WTS: EU: Starcraft 2 & 85 human pally + lvl 84,80,70,70,60 alts.

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    Hey everyone, I'm simply tired of the game. I haven't played in about 6 month's now.
    I might as well sell it. And it comes with starcraft 2 on the account too :P

    First of all:
    I have CD keys for WoW Classic and all the expansions. as well as the key for SC2.

    Primary character:
    Server: Frostmane EU
    Race: Human Female
    Class: Paladin
    Dual-spec holy\prot (decent gear for heroics, I stopped playing half a year ago though so it's not very epic)
    full riding skill. 315% (the 4k gold one or whatever it was)

    47-ish mounts. the red dragon from WOTLK for instance. the proto thing.. damn I don't remember love you about this game =D

    A whole freakin zoo of around 50 pets or so.

    Full JC (got a fair amount of the recipes that you buy from JC daily quest)
    Full Enchanting (fair amount of recipes too.)

    Alts n stuff
    84 female night elf rogue
    Dualspec Mutilate-sub & Sub.

    80-something male human warrior.
    He doesn't have anything worth mentioning. He's got the pvp tiger mount though, the black tiger.

    70 something undead lock on some random server.

    60 hunter

    and a few other 50's 40's and 30's.

    Again, I have all info like CD keys, secret question and all that jazz.
    And you get starcraft 2 as well! yay.

    So, bid below and I'll sell it to whomever wins the bid lol :P
    Send via PM if you want to buy instantly xP
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