WTS: EU: Wrathful Gladiator Paladin (85) and varioWTS: US: other 80s ( 1 2)

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    Hey there i'm looking to sell my semi prestigious account haha, all characters i am about to list are on this account and therefore i would be looking for a very good offer for me to part ways with it. My account also has SC2, Diablo 2+LOD, wc3 + Wc3:TFT. Im not sure if i can seperate my WoW account from the rest if possible i'd prefer to just sell my WoW account.

    Chars(all are on EU servers and transferable)

    Main: 85 Wrathful Gladiator Blood Elf paladin
    Alts: 80 Hunter, 80 druid, 70 mage, 80 DK, 78 Rogue, 71 warrior, 63 warrior.

    All of the level 80 chars are decked out in decent heroic gear for leveling. The 63 warrior has loads of heirlooms for easy leveling and I think my other alts have some sort of heirlooms in bank aswell if not points to buy heirlooms.

    My main char is a BE wrathful gladiator (rank 1 title) Paladin which also has several gladiator titles(so 3-4 mounts 1 drake and few frostwyrms).

    Hes got a current Ilvl of 360-361 in Holy gear(Arena gear). 120k hp, 100k mana and nearly decked out in full epics. I stopped playing # I could finish it all but you should be able to complete it in a few weeks.

    He also has some pve gear for holy and full blue retri gear for heroics if u wanna go that way. Hes got nearly 8000 achievement points and loads of titles,mounts,pets and quite alot of reputations already on exalted.

    Hes also got Maxed Engi and Jewelcrafting with a few recipes for JC that are handy for Holy paladins.

    If theres any more questions about gear,specs,items and other things on the account just pm me and I think we can work something out through skype or msn

    Here u can also request the armory link and just offer a prize for the account(please only serious requests) its an account with alot of chars and a rank 1 title so only serious people. Everything will be managed through paypal I think to make it safe, im not too experienced with it all so if u are interested and u can help me seperate the WoW account from the other games that would be lovely.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully see you soon on msn if you are interested in buying this account
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