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    Hello everyone, I am offering to sell a starter f2p pure with 40 att 40 str 1 def and 36 hp. As an additional service, I can transfer money onto the account at the rate of 1m/1.5 USD. The account has no bank pin, no recoveries and no registered email address. Its perfect if you want to start your f2p/p2p pure, but can't be bothered to train the low levels yourself. The current price is only 3$ Get yours while the offer stands! All sold out! But I got 5 pures for sale with the following stats: (Lorgoyf is my name on powerbot) The same conditions apply, and the price for these is just 3 $!!!! Lastly, I'm also selling new starter accounts with 40 att 40 str and 1 def. These can be f2p/p2p pures, stakers or watever you want. I have basically done the job of training the first 40 pesky meele levels so that you can go straight at it with a rune scimi Edit: I have another name on offer, Small Risk. I will post stats/more details for this account tomorrow. Procedure: you go first, or we can use a middleman but at your cost. (obv since I only get 3$ anyways) Ask any questions you might have on here or add me on msn: [email protected] Some more details on my accounts currently under construction: A starter obby mauler, possibly 1att 60+str and 1 def. A couple of higher leveld f2p meele pures with 60-70 str. A couple of minning accounts which can be used for addy/rune minning. A couple of prayer beasts, 1 in every combat stat other than prayer. A defence pure, 1 in every combat stat other than defence.
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