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    Im selling my longtime account which is a warrior lvl 85 and i cant belive that im selling after all the effort and time i put in to this vanity acc.
    So here is the Following

    -Scarab lord title and black qiraji resonating crystal
    -Rivendare Deathcharger
    -Grandblack War Mammoth
    -Sulfuras Hand of Ragnaros
    - Thor'idal the Stars Fury
    and many more

    The gear is pretty normal and has full conqueror with dark edge of insanity for patch 4.3 and has also the ZG fist weapons that turn u into a tiger and i also got violet proto drake . my bank has many more funny items and transmogrifing stuff

    The transaction will be held with Western union and u cant contact me @ theinfiniteself@yahoo and we can decide if we should talk on skype , i will sell the acc for 1k euro . I will upload pictures soon for proof
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