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    Due to real life and mostly work, Im not able to play anymore, therefor I decided to sell my account.

    The main char is my hunter, he has some Firelands gear, full epic.He also have full PvP gear with T2 ranged weapon.
    I raided and pvped with him a lot, soo he has achievements for all raids since 2-3 years ago.His professions are Engineering and JC(with a lot of patterns), Archaelogy maxed as well.

    He is Arena Master, 2600+ rated in 3v3, 2500+ in 5v5 and 2200 rated in RBG.
    Has many rare mounts, including the Invincible horse from Lich King 25 heroic(ZA bear,engineering bike, Icecrown heroic mount, A Tribute to Insanity mount, etc).He also has many hard to get titles to choose from(Bane of the Fallen King, Light of the Dawn, Marshall, and other older close to impossible to get these days).He has about 10k-15k gold.

    Honestly there is a lot to say about this char, more then I can remember to type here, since I havent played it for some months now.

    The other chars are:

    lev 85 goblin Mage
    lev 85 goblin Rogue
    lev 85 blood elf Priest
    lev 85 human Paladin
    lev 85 night elf Druid
    lev 85 worgen Warlock
    lev 85 human Warrior
    lev 85 human Death Knight
    lev 85 orc Shaman.

    Most of these chars have epic flying skill/mount, maxed professions, epic decent pve gear and full pvp gear. With them you have any profession in the game avaible. Some of them have high pvp ratings, up to 2100+. They are dual speced, and have gear for both specs avaible.The priest is guildmaster of lev 17 horde guild, which can make good gold from the +10% gold perk.

    There are also other lower chars not 85 yet, like lev 84 mage, 76 hunter(I think), and many others lower levels which come as a bonus.

    I am the original and only owner of the account. Please mesage me only if you're serious.

    Skype: credentiall
    Email: dennydenisia@yahoo

    PS: If you're interested in only 1 of the chars, it is possible.
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