WTS: EU: Warglaives/Thunderfury Rogue,Scarab Lord,Ashes 7/9 Tier 3

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    Twink Rogue LvL 70
    5/5 Tier 6
    Full Brutal Gear
    Scarab Lord Mount + Title
    Hand of A'Dal Title
    Champion of Naaru Title
    Both Warglaives and Thunderfury .
    Ashes of Al'ar Mount
    Deathcharger Mount
    Raven Lord Mount
    Zulian Tiger Mount
    Amani Bear Mount
    And the other from Rep. Capitals + PvP Season 1 Mount (Customed)
    Also 8/8 Tier 1 / 8/8 Tier 2 / 7/9 Tier 3 (Level 60 Content)
    5/5 Tier 4 / 5/5 Tier 5

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.