WTS: EU: Shadow Priest with Dragonwrath, 759k gold, 388 PvE, 387 PvP + 2 85 alts

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    Selling my precious 5 year old EU account as I'm quitting the game.

    Main character: 85 Goblin Shadow priest in PvE & PvP gear.
    Got Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest legendary staff, mostly Firelands heroic PvE gear, few Dragon Soul pieces(some higher ilevel pieces waiting in bags as it's not worth breaking set bonus yet), Tier 5&6 for transmogrification. Solid 4,1k resilience PvP set, highest 3vs3 rating 2300, missing a bit of Warsong rep for The Conqueror title. Max skill Inscription(all recipes), Alchemy(got caldron recipe from guild achievement), Cooking & First Aid.

    Alt 1: 85 BM/MM Tauren hunter, 378 PvE gear.
    Max skill Enchanting & Engineering, a lot of crafting ingredients in bags. Also holds about 20 heirloom items.

    Alt 2: 85 Orc Enhancement Shaman.
    Max skill Jewelcrafting and near max Leatherworking. Got a lot of epic gem recipes and tokens to buy even more, posesses uncut gems of every color.

    Alt 3: low level yellow Power Ranger lookalike auctioning alt :P got few hundred glyphs and volatiles in bags.

    Total currency across characters is 759 104g 79s 34c. I've earned everything myself, mostly from selling glyphs. I am the original owner of the account. Got cd keys for original and all expansions + answer to The Secret Question. Eligible for transfer. Can give away e-mail account registered with battle.net and my awsome UI if interested.

    Prefer payments via PayPal.
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