WTS: EU: The best geared Mage you will ever find. (LEGENDARY STAFF/MOUNT included)

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    I'll try to keep it as simple as possible:

    Horde - Male - Currently Blood Elf but might be race changing to something # i sell it.

    ~2 items shy of full 391 PVE gear, including completed Legendary Staff and a couple of trinkets to choose from. Also offset 391 parts.

    ~4k Resi PvP set (and a bunch of conq/valor to make it even better)

    ~Ashes of Al'Ar, Ravenlord and Corrupted Firehawk mounts. (Obviously if you want to you can use the dragon form from the Staff instead).

    ~ Maxed Engineering and Jewelcrafting, 150.000 gold and full stock on consumables.

    I don't care about the payment method, anything that works for you works for me if you're serious about this. I do prefer Paypal tho.

    In the current tier, this is by far the best geared caster you will ever find, so please only PM me if you're seriously willing to spend a little more on this than on regular middle-rate geared characters.

    Feel free to PM for any questions, here's a picture of it:

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