WTS: EU: Warrior 85 ilvl 364 PvP Sylvanas Europe

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    Main - 85 warrior Sylvanas Europe 3405 achievments points
    Profesii :
    -engineering 525
    -archeology 525
    -first aid 525
    -mining 525
    Epic mounts :
    -grand black war mammoth
    -x-53 touring rocket
    -black war wolf
    -frostwolf howler
    -blue drake
    -bronze drake
    Epic pets :
    -lil'deathwing + collector achievment
    Items :
    -Full vicious 5/5 , full acesorii , 2h,1h,shield,pve heroic items
    Epic tabards :
    -tabard of the achiever
    -tabard of brute force
    PvP :
    -achievement 2.2k rating @ 2v2
    -23000 kills
    -honor points 2319
    -conquest points 810
    -tol barad marks 34
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