WTS: EU: WoW account. 359 iLvl priest + Alot of alts

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    Notice: This is EU

    I gave up with WoW awhile ago, i have no interest in this game
    anymore. I have invested FAR to long into it and will not be spending any more time playing it.

    This is a EU account. Its my original and only account. I can provide: I.D scan, SQ/a, Email change, Cd-keys, Contact number and address (anything you need I can provide).

    Would like to suggest tho if you do buy this account you should transfer it to a brand new wow account (Requires same last name as me tho) This is to put as much protection on the buyer and make him feel comfortable.

    All the characters listed are on the same realm (pvp).

    -Mainly pve
    2/5 t11 (Shoulders and chest)
    Full epic just missing hands.

    I have a set of pvp gear aswell, this is mainly blue geared with some pvp set piece epics.

    310% flying with the OS25 Drake.
    As for achivments, im not really into them, most of the ones I do have are pvp related, such as 2k+ achiv in all brackets and what not.

    525 Tailoring
    525 JC
    525 Archeology
    525 Cooking
    525 Fishing

    overall Ilvl - 359

    -Druid (85)

    Gear: .armoryx/anonymous-wow-profile/5891380

    He only gets used for farming.

    525 mining
    525 herb
    310% epic flying.

    80 Dk (525 Alchemy, Inscription) Full Ulduar 25 epics. Loads of mounts, achivments, titles
    80 mage - 525 Enchanting
    80 Shaman
    69 Rogue
    66 Pala
    61 Warlock

    This is a linked battle.net. On one of the other accounts is a 80 Warlock (Doesn't get used)

    I have 0 warnings on this account.

    Please note: Game time has run out (Has free 7 days)

    Price: $150 pay pal. to be sent as gift to avoid any scamming/chargeback.
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