WTS: EU: Want powerleveling? 1-85 in 9 days, quality, prize, security!

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    Hey there,

    A little about myself...

    My name is Andris and I am from Latvia (small country in Europe). I have been playing
    WoW since 2006 and during this time I have learned to love leveling process. Leveling
    process for me has always been about speed, efficiency, mastery and braking my own
    records. I love the process. It's my passion for gaming.

    When I'm done leveling, I sell the account. Have been selling accounts since 2007
    to various merchants but recently I have settled myself on ..net

    About my powerleveling service...

    If you are tired of not seeing progress with your leveling efforts, if it seems too
    slow and a lot of work, if you want to get to level 85 as fast as possible, now
    you can trust your account on my expertise.

    I treat every account as my own.

    What makes me different than others is the quality and prize.
    Entire process from 1-85 costs only $60 which is dirt cheap
    comparing to other powerleveling services.

    You will get max flying speed, 2 gathering professions,
    couple of thousands spare money and every valuable loot is
    yours too keep.

    If you are interested, send me a PM and we'll talk!
    All payments are via PP only.

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