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    Hi guys, today im selling my SL Druid. Im not the OO but I will provide new set of keys so that if you wanna transfer it on new keys it will be 2x more protection to you.

    Anonymous Level 85 Tauren Druid Profile | MaskedArmory

    (SCARAB LORD)no longer obtainable
    Champion of frozen waste
    Champion of Naaru
    Guardian of Cenarius
    Hand of A'dal
    the diplomat
    the explorer
    the love fool
    the noble
    the seeker
    (total title is 21)

    40 Exalted reputation

    6865 Achievement points

    79 Mounts ATM
    Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal(Legendary)
    Amani war bear(The original amani)
    Fossilized Raptor(cool mount)farming also the ultramarine

    21 Fos

    Let me know your offer's guys. Also we can meet up in game only for those who got high rep. Also type of payment's will be WU or paypal. would prefer WU. I'm not a scammer, because I choose WU. And willing to go first for only those who got good rep and feedback. serious buyer only

    you can call me or email me.
    vinmos8@yahoo or call me 09194894144
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