WTS: EU: Wow account lvl 85 paladin/warrior and loads of alts.

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    Hi there, i am selling my wow account.
    The Account is filled up with 10 chars on the same realm. mostly alliance side.
    The Main char is a 85 paladin. With 108 Mounts, 33 titles and more than 7k achievement points.
    I will list a few mounts.
    Vial of the sands
    Swift rashazzi raptor
    Baron Rivendare's deathcharger
    Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher
    Violet Proto-drake
    White polar bear
    Winterspring Tiger
    x-53 Touring rocket
    And many others
    310% flying ofc.

    Beside the main professions wich you can find in the like i do also have 450cooking/fishing
    and 525 archeology.
    lvl 85 items from Archeology wich are account bound:
    zin rokh destroyer of worlds
    tyrande's favorite doll
    ring of the boy emperor.
    Next to the paladin's pve retri set the char also contains a full holy pvp set.

    Heirlooms: Full plate set including trinkets/2h full cloth set including trinkets/weapon/cape.
    Full leather dps set including daggers/feral 2h

    85 warrior
    Used as a pvp char.
    Note: the char is not wearing a 2h because i am used to switch the Bind to account 2h between the paladin and warrior.

    84 Hunter
    Used as a farm char
    280% flying
    Both brewfest mounts
    x-53 Touring Rocket

    The paladin/hunter/warrior are on the same realm, all alliance side.
    Alts: I got serveral alts on the same realm, both horde and alliance
    Alliance: 79 druid, 73 rogue, 62 priest, 60 mage.
    Horde: 80 Mage, 70 druid, 62 shaman.
    Horde (Other realm) 74 Druid.

    Total gold on the account is not that great, its around 10-15k.

    I do have the Keycode From Catacalysm.
    All decent offers will be considered.
    For more information or discussing, Please contact me

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