WTS: EU: WOW Level 85 Resto Shaman.

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    LEVEL 85 RESTORATION SHAMAN. £89.99 Secret answer + password + username + account pass + 25days left sub + can download ALL game content available for free once logged into my account, as digital download. (all included in price). No i am never coming back to this account.... also you will recieve the cd-keys for WOTLK and Burning crusade, the other two were purchased digitally..... you can still get all content of battle.net website. FOR free well (included in price).

    Will accept most payement types, prefer bank transfer, paypal ect.

    So here we are! well let me tell you about myself, My name is Sam Manzur, im 20 YO and i live in birmingham in the United Kingdom, I am currently at university and thus need to focus more on my studys and less on WOW. SO here i am trying to sell it!

    The main is a level 85 resto shaman, female and drenai race.
    I have several alts, a level 80 mage, male, human.
    A level 72 prot warrior, human male.
    A level 80 DK, male, different server to the rest though.

    All are played on a normal server not pvp or roleplaying.

    All charecters are transferable

    I can show you armory links but are down at the moment -_-

    Anyway the shaman is geared ready for heroics, and has an item level of 329. Be aware healing is a challenge!!! if you think you can do this well have fun .

    all higher level chars have a flying mount and the mage has an epic flyer.

    Shaman has unlocked all zones in cata, and can fly in azeroth!!!

    Only about 200g on the account though never was a big saver!!!

    Shaman has 460 jewelcrafting, 171 tailoring.
    Mage has enchanting 300+ and mining 300+

    Anyway for more info message me.
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