WTS: eu Telemachus -Asmodians Templar

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    Archon Primus Pilus's set armor 11,full abg abyss accesories,Noble Coliseum armor leather full set m.resist,full fenris,lannok gs 15 with abyss 50lvl 10% pvp atk with gs silence,fenris gs 10 with gs silence,Stormwing's Warhammer 2,Noble Steel Coliseum Champion's Shield,Noble Coliseum Champion's Brand,Lannok's Warhammer, Stately Chain Coliseum Champion's Hood,Master Noble Drenium Helm, Godstone: Zikel's Pride 3760dmg in wh, all stigmas pve-pvp,570k ap wh,370 Crusader Token,up to 1m ap,17k Crucible Insignia,1k Courage Insignia,to much materials,to much manastones atk 5,m.resist 14,crit 17,m.boost 27,(craft)weaponsmith487,hanticraft452,1274Major Divine Life Serum!(this is 1,2m abyss point),200Seed of Transformation,8ticket arena and more more items...72plat medals its a gold member for 2 months. NO.3Z04086959 :go3zoom mmogarden
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