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    Account specifications:

    2 orc rogue - bankchar (orgrimmar)
    34 undead lock
    42 troll priest
    60 blood elf mage
    65 undead rogue
    85 tauren druid - 525 lw/skinner - iLevel 341
    85 orc shaman - 525 alch/ench - iLevel 314
    85 blood elf hunter - 525 jc/mine - iLevel 305
    85 blood elf pala - 525 herb/mine - iLevel 327
    85 orc death knight - 525 herb/inscr - iLevel 348 (15 exalted - 4 cata + 2 cata honored))

    total gold on acc, approx. 330K (ALL of it earned by selling stuff on AH, questing, grinding etc)

    310% flight on all 85 chars
    druid - pala - dk -> dual specs
    all 85s except druid had guildrep. cleared because of char.transfer.

    lots of stuff in bank and bags for professions
    bankchar have all slots in bank - and own guild (only member) with more space in guildbank
    druid are currently guildmaster in 1000 member guild
    other chars (except bank char) are officers in same guild - atm level 18

    druid ofc have the druid raven mount from Setthek Halls.
    druid and dk are the chars I have played the most - druid from start of TBC
    they have a decent amount of mounts and achievements
    all of the 85s have some currencies (JP, Tol Barad badges etc)
    Selling it for lack of time... or rather spending too much time in there...

    Send me a decent offer, and if you need more details ask for them.

    Look forward to hear from you.
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