WTS: EU: WoW Account, 6 Level 85's, 1 Month Sub and More! Very cheap [EU]

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    World of Warcraft Account for sale,

    Account consists of,

    Level 85 Worgen Male Hunter - ilvl 356, Survival, Almost full epic, Heroic raid piece etc. Epic flying,Jewelcrafting/Alchemy level 500+. (West Wind Drake, Swift Hawkstrider rareMount too!)

    Level 85 Night Elf Female Druid - ilvl 352, Restoration, Heroic geared, Ready for raiding, Balance spec and gear also. Herbalism/Alchemy level 500+. Epic flying also.

    Level 85 Dwarf Female Paladin - ilvl 348, Protection, Heroic geared, Raid ready. Jewelcrafting/Alchemy level 500+. Epic/Mastery flying. (Red Proto Drake and Raven Lord rare mount too!)

    Level 85 Night Elf Female Death Knight - ilvl 345, Blood (Tank), Raid ready. Jewelcrafting/Mining level 500+. Epic flying. (Fiery Warhorse rare mount too!)

    Level 85 Human Male Mage - ilvl 338, Frost (PvP) And arcane off spec with gear. Ready for heroics. Jewelcrafting/Herbalism level 500+. Epic flying. (Black Drake and Mekgineers Chopper mounts too!)

    Level 85 Human Female Rogue - ilvl 337, Assassination, Ready for heroics, Almost full PvP set. Jewelcrafting level 300, Engineering level 500+ (Epic Goggles equipped). Epic flying. (Darnassion Saber mount too!).

    Level 80 Gnome Male Warlock - Just an alt, WOTLK heroic gear, half way through level 80. Epic flying too.

    Level 74 Worgen Female Death Knight - Another alt, WOTLK levelling gear. Epic flying, Mining level 375.

    Various other alts, under level 50.
    Account comes with almost every heirloom you can get.

    Accounts got around 5k gold laying around, along with Enchanting mats, Food buffs, Flasks, Potions, Gems, Enchanting scrolls etc etc.

    Account has another month on the subscription.

    Payment for this account will be done via PayPal.

    Offers are welcome, anything over 150.

    Any other information you want, let me know.
    I'm looking for a fast sale, no scams.

    Please reply if you're interested, or inbox/message me here, deleted

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