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    This is an account that I have not used in quite a while, but I'll try to remember as much as possible.

    The account is INACTIVE!
    I am the ORIGINAL owner.


    Target price: 50 EUR
    Payment method: PAYPAL


    DRAENOR ? EU (blackout)

    lvl 84 human paladin *
    lvl 80 draenei shaman

    *old account, old achievements and mounts (2rare ones) on this however I cannot recall the names and I am unsure If they are still available today because I have not played for so long.

    OUTLAND lvl43 priest

    + 1 instant lvl 80 of your choice! (from scroll of Resurrection)
    AND a FREE server and faction change also from scroll of Resurrection.


    This account contains the cataclysm collector?s edition


    The buyer will receive:
    -battlenet e-mail/password
    -e-mail account's password
    -secret question and answer
    -original CD-key
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