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    Is a Verry Old Account , im Not the Original Owner the Account is Bought from Original Owner and i Have and Offer Full Details wich includ :

    Account Login , Account Passowrd , Secret Question and the Answer Ofcourse , Original Keys and 3x Photo ID

    The Caracter Has Gears from All Contents (LvL 60 , 70 , 80 and now 85) Tiers etc , Vanity items Titles + Many Other

    Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal : The Legendary Mount and the Only from Game :
    Scarab Lord Title

    Items Like :

    Ashkandi , Zin Rokh Destroyer of Worlds , Thunderfury , Sulfuros and Many Others
    Full Dungeon Set 1 , 2 (With Epics) LvL 60 Content
    Tier 2 is Full
    3/8 Tier 3
    In Rest Full Tiers

    Around 60 Titles
    Many Rare Mounts Like Zulian Tiger , Deathcharger But Most Wanted and my Favorite is Ashes of Al'ar
    Over 100 Mounts

    Support 24/24 at Wer_W5@yahoo
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