WTS: EU: sell 4x 85 with almost all hairlooms available + rare mounts (including very rare)

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    1) warrior 85 lvl, tauren, pvp gear. 377ivl
    2)paladin 85lvl, b elf female, pvp gear 377ilvl holy and pve tank gear 369ilvl
    3)rogue 85lvl, male undead, 376ilvl
    4)hunter pve gear 371ilvl

    20k+ at all characters, almost all available hairlooms from justice points vendors, and 5 hairlooms from guild vendor. warrior have a lot of rare mounts from bosses or rep (including zulian tiger, which is no more available to get within the game!). there are engineering 525lvl, mining 525lvl, skining 525lvl, jc 525, enchanting 525lvl.

    I'm first and only account user, so you will get all required information, including security answer, email details and etc.

    account is still active till Christmas.

    contact me via skype (cena-raw) or email (zilviokas911@gmail) for more information, armory links and your offers, serious offers please.
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