WTS: EU: Two level 85 and more 11 Alts(minimum level's 64 )

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    Hey mates.

    I want to sell my old school wow account , and with it, goes a bunch of chars :

    Level 85:
    - Tauren Druid
    - Dwarf Paladin

    Level 80+ :
    - Troll Shaman
    - Belf Paladin
    - Belf Mage
    - Tauren Warrior
    - Undead Rogue

    Level 75:
    Belf Death Knight

    Level 73:
    Orc Hunter

    Level 64:
    Belf Priest

    And many others chars # level 60!

    I have nearly 25k/30k Gold
    All Heirlooms/BoA of WoWTLK
    I have too X-53 Touring Rocket

    And much much more.

    I will not giving u a price for the account , u will!

    And please, send only serious offers
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