WTS: EU: - VERY CHEAP 85druid 6epics + 81war+hunter

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    85 Druid

    Boomkin - 4 raid epics rest 346 heroic blues.
    Healing - 2 raid epics rest 346 blues
    Feral - 1 raid epic 1craft epic rest 346 blues

    310% flight form + icc achieve drake
    Tauren Male
    Full t10.5 boomkin / half feral / half resto in banks
    Blue pvp shoulders (resto AND feral)
    Max herb
    500 Enchanting
    6k achievements
    First sergent lvl60 pvp title
    3 pages of titles
    1k valor points.

    81 Warrior
    Orc male - good 251 tank/dps gear from icc so easy to level.
    Legionairre pvp 60 title! Cool for warrior
    epic flyer

    81 Hunter
    Be Male - 2x t10.5 rest 264/251 cept neck item
    normal flyer

    literally dont need much for it - im after call of duty mw2 for xbox so just cheap price for gamne swap.

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