WTS: EU: wow account with 8x85 character!

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    I would like to sell my veteran wow account, it was created in the start of WOTLK. I'm the original owner and i have all codes(wotlk bc wow cataclysm) and secret password! I can send ID picture.

    All of my 80+ chars have epic (280%) fly mount ...some of them have some rare mounts/companions!

    What i have in store in this account:

    Bloodscalp horde:
    85 rogue(low geared, full engi+mining)
    80mage(twink pve)
    82 hunter(almost full skinning, 450lw)
    60 warrior
    85dk (full 365 vicious pvp gear)
    85warlock(full vicious 365 gear, enchanting(525)+tailoring(525)
    85 paladin(full vicious 365 holy gear)
    +20k gold on the account

    Twisting nether horde:
    82 warrior
    40 paladin
    +10k gold

    Stormscale horde:
    85 priest(full vicious(365-378 ilvl)pvp disc/shadow gear 1,9k achiev, full jc)
    85 Shaman(full 371 vicious pvp restoration gear)
    85 druid(feral full pvp371-378 ilvl , balance 360 ilvl pve)
    +55k gold

    Ragnaros horde/ally:
    85 druid(feral full bloodthirsty pvp gear)
    70 shaman(restoration twink pvp)(DWARF!!)
    +4k gold

    Contact info:
    msn:[email protected]
    or skype:adad13

    add me and we can talk about the price
    (dont want to trade to ANYTHING)
    paypal preffed.
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