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    BANK TRANSFER ONLY unless selling to a legit company
    THIS mail is only to get this account sold so dont spam me with fake blizz mails!!! <<<<contact: wyrwipalka@hotmail>>>>
    Do not even try to scam me because im not that dumb as the rest of the 10 year old players!

    Account info:

    Im the original owner
    Account registered in poland (there are no problems with paid services, only resurrection scroll and recruit friend doesnt work) but since you can change your adress along with the country it might work. im not sure altough.

    Characters: HORDE

    main chars:
    human female priest lvl 83 epic flying
    undead male rogue 352 item level full pve except pvp daggers. 8/12 progress (achi) (glory to ulduar 10/25 starcaller/astrallwalker bloodsail admiral) lot of RP items like bloodfang t2, no longer avalible dungeon tier 2, lvl 70 pvp vengefull items <engineering max skinning max>
    goblin female hunter 351 item level full pve with pvp bow rare pets as sambas and terrorpane (black drake) <herbalism max, mining max>
    troll female druid 346 average item level 346 ms tank 146 hp selfbuff + resto gear
    all those chars have epic flying

    other chars:
    undead male warlock lvl 80 icc10/25 gear + pvp items (kingslayer)
    undead male mage lvl 83 epic flying, bronze drake
    undead female dk lvl 80 icc 10/25 tanking and dps gear (kingslayer)
    human male warrior lvl 80 icc 10/25 gear (kingslayer/starcaller glory to ulduar hero)

    human male mage lvl 70 merciless brutal gear MASTER SERGEANT TITLE
    human female paladin lvl 71-3 some nice looking gear RP

    gold on account arround 2k

    i got all the account info cant provide id scan etc account is mine so i simply got all what needed
    price? i dont want that much for all that just mail me with something reasonable and we shall discuss.

    send me your offer and than we can meet on msn till than i will be offline
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