WTS: EU: WoW account - 1x 85 war and more.

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    The account contains a 85 warrior, 80 deathknight, 78 mage and 69 shaman.

    I haven't played on the WoW account for a very long time now, so I can't exactly remember what gear the characters has. But the warrior has some PvP gear. The 78 mage has some level 70 PvP gear, and 80 can't exactly remember what the 80 death knight has. The 69 shaman has some vanilla epic gear.

    All the characters are on Lightbringer EU realm.

    Theres no gametime on the account, so I can't exactly get to look what it contains.

    The account has several games on it as well, such as SC2, Diablo 2, warcraft and warcraft frozen throne.

    Please give me a offer if you are interested, and sorry for not being able to tell so much information about the account.
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