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    All characters are ok Kharazan medium battlegroup gather Population
    Sonik main lvl 85 mage-pvp epics 14/17, 1 / 2 + bis arcane PVE epics, 8500 ~ 90 achivs mount (many rare that Ravendare, raven lord, Horseman), JWC 525 (up to date with recipes), 525 eng (crafted head), cooking 525, fish 475, 400 arch, 361 ilvl 310 Drakes + speed + lots of buyable many others, over 30 titles including the Undying (can not get)
    Reys Paladin-lvl 85 I gear 350ilvl the tank can be Tanca raids though I did not just trash FCT, holy pvp gear ilvl 357 rating 1700 2v2, 1800 3v3 rating, speed 280 fly, 525 Enchanting, 525 Herbalism
    Warrior-72, dk 62, shamy 53 Druid 49 Rogue 40, Hunter 31 2 small

    I own Vanilla-boxing, boxing TBC, WotLK box, how many boxes
    -Each character has heirlooms + dual spec etc etc
    About 8k gold + mats-bank
    -f.buna reputation on the server, guild (no matter how I know)
    I agree with teamview to show if necessary.
    Single owner, give the email account you pass the whole secret.

    PM for details
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