp 83 Has all quests done, rune gloves, prossy, dt, mm, turmoil obviously. It has a 60m bank atm, but if you dont want to add 60m onto your offer ill just take the bank off. Inbox or reply your offers. I'm looking for legit offers guys...put 260m into this account. Probably wont get all that back but thats cool. 3648 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3465 3465 22 World of Warcraft 1333059897 80$ acc has a decent nelf priest on darkspear a troll rouge on dragonblight a 81 hunter on darkspear and much more all toons decent with gold and such. also willing to trade for steam/orgin games or other game accounts just offer me. have id and everything.
    281 608 3447 or garrett.odell2 for skype 3649 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3466 3466 20 Runescape 1333059916 greetings,, I have my level 96 runescape account which has great stats and includes dragon boots skirt abby whip dharoks armour and mystic skimmys dds's but is currently a non member...it has many other items..and i am looking for good offers of gold for this account... please leave a comment with your offer... for safe trade will be Through SKYPE -Talk chat- Character name for stats-Harddevil94 3650 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3467 3467 22 World of Warcraft 1333059968 Will be brief. Original owner of the account, can provide SQA, all CD-Keys back from classic up to Cataclysm and a photo of my ID card, if the sale goes through. I preffer Bank Transfer or WU in case you have problems with Bank Transfer. Will link full item on chardev.org or armory but will require you to PM me first and have a chat/call.

    Character 1: 85 Undead Mage on Emeriss EU server. 353 item level with PvE gear, 362 item level with PvP gear. Enchanting and Tailoring at max level. Character has 2300 Valor Points and 2100 Conquest Points.
    Mounts: Blue Proto-Drake, Volcanic Stone Drake, Magnificient Flying Carpet, Bronze Drake, Swift Red Wind Rider, Great Brewfest Kodo, Swift Hawkstrider, Purple Skeletal Horse, PvP Mounts - Alterac Wolf, Black Wolf, Black Raptor.
    Titles: First Sergeant, Twilight Vanquisher, Hand of A'dal, The Patient.

    Character 2: 85 Undead Death Knight on Emeriss EU server. Alt. 346 item level. Herbalism and Inscription at max level.
    Mounts: Bronze Drake and Death Knight mounts. Has epic flying.
    Titles: Champion of The Frozen Wastes, The Patient.

    Character 3: 80 Blood Elf Paladin on Emeriss EU server. Alt. Has epic flying and mining/engineering at 190~ skill both.

    Character 4: 72 Orc Warrior on Emeriss EU server. Alt. Has epic flying and mining/blacksmithing at 370~ skill. Has heilroom items too.

    Character 5: 70 Night Elf Druid on Emeriss EU server. Alt. Has herbalism/alchemy on 350~ skill.

    Character 6: 49 Undead Warlock on Emeriss EU server. Alt - banker. Has guild bank with 4 Slots and some old mats.

    Total gold across all accounts is 15.000 and materials for another 25.000 at least (has 2 darkmoon trinkets - Hurricane and Earthquake and enchanting/herbalism materials. The mage is exceptionally geared and is ready even for heroic raiding as well as top arena playtime if you got the skills. Death Knight can be used for normal raiding. Other alts except of the Paladin have their professions levelled to coresponding to their level. Contact me with a PM to exchange skype. I will require you to call me so please have some decent english 3651 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3468 3468 20 Runescape 1333059997 All, selling a level 97 with playerup.com and over 94 mage. I would like cash or might possibly trade for RSGP. This account also has a massive friends list from all my days of merchanting so if that's what you fancy doing it will be awesome for that. Last May i sold all of my cash, over 3B through this site. I will send the password after payment. FYI i sold the gold to Maidak and i think King2009! 3652 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3469 3469 22 World of Warcraft 1333060038 I'm new to the site but not new to trying to sell my account. I have been trying the past few weeks but have gotten nowhere except almost being scammed. I'm not stupid nor gullible. So please, save us both time and don't try to scam me! Now that that's out of the way, here's the account.

    Horde 3-4k Gold between all Characters
    85 Tauren Holy/Prot Paladin - Full PvP holy set, mostly bloodthirsty with vicious weapon, shield, gloves, shoulders, and legs. Prot off spec with almost 346 in every slot.

    80 Undead Shadow Priest - Not entirely sure gear wise, just some relentless PvP and some PvE gear from heroics.

    45 Goblin Warlock - BoA gear

    49 Goblin Hunter - BoA gear

    No Account Marks
    Have Secret Question Answer
    Looking for about 250$
    Willing to Compromise
    Serious offers only, PM me for AIM, Phone #, More Info, etc. 3653 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3470 3470 20 Runescape 1333060079 Attack: 72 Constitution: 80 Mining : 73 Strength: 73 Agility : 56 Smithing : 62 Deffence: 75 Herblore : 44 Fishing : 67 Range: 85 Theiving : 55 Cooking : 72 Prayer: 61 Crafting : 58 Firemaking : 63 Magic: 70 Fletching : 75 Woodcutting : 82 Runecrafting: 33 Slayer : 49 Farming : 32 Construction: 61 Hunting : 17 Summoning : 46 Dungeoneering: 11 account has 13,000,000gp. Also has chompy bird hunting hats (450 kills) barrow gloves, 193 quest points, 1471 total level. Also comes with 3 months membership (depending on when the account is purchased) and the equivelant loyalty points for each running month. If you are interested in any screen shots of the account please email, and i will reply to your email. Cash only, best price wins. contact me on email : [email protected] 3654 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3471 3471 22 World of Warcraft 1333060105 -ilvl 364 priest full epics and 280 flying- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...fuldæd/simple

    -ilvl 361 rogue full epics master flying- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ozomoto/simple

    -ilvl 354 druid 280 flying- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...áppens/simple

    -ilvl 346 mage 280 flying- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...áppens/simple

    -ilvl 337 paladin 280 flying- us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...emonico/simple

    comes with 20k gold

    If you want more information (titles/achievements/mounts) reply with question 3655 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3472 3472 20 Runescape 1333060161 Selling a level 132, great levels, including; 99 attack, 99 defence, 99 con, 99 range, 99 mage, 99 hunter, 99 cooking, 96 strength 97 fletch, 94 wc etc. At the moment the account has 17.5M CASH and lots of items ! The account has a fair few charms on it aswell for summoning. ALSO, has an elite clue scroll on the account, which is gauranteed good loot, into the Millions of GP as a reward ! Up to 100M. You can contact me via email: [email protected] or on forum ! Looking for a quick sale within the next few days ! SCAMMERS PLEASE TURN AWAY. AS I WILL NOT BEING GOING FIRST-- ACCEPT PAYPAL ONLY. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN FOR AN ACCOUNT OF THIS LEVEL ! ! 3656 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3473 3473 20 Runescape 1333060243 sats are 99 str 91 attk quested 52 def gloves venge 93 hp and all that. lookin for runescape cash. no revoies or e mail set text me or pm with offer 4195663022 3657 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3474 3474 20 Runescape 1333060325 Selling lv 119(Free)127(member) account with 12 stats 99 for 140 dollar only~~ ./offer/...er-o-60697020/ 12 stats 99,including runecrafting,msg me pls... 3658 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3475 3475 20 Runescape 1333060406 Took me about 3 weeks in all to finish this pure, was originally going to stop at 85 range + 85 magic but hey (has 83 range and 83 magic) - Not accepting other accounts - RSGP - 50M (doesn't seem worth it to me but apparently $1 = 1M) - PayPal only - wanting atleast $50 ------------------------------------------------------------ Bank is worth around 500k, has all god books filled except zaros Desert treasure completed, recipe for disaster for pures completed (addy gloves) No recoveries on the account - will prove to the buyer # sending payment img38.imageshack.us/i/pic1se.png/ - STATS img513.imageshack.us/i/pic2ff.png/ - ADDY GLOVES + FIRE CAPE img148.imageshack.us/i/pic3sq.png/ - GOD BOOKS img831.imageshack.us/i/pic4p.png/ - QUESTS You can contact me via MSN or FACEBOOK callumornyik@live facebook/callumornyik 3659 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3476 3476 20 Runescape 1333060489 I'm selling this account for ingame cash, about 10-20M in pure solid gold. Send an email to deleted if you're interested; the way this would be done is you would transfer half of the gold to my main first, I would give you the pass and all that good stuff to the account, and you would give me the remaining half of the gold. We can have a middleman if you so choose, and the account has no transferable cash on it. 3660 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3477 3477 20 Runescape 1333060571 Has pretty good stats around the board. Not much cash, but has a godsword. Lots of quests done and lots of random items in the bank. Send a pm for more info/pics. Looking for cash only, not rsgp or any other game stuff, preferrably paypal. Serious offers only. 3661 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3478 3478 20 Runescape 1333060651 well iam selling my lvl 106 runescape acc so i want 70$ obo 3662 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3479 3479 20 Runescape 1333060733 Hi, I'm selling lvl 112 Acc 99 range, 99 hunt!!! i'm looking for YPP poes only!!!! Any offers!! 3663 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3480 3480 20 Runescape 1333060815 Selling my level 112 account that also has 127,000,000 GP Looking for $100 dollars, Western Union only. Two 99s: Cooking and Fletching Selling for $100 or closest offer Western Union Only Post offers here or send PM 3664 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3481 3481 20 Runescape 1333060896 im selling acc stats are atk:98 str:99 def:99 HP:99 range:84 mage:90 hunter:99 Construction:99 PM me if you are interested i dont go first and i am looking for rsgp!!! 3665 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3482 3482 20 Runescape 1333060978 Hi , Im here today to sell my LvL 122 main. Recently I quit rs with no intentions on playing again. I am looking to trade the account for USD. I am the Original Owner of this account of this 4+ Year old account. I have all desirable information written down and will be giving it to the buyer. Official MM will be used, at buyers Expense. The Account doesnt have much gold value and items besides Fire Cape, Fighter Torso and Dragon defenders. The reason being is because i had a huge drop party for my friends when i quit. Therefore most of the accounts value will be based upon the skills and questpoints i have accumilated over years of work. The account is fairly high leveled with 230+ Quest points, making money shouldn't be very hard. Skills are as followed: 93 Attack 99 Strength 85 Defence 95 Constitution 83 Ranged 71 Prayer 98 Magic 99 Cooking 66 Woodcutting 99 Fletching 72 Fishing 74 Firemaking 70 Crafting 67 Smithing 68 Mining 65 Herblore 57 Agility 60 Thieving 75 Slayer 53 Farming 57 Runecrafting 61 Hunter 67 Construction 54 Summoning 47 Dungeoneering I Will accept Paypal Payment, I dont have a determined price im looking for so anyone whos interested just throw down a offer, I'll happily negotiate and reach a reasonable price with anyone interested. Pm or post in this thread with any questions or interests. Thanks and Have a nice day 3666 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3483 3483 20 Runescape 1333061060 My name is iteabag hard Im switching to my pure account and i want to sell my main for RSGP. Please PM me your offer along with your AIM or SKYPE name. Thank you 3667 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3484 3484 20 Runescape 1333061144 heyy im trying to sell my account on runescape for a bit of cash its got 9, 99's and 95 rc and fm, with fm banked for 99. it has about 17 mil in cash and 60-70 mil in items ! any one interested please state your price or contact me at chadwickr94@gmail 3668 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3485 3485 20 Runescape 1333061226 Maxed. 92 Range (60k till 93) 94 mage 96 fishing 90 slayer 75 prayer fire cape torso 276 QP ( W/ While Guthix Sleeps) Has no GP. Has about 18 days of memb left as of today. offer to my email argenis78@yahoo 3669 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3486 3486 20 Runescape 1333061307 99 Attack, Strength, Defense, Hit points 94 Mage 92 Range (60k till 93) 90 Slayer 96 Fishing 75 Prayer Has no GP at all, has torso, fire cape, 2 dragon defenders and also 276 Quest Points with WGS quest done. I'm looking for 60m RS GP. Will not go lower. If you're interested please send me a message, i reply quicker to those. If you decide to post a reply to this i may take a while to respond, that's why i prefer a private message I'll respond in less than 24 hours. 3670 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3487 3487 20 Runescape 1333061389 Notable Stats: 99 Strength 99 Defence 99 Attack 99 Fishing 90 Slayer (147k till 91) 92 Range (50k till 93) 94 Magic 75 Prayer 5 Dung Has 276 Quest Points, with While Guthix Sleep finished. Have not done Temple of Sennisten or w/e it's called. Has Torso, Fire cape and (2) Dragon defender. I'm bored of playing this game. I just want to PvP, so I'm moving on to my Zerk account, but of course i need cash to pk on it, so I'm selling my main for some cash. I'm looking for around 80m RS GP, if you're willing to pay more, I won't deny you ha So send me a PM for details if you're interested. 3671 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3488 3488 20 Runescape 1333061471 99 att/str/def/hp 92 range (60k from 93) 94 mage 90 slayer 96 fishing 75 prayer Has fire cape, fighter torso.. AND 276 QP.. with WGS quest done. Has no GP in it. I'm looking for RuneScape gold. Please post your offer, or message me it. I'll reply ASAP. 3672 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3489 3489 20 Runescape 1333061553 Hello all, I'm looking to sell my Runescape account. I am the original owner. Here is a picture showing you some of the main information you need. Uploaded with ImageShack.us My account is around 10 years old. It has played in classic. The amount of cash represents a majority of the cash on the account. It has some other misc. items that may bring it up to 90-100m. It shouldn't be too hard to make money on the account, considering you can farm whips. I'm looking to sell the account because I don't play it anymore. I can use some cash for other purposes/games. I'm not interested in going first. I can provide proof from another site showing I've dealt with the trade/purchase of items #. If an mm is requested, you will need to pay any fees associated with it. If you have any other questions/wish to see the account in game, let me know. Send me a PM or post in the forums. Thanks for reading everyone. S/B: $100 C/O: ? B/O: $300 3673 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3490 3490 20 Runescape 1333061635 --ACC PRICE IS 95 EUROS ITS LIKE -137 USA DOLLARS and thats nothing! for a lvl 135 acc (126 p2p) with amazing stats! been ranked 9 att! with 135m att experience! 8 most important skills 99! att 99 str 99 def 99 hp 99 range 99 mage 99 pray 99 SLAYER 99! slayer is very good for money and cape looks hot. max melees with range mage for pking and prayer for turmoil! acc has 210qp total 2010! heres pic of the account Uploaded with ImageShack.us paypal and moneybookers are good trade methods or the buyer is from finland you can come meet me in capital helsinki face to face to do trade - ---PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO TALK WITH ME FAST MAIL TO ME OR COME TO MESSENGER! EMAIL pokerix@hotmail msn pokerix@hotmail ask me anything if i forgot to say something in this topic 3674 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3491 3491 20 Runescape 1333061716 Selling lvl 136 i am the original owner total skills are 2115 all but 3 quest done plus 10m has 94 mining 99 cooking 99 st 99 def 99 hp 99 att 95 prayer 95 mage also in the green zone no marks if interested pm me on here 3675 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3492 3492 20 Runescape 1333061798 tired of playing on my main, looking to make a zerker turmoil pure. I was wanting RSGP for it, but if someone offers me a zerker with a good amount of wealth then I'll consider. Email me at Will_feimster@yahoo for more details. 3676 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3493 3493 20 Runescape 1333061880 tired of playing on my main, looking to make a zerker turmoil pure. I was wanting RSGP for it, but if someone offers me a zerker with a good amount of wealth then I'll consider. Email me at Will_feimster@yahoo for more details. 3677 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3494 3494 20 Runescape 1333061962 I'm selling my lvl 137 runescape account, for either $200(paypal) or 200-250m rsgp. the account has no black marks, is in safe zone. Account has no recoveries. Stats and pics will be below, keep in mind account has really no bank at all but has very good stats and can make money fast. Will be taking offers higher then what i posted incase more then one person wants the account. img710.imageshack.us/img710/562/110605224535.png img815.imageshack.us/img815/2...0605224602.png img197.imageshack.us/img197/5...0605224654.png img708.imageshack.us/img708/1...0605224704.png img263.imageshack.us/img263/795/110605224706.png img143.imageshack.us/img143/8...0605224709.png img813.imageshack.us/img813/5...0605224711.png img96.imageshack.us/img96/2530/110605224714.png img807.imageshack.us/img807/7...0605224716.png img706.imageshack.us/img706/1...0605224719.png img16.imageshack.us/img16/2285/110605224721.png img21.imageshack.us/img21/9328/110605224748.png img155.imageshack.us/img155/6...0605224806.png 3678 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3495 3495 20 Runescape 1333062044 I'm currently selling my lvl 137 main account. Was looking to get RSGP for it, so make some offers. Here are some pics. The account doesn't have much money because i was recently hacked. If someone makes a good offer for a zerker pure that's wealthy, I might give it a go. Email me at will_feimster@yahoo Stats. Capes, items. QP Just canceled recoveries today. 27 days of membership left from today feb 23rd. 3679 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3496 3496 20 Runescape 1333062206 Hey guys . I'm selling my lvl 138 account . Total lvl 2372 , like 1.5b wealth , but if you gather all the junk...you get like 1.6b , rapier, 270qp,no blackmarks , no email set and no recovery's . It still has a few member days left .. so if you hurry you will get it on p2p as well . I'm selling it for 400$ and it is not #. I will provide more print screens and proof (if needed) when you add me / email me at: kazoostunt@yahoo img692.imageshack.us/f/cashandstats.png/ 3680 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3497 3497 20 Runescape 1333062288 Like 309 quest points, 14 99s (including attk str def hp ranged prayer slayer thieving woodcutting and more!) account owns a Chaotic Rapier, Korasi, Torso, FireCape, Soul Wars Cape, Falador elite tasks, and all hard tasks! (other than lumbridge, medium tasks completed) most skills 80 and higher! (3 skills below 80) has 85+ Dungeoneering (can kill frost dragons)! Looking to trade for either RuneScape gp or cash, make me an offer MEANS OF CONTACT: pm me or post here or ask for my email :] 3681 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3498 3498 20 Runescape 1333062370 Ok, I am selling the account Jason Uyeda for $10USD it has good stats and about 100k or so cash. I will give you the recov info and all, i really do not need the account i need the cash haha. Reason I am selling it, if you need to know: First off I have 2 accs higher level and better stats than it that I use. Second, my friend who used to own this account (# he quit) screwed me over, he stole my ex from me and stole about 250k off me in game >.> he was supposed to be my best friend. Anyway, if your interested lemme know, stats are posted here: 3682 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3499 3499 20 Runescape 1333062451 hey guys i have a level 80 runescape account and looking to see if anyones interested in trading it for a character in cabal. you get everything i have including full rune and zamorak armor and around 10mil i think. i havent played in awhile and looking to start cabal so pm me offers 3683 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3500 3500 20 Runescape 1333062533 canceled 3684 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3501 3501 20 Runescape 1333062615 Stats: 75 Atk 80 Str 70 Def 71 Range 72 Mage 60 Pray Got Ancients and 99 woodcut. Accepting RS gp only, send offer in pm or post here. 3685 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3502 3502 20 Runescape 1333062697 hey everyone i am selling an account for rs money this account has a skyfe a really rare item it has 92 fletch and some decent combat skill please mssg me back and if you want to look at highscores name is bloodysword6 3686 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3503 3503 20 Runescape 1333062779 Old account made back in '04-'05. Have had this account for ages and don't play anymore. Has over 33Mil in the bank, along with misc Dragon Gear and weapons. A lot of misc items and quest items. Prob around 80+Mil worth of items all together. This is the basic info, PM me for more info if ur interested. Skills are as follows: Quest Points: 291/331 Total Level: 1706 HP: 83 Att: 82 Def:81 Str:82 Craft:66 Theive:66 Herb:65 Wcing:84 Pray: 71 Mining:66 Smith: 71 Fish: 86 Cooking:81 Arch:75 Magic:75 RCing: 55 Construct:60 Dungeon: 22 Slayer:61 Hunt: 57 Farm: 62 Summ: 54 FMing: 61 Fletch: 77 Agility: 65 3687 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3504 3504 20 Runescape 1333062860 its a lv 91 main with full void, and a fighter torso has no money. 70 att, 78 str, 70 def, 66 range, 78 mage. only has like 85 woodcutting selling for rsgp. give me an offer, pst or PM 3688 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3505 3505 20 Runescape 1333062941 .youtube/watch?v=NaH9S...el_video_title 3689 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3506 3506 20 Runescape 1333063024 my maplestory account gots a lv82crusader with 28m and awesome equipment and even grandlionman haircut(blonde), a lv71thunderbreaker,and a lv52assasin. all characters are in server bellocan. pm me your offer of runescape gold,or an account ill doo best to reply soon as possible 3690 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3507 3507 20 Runescape 1333063106 Account info: -99 everything and 105 dung -all report are canceled -im giving the fisrt recovery question and password and more -16m cash+chaotic maul,longsword,crossbow -all quest done -all diary done. -all song unlocked -all prayer unlocked -all spell unlocked -all mini quest and game is done -120 dung to go for completionist cape(i have maxed) Got anny question? add my msn:crisse55_@hotmail I acept paypal and runescape cash. Leave offer here. Also selling this acc on another site (sythe) 3691 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3508 3508 20 Runescape 1333063188 74 mining 52 smithing 55 archery 43 prayer Kinda forgot I had this acct so i'll sell for any decent price, i know it aint worth much. Cartwritej@live 3692 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3509 3509 20 Runescape 1333063269 Level 90 with Full Void, Lunar, Crystal Bow. Level 70 with a Woodcutting Skill Cape. Level 30 with 64 Defense & 29 Summoning. Level 60 with 60 Prayer, Attack, Strength, Range, Magic w/ One Defense & Cooking Skillcape. All for a 25$ Prepaid Credit Card. 3693 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3510 3510 20 Runescape 1333063351 im selling my rs account dont have any need for it anymore so im going to make this short and simple its a lvl 136 p2p 124 f2p 99 attk 99 str 99 def 99 hp 80 something pray etc etc im asking between 70m-80m rspg txt me for more info (956) 354-8038 3694 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3511 3511 20 Runescape 1333063433 hello, im selling my runescape account, it is lvl 45, it has around 3mil and is non member and has never been member, it has 74 wc, 58 fire making and cooking and fishing, 43 att, 55 str 1 def, 42 mage, 53 range and more... for more details and pictures contact my email at deleted, i think ill sell thiis acount for 25 us dollars btw i use paypal... and security wise, i can still change the account password within 48 hours so i will do so if i dont have my money within that time, because i give u the account and u give me the money within 48 hours and we are both happy Has excellent potential to be a non defence pure, already has a good amount of money and has descent stats, willing to bargain.... 3695 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3512 3512 20 Runescape 1333063514 he is nonmember now but has member stuff has high ranging combat and strength and attack and defence if u want to see the pictures for the account to verify it is real email me at kevcant96@gmail im quitting runescape and am offering my account it is being sold for either in game gold or trade for another account account name: Scurry Scout look it up on runescape if u want to confirm yourself 3696 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3513 3513 20 Runescape 1333063596 Hey guys, im selling my old main account because i want a upgrade on my new account. The account has no recoveries/email set, and no blackmarks. Add my msn if your interested, [email protected] BUT PM ME # HAND OR I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR ADD. cheers 3697 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3514 3514 20 Runescape 1333063677 Hey guys, today I will be selling my maxed combat main with 99 attack, strength, defence, ranged, magic and 95 prayer. The account has fire cape, torso, rapier and chaotic maul. (Level 97 dung) No bank pin, recoveries, or email registered. I made a java video of the accounts bank and stats. .egamingsupply/video1556 I'm looking for paypal or RSGP. Pm or post offers! Thanks! 3698 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3515 3515 20 Runescape 1333063759 Hey guys gonna keep it short and sweet i got lured for my bank and im starting a new turmoil pure with the money i recieve from the sale of this account As you will see in the pictures below my account is a nearly maxed infinity pure with fire cape, 119 qp, ardy and fally tasks 1 done, desert treasure and recipe for disaster up to rune gloves completed. In addition to this i have no email registered or recovery questions, nearly 100 soul wars zeal points, the ability to create a slayer helm and am in the green zone for bans and mutes. (Name and some statistics are blurred so that the account cannot be directly identified by any game moderators) Transactions can be rsgp which is highly prefered but paypal is also available. Note: (I am willing do do half up front half after a confirmed sale) Well guys thanks for checking out my thread you can reach me at 419-566-3022 3699 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3516 3516 20 Runescape 1333063841 tinypic/view.php?pic=29urs08&s=5 This link will show the skills, sample inventory and quests done. Comes with limited edition chrome goggles, castlewars most capture cape, good holiday items and good member stuff. only $20, send payment via paypal to: adnanrahim99@hotmail 3700 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3517 3517 20 Runescape 1333063922 Selling my old main for RSGP. 71 CB Level. 60 attack 57 strength 60 defense 45 range 59 con 30 pray 66 mining 51 smithing 59 fishing 60 cooking 92 woodcutting 40 crafting 30 thieving 55 mage 62 fletching The rest are to low to bother posting. As you can see, decent stats for a decent main, so I would like a DECENT amount of ingame cash. Also has explorer ring 3, and some mems quest done. Great account for a friend to start on. *note: Player is naked and bank is clean an you MUST trade first. -_- No scammers. Ew. 3701 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3518 3518 20 Runescape 1333064004 An runescape account with: Attack 80 Defence 60 Strength 92 Constitution 84 Ranged 70 Cooking 76 Fishing 73 This is an good account. Highest member stat is: 45 slayer. All the non-member quests have been done + important member quests. Has full saradomin (l) and full black g (l). 100k cash. 3k lobsters and two sets of full rune + 5x rune weapon set. I would like to trade this account for runescape Gold or an other runescape Account. Contact me via this site. 3702 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3519 3519 20 Runescape 1333064103 I barely played RS, so I'm selling my low level account to whoever wants it. It's got potential, and I brought up the combat levels somewhat equal. The account has full rune, 203K, and some members items. 3703 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3520 3520 20 Runescape 1333064185 Skills Overall 1,908 Attack 82 Defence 92 Strength 89 Constitution 98 Ranged 99 Prayer 78 Magic 95 Cooking 80 Woodcutting 75 Fletching 86 Fishing 67 Firemaking 71 Crafting 67 Smithing 69 Mining 67 Herblore 65 Agility 69 Thieving 65 Slayer 82 Farming 70 Runecrafting 62 Hunter 67 Construction 62 Summoning 94 Dungeoneering 57 and about 303 QPs Ive had this character since classic and ive quitted last year because of uni (haven't played since july/august) and want to sell now as the prices are quite nice. I will sell for $650 USD (through paypal ) or bank transfer/meet up if you live in new zealand, there is at least $550mil worth of stuff on the account (mostly members) using 2 inventories of price check but it has a full bank of stuff so it could be up to 600mil + quest cape, its got all the usual stuff like void,fire cape,enough charms for 96 sum, all emotes, i may be open to sell the cash/account separately with good offer. 3704 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3521 3521 20 Runescape 1333064267 selling rs account compat 110 str.99 Attack 87 Defence 80 Strength 99 Constitution 88 Ranged 61 Prayer 64 Magic 76 Cooking 85 Woodcutting 87 Fletching 71 Fishing 78 Firemaking 68 Crafting 61 Smithing 75 Mining 85 Herblore 4 52 Agility 56 Thieving 51 Slayer 55 Farming 42 Runecrafting 46 Hunter 54 Construction 48 account name is RaixSS but you have to login Arnis7 cash: 700gp. + broken dharoks flull + some other member stuff prize 30 dollars PayPal only.! Need Fast Cash. MY msn is deleted 3705 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3522 3522 20 Runescape 1333064348 selling my level 138 runescape account for RS GP a minimum of 700 million gold, prices may change with rare items etc.. please email Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures for more information thank you. yours Sivad. 3706 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3523 3523 20 Runescape 1333064430 Hey, I want to trade this account for a dead frontier account that has a lot of money no it with a decent level and good stats, also maybe a few credits. 3707 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3524 3524 20 Runescape 1333064513 Hey im selling my runescape account for 20-30 dollars. it has 99 cooking and 93 str....... with more message me more for detail. 3708 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3525 3525 20 Runescape 1333064595 title says it all i have a level 97 (f2p) 101 (members) this account also has the playerup.com from 2003 haloween event i will trade it for 20m+ look him up on hi scores - s a i i k o his lvls are 76 att 83 str 75 def 80 hit 58 pray 74 range 75 mage 35 summ has 91 fletch too get back to me here or on AIM: lopo1337 Skype: logan.powers1 title says it all i have a level 97 (f2p) 101 (members) this account also has the playerup.com from 2003 haloween event i will trade it for 20m+ look him up on hi scores - s a i i k o 3709 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3526 3526 20 Runescape 1333064677 auto runecrafter 20.00$ auto woodcutter 15.00$ Rsbots.net codes paypal only you can buy both for 30.00$ 3710 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3527 3527 20 Runescape 1333064761 hey people, I have 8.5 mil i dont need on RS cause im quitting, and I need 2 mil on dead frontier. POst if you wanna trade, my rs name is BoW_FaP and my DF is xXHiTMaNXx 3711 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3528 3528 20 Runescape 1333064843 Post to find out more info or to get my phone number to negotiate. My method is 100% safe and is paypal only. Pretty much we can do low amounts to reach your total amount. for example we can do 1$ per mil and do 1m at a time. as in you send 1$ to me in paypal then i trade you 1m in runescape. Can meet in game and show all cash. Post below 3712 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3529 3529 20 Runescape 1333064925 I'm selling my Berserker Account Combat Level- 93 Notable Stats: 75 Attack 92 Strength 45 Defence 85 Constitution 75 Magic 52 Prayer 81 Range 77 Fishing 70 Slayer Has done every quest a zerker would need other than korasi quest and curse prayers quest. Has Barrows gloves and rune defenders. I'm gonna stop playing on it cause i lost everything (Fire cape + torso) and im just over it. I'm only taking RS GP though (To my main). So offer up... you can offer here, but I'll respond faster through a private message. Any questions or further details? PM me. 3713 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3530 3530 20 Runescape 1333065008 Selling runescape acc cb 83. name:der mast3r memberdays:0 price:15 dollar or good offer. payments:i accept paypal and paysafecard. contact:dansliy.v.w@hotmail For more information contact me.. 3714 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3531 3531 20 Runescape 1333065087 Selling Runescape Account, Level 71. 3M or BO. Proof: 3715 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3532 3532 20 Runescape 1333065169 Selling a lvl 102 lvl 74 40 def pure and a 64 10 def pure. pm if intrested and for more details will only accept wow accounts/membershi[ or expansions 3716 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3533 3533 20 Runescape 1333065251 my account is 8 years old some stats are 66 hunter 66 atk 50 range lolz 70 str and 67 hp also it has 2 mill in items and money in all next im trading a wow account 3717 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3534 3534 20 Runescape 1333065332 THE rs account i have is 8 years old the some of the main stats are 60 mage 70 str 66 hunter 66 atk 67 hp 50 range lolz and over 2 mill in items and money its lv 81 in non members but it also was a members at one time i also have a wow account trade away for a good account. ALL for trades 3718 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3535 3535 20 Runescape 1333065414 Greetings,, I have a level 84 runescape account and i am willing to sell it for ingame runescape money ...please if you are interested let me know and if you have any hesitations we can do the trade through SKYPE ... regards character name : El 8anna9 3719 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3536 3536 20 Runescape 1333065495 Selling Level 79 non-member account -Haven't used it in a while and ready to let go of it forever. This is a 50-50 offer. -Has a pure 7 mil member's item. -Well rounded in member and non-member stats -Has everything you need for non-member world except 7mil member item. Again I haven't used it in a while and this is based on what I have for the last 2 months. Only buying from Gaia Online users of 3-5 mil gold or a specific item. More details upon interest in offer. (Such as contact on Gaia Online, password, etc. ) I'll go low as 2.75 mil. 3720 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3537 3537 20 Runescape 1333065578 Level 133 99attack 99strength 96defence 99constitution 89Range 94Mage 92herblore (has overloads) 85dungeoneering (Has chaotic rapier) 79prayer 75construction (Very good PoH) 88summoning 93 woodcutting and many more good skills total level: 2090 The account name is Arcdick if you wish to look it up on hiscores. has 0 black marks. Please note that this account is at the moment a non members account and only level 122. But if you upgrade to members it will be 133. 246 quest points. As far as coins this account only has 400k. But it has many quest items and with its skills make it easy to make money. eg: frost dragons, god wars dungeons, slayer. Looking to get 300$ OBO. Id like to be payed by paypal. Any questions post here and my email is Posting Email/IM Services/Skype/Phone details in public is against the eGaming Supply Rules, Guidelines & Procedures 3721 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3538 3538 20 Runescape 1333065660 these bots are from rsbots.net Auto Dungeoneering Pro 30$ bot if i could get 25$ that would be grate pm me if want paypal only 3722 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3539 3539 20 Runescape 1333065741 Hello Runescapers, For Sale is Runescape Gold and Rares. Here at RSKingdom_2012 we supply Gold and Rares for a cheap price and do so veryquickly! We currently have over 4 Billion RSGP in stock so we can cater to almost any needs! Rates: $1.00/1M $9.50/10M $92.50/100M 100M + Please contact us for rates. ITEMS: Please contact us for rates. Shipping willtake place as fast as possible! ? While our employees are online, our shipping will be almost instantaneous ? We suggest you message us # purchasing any gold or items to verify we are currently online and in stock. Looking for a bulk order? Let us know and we will try to serve you for the cheapest that we can do so! Looking for specific items? Let us know what items you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend onthem and we will let you know what we can do! Purchase with confidence! We are highly trusted in various online MMORPG communities ? feel free to message us looking for some vouches! Payment: We Accept payment via paypal (must be verified), moneybookers (preferred - ask about our moneybookers #!), western union and direct bank transfer. ** Please note that we will not trade first due to an extremely high volume of scammers on MMORPG forums lately. ** Thank you for yourinterest ? please feel free message on this forum at any time or PM us and wewill get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, RSKindgom_2012 3723 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3540 3540 20 Runescape 1333065823 Hello yalls. I have a level 114 i am trying to sell for some cash or rsgp. Send me your offer's with here or send me a PM in runescape or Message me at deleted . The accounts name is Dome Cat and all offers will be looked at. Thanks 3724 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3541 3541 20 Runescape 1333065904 im selling runescape upgrades, up to a 12 months, only accepting runescape gold offers,], pm me. 3725 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3542 3542 20 Runescape 1333065986 I have been wanting to sell my skiller for RSGOLD. Which will go to my main. I stopped using it because I've been so focused on my main account. So why not sell it? It's a level 18 skiller because I got it 35 Defence and Hitpoints for Agile. It's currently a member with 250k on it. Link to picture of Skillcapes tinypic/r/2ur9tvd/7 Link to picture of Stats tinypic/r/znkny1/7 Link to picture of what is wielded tinypic/r/14mxsgy/7 Link to Login Screen tinypic/r/30niuer/7 Link to Pillars tinypic/r/15qrcwl/7 I can meet you in-game if you would like! Once I get offers, IF I get offers, I'll get rid of the recovery questions and the email. I will also include a middleman if you would like. If you're interested, just post your offers <3 3726 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3543 3543 20 Runescape 1333066067 its a ranged 1 soo yehh im taking 5m for it 3727 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3544 3544 20 Runescape 1333066149 Whats up guys,im wanting to sell my account,or trade.Account i am looking for would be a zerker or term pure with good stats please.I dont have a price so OFFER me one please =).has ancients,veng,handcannon quest done & more.Its a great pkr its just im getting borred of it just like all my other accounts.I dont deal with scammers so if you are a scammer gl & gtfo. Thank you for your time =) & gl. img101.imageshack.us/img101/963/myrsacc.png img22.imageshack.us/img22/8315/myrsacc2.png 3728 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3545 3545 20 Runescape 1333066231 my stats: att:80 str:96 Def:40 Pray:95 Mage:94 I have dt done, mm done, about 20 qp away from b gloves. i have lunars, fighter torso. *** im not going 1st, i do not have recov and email registered. If your not comfortable going 1st then don't pm me. im trading this zerker for a pure. i wan a 60 att pure, dt done, mm done, atleast mith gloves, 60att 80+str 80+range ****1 def 94 mage 3729 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3546 3546 20 Runescape 1333066313 Pretty average account 52 att, 52 str, 51 def, 59 range, 39 pray, 35 mage, 52 dungeoneering, and some skiller stats. I'm not asking for alot. Pm me if ur interested. (65 combat level) I'm also selling.. 42 att 56 str 44 def 14 pray 48 hp 11 mage and some skilling stats.. not asking for alot of money... if you're interested, pm please. (56 combat level). I'm not asking for alot. 3730 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3547 3547 20 Runescape 1333066397 Hi all, I am selling my account with an untrimmed slayer cape, one of the rarest in the game. This is an account to truly show off with, and people will recognise it where ever you go Now, I am going to go into as much detail as I can as I have never sold on here # and I know that trust is a major issue. I created the account in 2006, back in high school, after many years of aiming to get untrimmed slayer, I finally did, and no longer enjoy the game for 3 reasons: I only ever enjoyed slayer, I am in university and SKYRIM IS OUT! I have completed a lot of quests, including ROTM (which was crap btw) I have deleted recovery questions, but cannot delete the email so I changed it to a newly created email which I will provide with the account. In order to affirm the authenticity of this account and to prove I am not some scammer, I will answer any questions you may have and will meet you ingame to prove so, all I ask is that when I do meet you, you confirm on here that I am the owner of the account Err, I am not sure what it is worth however some random person in w2 GE offered me a blue party hat, and I dont know the market value of that, so I am very open to offers. RSGP/items or GBP, its up to you. can accept bank transfer or if you live in the north west of England, I can meet you? Please let me know if you want any more information. 3731 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3548 3548 20 Runescape 1333066476 Hi all, I'm selling my old account now, created back in 2001, due to lack of time and moving on to other things in my life. Details: 2079 skill total. 135 Combat, 6 99's, with magic 98 and slayer 97 to name a few others. Bank includes 2 easter eggs, on top of this I've got gear worth around 75m, including bandos, dfs etc. Got bunny ears and playerup.com from the rs-classic holiday events that are not obtainable any more. No black marks on the account. This character has access to rs-classic aswell, classic stats, which are not that impressive(can easily be botted up i guess, if you're into that), can be seen in the picture here: img858.imageshack.us/i/rscstats.png/ Serious offers only, looking for around 300$, not interested in any kind of trade. 3732 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3549 3549 20 Runescape 1333066560 Above is a picture of the last time this character was logged in, that is what is currently equipped on him. He obviously has other gear and items in his bags, however I have not played this game in 7 years.. and have no idea what he has other then in that picture.. I am not a member thus can not see the names of some of the items.. however there is a whip.. some purple ring.. a RUBBER CHICKEN? and some other things in there. Email me at wrjdavis360@gmail or respond to this thread with serious monetary offers, I will only take money through paypal. 3733 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3550 3550 20 Runescape 1333066641 Title says it all. The combat level is 83. 71 att 76 str 45 def 52 pray 68 range 65 magic. Its a good start needs work. Im looking to trade it for runescape gold anywhere from 4m- 1000000000b 3734 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3551 3551 20 Runescape 1333066804 I have a zerker with 70 att 84 str 45def 43 prayer 94 mage... already has veng and has about a couple mil worth of items on it.. im looking to get ingame gold for another account i have.....post on here or message me with ur offer 3735 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3552 3552 20 Runescape 1333066885 account has 60 attack 72 strength 45 defence 81 range 92 mage I have a screen shot and i will email it to you if asked email me at [email protected]12.il.us 3736 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3553 3553 20 Runescape 1333066966 I dont wanna re up load pics so heres the accoutn on a different web site only looking for 30usd and will accept pp or rsgp deleted 3737 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3554 3554 20 Runescape 1333067048 Who: Rangers, Magers and Strength. What: I am selling tonnes of pures. Why: I am quitting Runescape and am deciding to give away all my Runescape accounts instead of leaving them just like that. Rangers: Ranger #1: Strength #2: Range/str/mage #3: Strength #4: Strength #5: Click here to view the final image (could not fit more then 4) Hopefully, you like one of them... I have tonnes more i want to sell - also you may have tried to look for my main as i said that i am selling all my accounts, but i have decided not to sell my main. I have WAY more pures but these are so far the ones i seemed to find so far. PM me if you are AT LEAST interested, then we could sort out the price and what not, depending on the skills of the character, etc. Thanks, DakotaFly 3738 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3555 3555 20 Runescape 1333067130 Hey guys, i'm selling a level 127 runescape account, it has members till march 17. 4 99's - STR -RNG -MAG -CON tinypic/r/5l7zig/7 Been playing this for a while. It got hacked though, so it doesn't have much on it sadly. I'll take 100m rsgp for this account or 100 dollars for it. It has crystal bow, lots of charms, a HARD clue scroll. tinypic/r/ao03u0/7 I'll take swap offers, like lvl 150+ maplestory accounts but other than that, ill take a lvl 3 skiller with lots of rsgp. Pm me for more info, or post here. Thank you. 3739 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3556 3556 20 Runescape 1333067212 selling an addy pure with 60 atk 76str 30def 99range 99wc, cb lvl 78, im taking any dds pure with desert treasure done, or a mauler with desert treasure done, or i accept paypal or rsgp. text or call me at 907-903-5943, thank you 3740 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3557 3557 20 Runescape 1333067294 i got a lvl 136 runescape account up for trade for a geared PVP wow account or ill sell it if the price is right the stats are 99 attack 99 deff 99 str 99 con 93 ranged 99 pray 99 mage 99 cooking 88 wood cuting 99 fletch 89 fishing 93 fire making 99 crafting 99 smithing 78 mining 99 herb 79 agi 80 thieving 89 slayer 99 farming 77 runescrafting 99 hunter 88 construction 80 summoning 70 dungeoneering I AM OO OF THE ACCOUNT!!! if u are interested post, text, or PM me ur offer and i WILL get back to u within a few hrs!! my # is 705 868 3272 if u wish to text me! P.S if u want to trade me a wow account even if ur not good PVP gear and more PVE send me ur offer any way i WILL take a look at it!! and to top it all it has life time members!! 3741 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3558 3558 20 Runescape 1333067375 will take beast lower level pures or paypal maybe even rs gp att:90 str:99 def:70 rng:99 pray:70 mage:94 hp:96 sum:73 he has drag gloves lunar done dt done beast account ive really been looking for a pretty maxed lower lvl please hit me up if interested bennett_ryda@yahoo 3742 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3559 3559 20 Runescape 1333067456 selling 4 rs accounts one is a pure with great fishing the next is a low level and the other two one is 86 woodcutting and the other 78 fish........reply to this if you wish for more information....they will not be very expensive so this is your lucky day 3743 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3560 3560 20 Runescape 1333067538 Say stats in threat, then privet message me. Thanks. 3744 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3561 3561 20 Runescape 1333067620 Hi there, i am looking to swap my runescape account for a pure account to go pking with, the main stats are: 99 attack 98 strength 80 defence 94 constitution 97 magic 70 prayer 70 range this is a great pker and has done many quests including recipe for disaster, desert treasure, lunar diplomacy and many more, if you have a pure to offer me please contact me telling me the stats of the account thanks. 3745 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3562 3562 20 Runescape 1333067701 I have a level 200 sadida and a level 199 enu on the server rosal(both fully geared and scrolled) i would like to trade them for a good runescape(120+ combat) account Pm me please to exchange contact details. 3746 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3563 3563 20 Runescape 1333067783 selling/trading lvl 91 acc with full void it has combat stats all over 70 and more decent accs if u wanna look up stats the name of the acc is mr lancer it has 2 spaces between mr and lancer..ment on the post or pm if interested: 3747 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3564 3564 20 Runescape 1333067865 tradeing a 75 account and a 66 for a account with over 80 rng any account i wish it was more a pure but just over 80 rng is good plz anyone message me plz 3748 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3565 3565 20 Runescape 1333067947 hello im trading my main because hes a piece of love you and im starting up on my tanker ranger for the enw wild babay! now im selling him for only 200m thats not a lot conciderin what he has hes broke cuz i obv gave his cash to my pure. stats are 99 att 98 str 99 hp 96 range 99 mage 91 thieving 84 prayer 89 def has done most major quests and most importantly he has a ( two) 2 letter name which is 9 years old which is pretty old and rare name. 1888 total lvl. so yah message back if ur interesteD and we will talk more about how we do transaction ( i dont trust middleman) midleman can scam ur love you and u cant do sht bout it who u think they gonna trust. lols 3749 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3566 3566 20 Runescape 1333068028 i have a level 92 and 87 good skills great for making money. message if interested 3750 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3567 3567 20 Runescape 1333068110 Hi, im trading NOTSELLING my main Runescape account. It is a very decent account, and is fun to play on. Great Money-Maker!! Notable Skills: Magic-99 Mining-99 Firemaking-99 Fishing-94 Hunter-81 Woodcutting-86 Construction-72 Total level: 1827 ALL skills are 50+ (Summoning being the lowest) Has roughly 82m total worth; about 3m cash and a Green H'ween Mask (It rises alot) Quest Points: 158/316 All important quests done; Lunar/Monkeymadness, drag slayer etc.. 0 Black Marks, no previous bans or mutes. AMAZING PKER, AND MAIN ACCOUNT. Im looking mainly for another account with either a few 99's in skillings or another main with high combat 99s like att, def str range etc... Also it must have a decent amount of cash/items on it NO JUNK! Offer Away =) 3751 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3568 3568 20 Runescape 1333068191 Hi I am trading my pure strength for any account that has 99 range, strength or Mage The account has 44 strength and everything else 1 His cb level is 22. Pm me or comment on this thread 3752 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    3569 3569 20 Runescape 1333068273 He's level 39 but 62 Mage and 40 attack. I have bomb shelled many people with this account great Pker and boss tank! Looking For a higher level account somewhere in the 100s with good Stats text me with what you have No scams or fake account serious accounts only my number Is 517-414-9537 thanks
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