WTS: EU: Wow Account 5x 85, all main profs maxed.

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    After playing for 5 years i am looking to sell my wow account.
    It has 5 lvl 85 chars on the horde side on the Thunderhorn realm, they are all in the same guild wich the main character is the leader of (Lvl 10 or 11 by now guild).

    -lvl 85: Paladin main character HC Geared Holy/Tank
    -lvl 85: Hunter HC Ready
    -lvl 85: Druid HC Ready Tank
    -lvl 85: DK HC Ready Tank
    -lvl 85: Warrior Near HC ready Dps/Tank
    -lvl 81: Paladin mainly for crafting Tank
    -lvl 75: Mage heirloom geared
    -lvl 72: Shaman heirloom geared
    -some more lowlvl chars that arent really relevent

    Currently have no more gametime so cant post any up to date ingame screenshots but have the transfer page as proof:
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